In the film "American Beauty", this scene represents Lester's feeling toward his dead-end job. The feeling of imprisonment. (79 comments)
When you see your post got more than 3 upvotes (66 comments)
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Women are spending years in prison because Wyoming won’t let them into its all-male boot camp. Taylor Blanchard faced up to 10 years in prison for a crime that would’ve sent men to boot camp for six months to a year. Her fight could change the fate of countless women in Wyoming. (165 comments)
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This wonderful team from Canada have been working non stop to help Florida restore power (55 comments)
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Imagine You don't drink, You don't smoke, You don't fornicate, You don't gamble. But you went to Hell because you judged people who did. (218 comments)
Magnus effect using a basketball and a dam (173 comments)
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LPT: If you're going on a first date, and your plan is to watch a movie and go out to eat, watch the movie first. Then, in dinner you have something's to talk about, so it isn't awkward. (282 comments)
Hello! - better version (71 comments)
Building collapses in Mexico City during today's earthquake (254 comments)