Real Americans displaying the Nazi flag -- after capturing it from Nazis they killed, 1944

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13 Aug 2017 02:16 - +4148
These are paratroopers who landed behind enemy lines on D-Day.
13 Aug 2017 03:42 - +3819
Homeboy had a machete, that's kind of awsome.
13 Aug 2017 03:00 - +2909
The best Nazis are dead Nazis
13 Aug 2017 03:03 - +1781
Fucking right. My grandfather risked his life to rid the world of Nazi scum, now 4chan losers and tiny dicked blowhards have helped these cockroaches crawl out into the light and infiltrate our democracy. Roaches don't last long in the light though and America has never been quite as good at something as it was at killing Nazis.
13 Aug 2017 02:53 - +1236
Before body armor weighed them down, before the enemy began to hide behind the faces of civilians, and before before they had access to any sort of proper Medevac. Fuck, I am so grateful that I was born in 1990 and not 1920.
13 Aug 2017 03:59 - +788
TIL Machete was an American Hero long before his stories were told on film.
13 Aug 2017 05:14 - +668
True story. My great great grandfather was a guard at Buchenwald. Came home after the war, burned his uniform and hanged himself. EDIT: The best part is, my great grandfather fought on the American side, and ended up marrying his (the guard) daughter. So in my family, I have two relatives that fought on opposite sides of WWII
13 Aug 2017 06:07 - +522
Send these guys to charlottesville.
13 Aug 2017 07:28 - +436
Step 1 : claim to be an american patriot Step 2 : support America's enemy from world war II Step 3 : fail to see the irony and cognitive dissonance Step 4: go to Charlotsville
13 Aug 2017 03:48 - +374
[Here's living proof.]( OP is not wrong.
13 Aug 2017 03:18 - +328
I've never approved more of a picture with a Nazi flag than this one.
13 Aug 2017 02:37 - +263
Now Neo-Nazis are running over people and shooting them in Virginia. That's what America has come to.
13 Aug 2017 02:28 - +187
Wow. Look closely at the gear they carry. Holy shit Each was ready to shoot, knife or blow up close end targets.
13 Aug 2017 07:36 - +167
See, this is why for the life of me I cannot understand the white supremacist alt-right asshats. They admire and talk up the men and women who went through WWII, believing them to be the greatest generation of Americans who ever lived. Some proudly show off the Luger or other war trophies their Grandpa brought back home. Then, they go around quoting Hitler, seig heiling each other or some other stupid shit. Like how dafuq do you idolize the Americans who fought the Nazis, then basically go around being a Nazi, supporting the ideology and group of people who killed thousands of the Americans you so admire? Edit: thank you for the gold, mystery patron!
13 Aug 2017 03:09 - +156
Hold up, guys. I gotta pull out my machete for this picture.
13 Aug 2017 07:49 - +90
That's right. Real Americans kill Nazis.
13 Aug 2017 07:27 - +59
Capture the flag champions of 1944.
13 Aug 2017 07:22 - +52
Fuck nazis
13 Aug 2017 07:01 - +41
Fuck Nazis. Especially American Nazis.
13 Aug 2017 04:38 - +40
My family has one of those flags folded up in our closet! My grandfather frank pulled from a building after a battle... it's pretty cool! Has bullet holes and blood stains... he also took a hand gun from a dead German but sold it when he came on hard times...
13 Aug 2017 07:27 - +39
Everyone of these men, if alive, would put a boot in the ass of anyone displaying that flag today.
13 Aug 2017 02:43 - +37
That is a big machete!
13 Aug 2017 07:38 - +33
Who's the 7% of people downvoting these heroes?
13 Aug 2017 07:17 - +31
Real Americans kill Nazis.
13 Aug 2017 07:50 - +30
Real Americans kill Nazis, not become one.
13 Aug 2017 08:31 - +28
Funny how all the morons on t_d keep saying the Charlottesville terror attack is a setup because all the flags look brand's a group of American heroes holding a flag that looks brand new. Must have also been a setup.../s
13 Aug 2017 03:41 - +26
I have respect for those people
13 Aug 2017 07:34 - +23
I had family who went to Europe , avoided Nazi gunfire, risked their lives to take down Hitler. Fuck all these alt right pussies in Virginia.
13 Aug 2017 08:09 - +22
Somebody somewhere on Tumblr is going to take this photo waaaayyy out of context
13 Aug 2017 08:06 - +21
The only good nazi is a dead nazi
13 Aug 2017 08:12 - +19
Kill every Nazi. The ww2 generation would be horrified there are still Nazi fucks running around.
13 Aug 2017 04:48 - +19
Ok so where can I get a high quality print of this for my living room?
13 Aug 2017 08:26 - +17
These are real Americans. The ones who were supporting the Nazi flag today in Virginia aren't just an embarrassment to America, but also the entire human race.
13 Aug 2017 07:41 - +17
good shit boys. from a new zealander that had a dutch grandfather in a nazi labour camp. o7. hope you guys can fuck up this current generation of nazi scum fucks.
