Farewell, Legend

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13 Aug 2017 05:45 - +3850
13 Aug 2017 05:20 - +3405
After reading some of these comments I thought he was dead.
13 Aug 2017 05:07 - +1239
It's amazing to know that we've witnessed peak human performance for 10 years strong. Gonna miss him.
13 Aug 2017 05:22 - +678
Wait.... since he never finished his last race.... he can never retire
13 Aug 2017 05:16 - +525
It saddens me that he didn't even get to finish the race.
13 Aug 2017 06:32 - +263
Wtf dude, way to make everyone think he died.
13 Aug 2017 05:11 - +222
The greatest sprinter maybe ever, he is the athlete I will tell my children about
13 Aug 2017 05:18 - +124
The GOAT in sprinting - most likely athletics as a whole. He was destined to run fast with a name like that. I wonder how long it will take before we get another athlete like him - on and off the track. Track and field won't be the same without his charismatic and likable persona.
13 Aug 2017 05:14 - +112
He will be missed. Amazing career.
13 Aug 2017 05:20 - +62
[For anyone interested, here's the footage of his last race. Taken from Snapchat, sorry. ](https://youtu.be/IVp-UxyJNrA)
13 Aug 2017 05:30 - +34
It's fitting in a way, that he never ended his last race, because his legacy never will. A behemoth who revamped the dope - riddled sport.
13 Aug 2017 06:22 - +23
Such a shame that Bolt and Farah didn't win their final races tonight but I kinda think maybe its a good thing for them in the long run, as in when looking back they can feel they made the correct decision whereas if they had won all golds they may of looked back and wondered if they could of gone on longer.
13 Aug 2017 06:14 - +22
Broke my heart as I watched him fall. His historic career will never be forgotten.
13 Aug 2017 05:18 - +22
The finest track athlete the world has ever seen. And in all likelihood will ever see. He's given so many people such happy memories over the years, and whatever he does next with his life, he'll continue to do so, I'm sure.
13 Aug 2017 05:29 - +21
I don't think it compares to [THIS (nsfl)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc-1IzNFMg4)
13 Aug 2017 05:44 - +18
Never again will their be a more aptly named athlete. You're a legend, Mr Bolt
13 Aug 2017 06:15 - +17
Wait, what happened?!? r/outoftheloop
13 Aug 2017 05:27 - +14
Terrible end to an amazing career. Track and Field will never be the same again.
13 Aug 2017 06:14 - +12
Thank you Usain! You made Jamaica proud throughout the years πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡². A true champion. The greatest to ever do it.
13 Aug 2017 07:15 - +10
Before someone finds the dope.
13 Aug 2017 05:14 - +9
Also one of the most humble ones out there
13 Aug 2017 06:17 - +8
Not a track guy, or really Olympics fan but without a doubt he will always be one of the top 3 athletes in my mind- cool, funny, self-deprecating & confident in the best way, seems like the kinda guy who'd give anyone the time of day with a smile and FAST AS FUCK. I'd watch him race anything - leopard, F-35, NASCAR, Trump's turnabouts, you name it.
13 Aug 2017 05:30 - +7
Really goes to show just how out of shape he is, in his mind he's been retired since London. Farewell to the sprinting GOAT, I remember watch him at all 3 Olympics and watching athletics waiting for him to come on even though I don't really enjoy it.
13 Aug 2017 06:49 - +7
Too bad he didn't get caught. https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/6s044r/long_read_extremely_insightful_interview_on_peds/?st=J69W8B8L&sh=8a168acf
13 Aug 2017 06:25 - +5
So are they going to put him down now?
13 Aug 2017 06:40 - +5
Truly the greatest sportsperson of all time. Without a single doubt. The talent, charisma, and showmanship will not be matched for many lifetimes. A sad way to go but in a way fitting, and I'm glad GB were able to beat the US.
13 Aug 2017 07:17 - +5
In a sport where everyone takes performance enhancing drugs he was the best, he will be missed. Now the question which runner is lucky recipient of his doctors and program? πŸ˜‚
13 Aug 2017 06:53 - +4
13 Aug 2017 07:12 - +3
What the fuck don't do that, from reading the title I thought he died
13 Aug 2017 07:45 - +3
Imagine if he recovers and he comes back even faster then before
13 Aug 2017 07:26 - +3
Bolt is smart to get out before the testing catches up with him. Lance Armstrong made that mistake.
13 Aug 2017 07:04 - +3
Not devaluing his legacy, but anyone else see this "injury" was clear-as-day fake as hell? Like, on the replay it looked like the fakest injury ever. He grabs the baton, looks around, sees 3 people in front of him, then pulls the most exaggerated face ever. I can't be the only one.
13 Aug 2017 07:08 - +3
He had a good run
13 Aug 2017 07:39 - +3
The guy who doped but retired before he was caught, props to him for at least never getting caught
13 Aug 2017 05:26 - +3
Not the end anybody would have wanted to such an amazing career. Thank you for everything Bolt. The inspiration you've given me and so many others can't be praised enough!
13 Aug 2017 07:57 - +3
Godspeed Bolt⚑️ I hope he's O.k. We appreciate Everything you did for the sportπŸƒπŸΎ
13 Aug 2017 06:23 - +2
He will be missed. Truly one of the sporting greats, on and off the track. I wish him well in retirement.b
13 Aug 2017 07:10 - +2
Are usain what I think you're saying?
13 Aug 2017 06:49 - +2
Nuts out for Bolt.
13 Aug 2017 07:08 - +2
Is TDK even still around? What do they even make now that physical media has become largely obsolete?
13 Aug 2017 06:58 - +2
A true legend. Was such a joy watching him race over the years
13 Aug 2017 06:00 - +2
After Linford never really cared for the sport. This guy, just a beast, just seemed to be pure and if true was told he was too tall, then I love him even more. Then he also went to the Swedish digs during London Olympics too, legend.

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