I used a long exposure to photograph myself watching the ISS pass across the night sky.

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13 Aug 2017 12:21 - +1685
I hate to be the one to break it to you but I think you're a ghost mate
13 Aug 2017 09:28 - +195
Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy my decision to come back every Sunday to share some of my favorite space-related images that I have acquired over the past few months! This image was taken on April 16th of this year during a relatively high angle and magnitude ISS pass. I started my exposure and then ran into the frame to sit still while my camera was set in bulb mode. When the ISS left the frame (or so I thought), I ran back to my camera and ended the exposure. This is what causes my body to look slightly transparent in the photo. I am a 19 year old photographer living on the Space Coast of Florida, and I am currently taking and uploading images like this every day as part of a 365 day photo challenge. If you would like to see all of my work in one place, that can be found on my Instagram [@marcuscote_photo] (https://www.instagram.com/marcuscote_photo/). If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them below!
13 Aug 2017 12:34 - +36
Can someone explain why it looks like the stars (I mean earth) moves in different directions. Shouldn't they all follow the same path from earths rotation?
13 Aug 2017 13:54 - +15
13 Aug 2017 14:07 - +14
The way your arm is framed with the path of the ISS makes it look like you're shining a flashlight through space.
13 Aug 2017 15:05 - +13
How long did you sit there before you looked behind you to see if your camera was still there?
13 Aug 2017 12:53 - +11
Should have taken 2 photos and composited them in photoshop. One with a long exposure and the other one of just yourself. Still looks fantastic though.
13 Aug 2017 14:01 - +5
How long of an exposure did you do to get this image? I have been trying to do my own space pics as of lately
13 Aug 2017 15:47 - +5
Dude... have you seen BTTF? I think you are starting to fade away... Someone you know have a time machine?
13 Aug 2017 12:45 - +5
Lol i mostly use them to make a crowd of me's arguing amongst myselves via multicolored LEDs I can pulse each time I take a new position.
13 Aug 2017 13:02 - +5
Wow, this is one of the nicest selfies I have seen 👍🏻
13 Aug 2017 16:51 - +3
hello! for an (amateur) photography enthusiast, can you shed light on the EXIF details? Thanks :)
13 Aug 2017 15:12 - +2
How could he stay still gor that long? There is no blur on the clothes.
13 Aug 2017 14:35 - +2
I saw the iss tonight up at Lassen national park
13 Aug 2017 15:05 - +2
Til. Any relatively small object compared to the early looks like I meteor when it traced the atmosphere
13 Aug 2017 15:43 - +2
Welp. Now that I've seen this, I'm pretty confident that 'meteor' I got today wasn't a meteor at all. It was really cloudy here in TN and I was just shooting at holes in the sky. I got what I thought was a baby meteor but it's in a few sequential frames in slightly different positions. Now I'm almost positive I got the ISS.
13 Aug 2017 16:53 - +2
so you see the earth *is* flat or otherwise you'd see the ISS light curving as it travelled around it
13 Aug 2017 15:49 - +2
For a second I thought he was gazing at a terrorist organization flying through earth's atmosphere lol
13 Aug 2017 14:19 - +2
So......... How long were you sitting in the shot? And how has nobody else asked that?
13 Aug 2017 09:56 - +2
This makes me want to spend more time star-gazing
13 Aug 2017 17:19 - +1
Nice shot! I always watch the ISS cross when possible, I just love it. Makes me really jealous though
13 Aug 2017 18:35 - +1
If I have learned anything. He needs to talk to Doc because it looks like Marty is fingering his own mother again
13 Aug 2017 18:58 - +1
There's a lot of pics of ISS in the sky, are there other man-made objects that can be seen as easily? Like what about the Hubble telescope or just regular telecom satellites? How visible are such objects? It seems like all you ever see is ISS I've always wondered why.
13 Aug 2017 18:29 - +1
I've done this a few years ago in the middle ofnthe Rockies in Colorado. It was an incedible experience. I have since seen the ISS and related satellites on numerous occasions. Keep your eyes up!
13 Aug 2017 14:19 - +1
Next time use a lower iso, you'll get much less noise
13 Aug 2017 20:04 - +1
The real question is, how the hell did you sit there for that long without moving?
13 Aug 2017 18:34 - +1
I watched the ISS pass over at roughly the time this was posted from the south suburbs of Chicago. :)
13 Aug 2017 20:47 - +1
All these replies are great! Coming at things from a photography perspective-- if you you outside after sunset and really focus on the stars you will see other satellites. However their magnitude of brightness (for reasons such a distance, size, etc.) is much lower than the ISS. This makes it really hard for a camera sensor to pick it up especially in a light polluted area. I actually used a telephoto lens the other night and captured one of these satellites. It just looks like a small group of pixels but I can send you a link if you would like!
13 Aug 2017 19:26 - +1
If you were actually watching, wouldn't your head have moved? Looks like you just sat looking forward for the picture the whole time.
13 Aug 2017 17:33 - +1
What a nice moment dear....♥ Miss thiss moment ♥
13 Aug 2017 20:05 - +1
Was this taken last night. I saw iss last night
13 Aug 2017 18:20 - +1
I also did this time ago, its beautiful. Specially cause ISS is perfectly noticeable to the naked eye, you can just watch it past through
13 Aug 2017 20:58 - +1
I setup "ISS Detector" app in my android phone for tracking ISS. Can we see this by naked eyes?
13 Aug 2017 17:15 - +1
really cool picture - I tried and failed at this last year
13 Aug 2017 16:03 - +-3
Did you try to sleep with your mom or something?
13 Aug 2017 14:12 - +-12
We get it. ISS can be seen form Earth. It's about as far away as the next town when it passes, so what's the big deal? That, and we see a picture of it every week.

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