Raising kids the Empire Way (59 comments)
Kitty kisses (120 comments)
Boy in front of Harlem movie theater 1976 (147 comments)
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There’s a reason that programmers always want to throw away old code and start over: they think the old code is a mess. They are probably wrong. The reason that they think the old code is a mess is because of a cardinal, fundamental law of programming: It’s harder to read code than to write it. (409 comments)
Synchronised dance (158 comments)
A lonely tree 🌳under the Milky Way in Wanaka, New Zealand by Mike MacKinven [1024x1024] (71 comments)
Playground drama (205 comments)
Carol (64 comments)
omg, no pic
Nothing screams first world problem more than trying to decide which piece of your food you want to eat last cause the last flavor in your mouth matters. (280 comments)
This is the only tweet on his account (41 comments)