13 Aug 2017 07:56 - +16
“Well, I know," she said. "You'll pretend you were men instead of babies, and you'll be played in the movies by Frank Sinatra and John Wayne or some of those other glamorous, war-loving, dirty old men. And war will look just wonderful, so we'll have a lot more of them. And they'll be fought by babies like the babies upstairs." So then I understood. It was war that made her so angry. She didn't want her babies or anybody else's babies killed in wars. And she thought wars were partly encouraged by books and movies. So I held up my right hand and I made her a promise: "Mary," I said, "I don't think this book of mine will ever be finished. I must have written five thousand pages by now, and thrown them all away. If I ever do finish it, though, I give you my word of honor: there won't be a part for Frank Sinatra or John Wayne. "I tell you what," I said, "I'll call it 'The Children's Crusade.'" She was my friend after that.” ― Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Slaughterhouse-Five
13 Aug 2017 07:51 - +14
I wonder how many of them would feel today with the current political climate and demographic shifts
13 Aug 2017 05:57 - +13
Crazy how young they all were
13 Aug 2017 09:18 - +13
There's a difference between Nazis and the Wermacht. Nazis are Hitler, SS, Gestapo, all that fucked up shit. The Wermacht was just an army following orders. Not every German was a Nazi, and this thread is proof that not enough people know this. Parading the deaths of soldiers in war is disgusting, a lot of them were conscripts and didn't want to fight a war for Hitler. I'm happy Nazis don't rule the world, but remember that if you switched the roles in this photo you'd have a different view even though it's mostly the same young men forced to fight a war.
13 Aug 2017 08:19 - +12
All this Nazi talk makes me want to play Wolfenstein again
13 Aug 2017 08:33 - +11
Real Americans kill nazis
13 Aug 2017 08:35 - +10
I'm a little surprised that among the top comments on this thread there's no mention of the socio-political paradigm shift in the States that has allowed neo-Nazis to feel confident enough in their conviction and safety to publicize their beliefs. Yes, 70 years ago, such things would be unimaginable. Also 10 years ago. It's scary how things have shifted.
13 Aug 2017 08:30 - +10
Fuck Nazis
13 Aug 2017 08:18 - +9
My grandfather is the one in 2nd from the left! I'm going to ask if he can do a Ama!
13 Aug 2017 10:05 - +9
Charlottesville was not an isolated act of fascist Terrorism. In June 2015, Dylann Roof was inspired by the “hate facts” posted on Daily Stormer and Council of Conservative Citizens to murder nine people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina. In July 2015, John Russell Houser, a far-right former bar owner, shot and killed two people and injured nine others before committing suicide in a Lafayette, LA movie theater which was playing Trainwreck, due to its feminist themes and characters, as well as its lead actor's Jewish background. Houser was said to have been a misogynist and praised the actions of Adolf Hitler on online message boards. In November of 2015, a group of well-armed 4chan regulars attended a Black Lives Matter camp in Minneapolis, harassing them with racial slurs. They opened fire on activists attempting to chase them out when they returned a second night, wounding five. An antifascist protester of Milo Yiannopolous was shot in stomach on Inauguration Day by Elizabeth Hakoana, who came to the protest with her husband, who planned to “crack skulls” of the “snowflakes” at the event and provoke a reaction to justify shooting someone. Later in January, Alexandre Bisonette, a supporter of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen, opened fire on a Quebec City Islamic Culutral Center, killing six. In February, a white U.S. Navy veteran, Adam Purinton, 51, killed an Indian engineer, wounded his Indian co-worker, and shot a man who tried to stop the murder at a bar in Olathe, KS while yelling "get out of my country." In March, James Jackson, a subscriber of Alt Right Youtube channels, traveled from Baltimore to New York with the sole purpose of murdering a black person at random. He stabbed Timothy Caughman, killing him. Sean Christopher Urbanski, a University of Maryland student and member of online alt-right facebook groups, randomly stabbed to death black Army Officer Richard Collins III in Baltimore. A man in Portland, OR stabbed 3 people, killing 2, who intervened to tell him to stop making racist remarks to muslim women on a light rail train. Anthony Robert Hammond hacked a random black man with a machete after yelling racial slurs at numerous people in Clearlake, CA in May. Jimmy Kramer, a 20 year old Native American, was run over during his birthday party in Washington state by a man and woman in a large pickup truck who first circled the party yelling racial slurs and taunts at the group from inside the truck. Kramer died and his friend was hospitalized. A Minnesota mosque was hit by an early-morning explosion on August 5, 2017 as worshipers had just begun to gather inside for morning prayers.
13 Aug 2017 07:17 - +9
So much fucking badassery in one photo. Im gonna sleep so i can fully process all this.
13 Aug 2017 08:52 - +7
Being a millennial is pretty shitty, but at least we didn't have to fight the Nazis... *watches the news* Oh for fuckssake
13 Aug 2017 03:22 - +5
I like how that one of the soldiers is holding a sword

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