[Mad Max] for a Legendary Road-Warrior, Max has very poor situational awareness (92 comments)
Shalane Flanagan, Women's Boston Marathon Winner. Fastest final 10K close on the NYC marathon course by a female and the first American woman to win since 1977. (170 comments)
omg, no pic
What's a cool "life hack" you or your family have come up with that you feel everyone should know? (1783 comments)
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Bank of America just imposed a new $60 annual fee on their previously free personal savings account. (672 comments)
Sweet guy from r/tinder looking out for a stranger (137 comments)
EA’s stock is falling, and it’s because of us. They are flipping out, so keep it up! (475 comments)
Breath of the Wild wins GOTY from Golden Joystick (322 comments)
[NO SPOILERS] I made a Jon Snow-Globe today... (77 comments)
Found scooter from many years ago, now I regret finding scooter from many years ago. Dislocated ankle. (201 comments)
Recycling (161 comments)