Literally EVERY time I go to draw. Takes it right out of my hand

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13 Aug 2017 11:22 - +84
Everyone's a critic.
13 Aug 2017 11:30 - +33
I'm sorry but I think your cat is trying to low key tell you that you can't draw
13 Aug 2017 11:33 - +11
You're playing with this? I'm playing with this.
13 Aug 2017 11:29 - +9
some people just hate art... some kitties just hate art too.
13 Aug 2017 11:53 - +5
*Ohboyohboyohboy! My favourite! Graphite in wood!*
13 Aug 2017 11:53 - +4
Green! My favorite! Nom nom
13 Aug 2017 11:44 - +4
Can we see one of your drawings?
13 Aug 2017 12:21 - +4
Cat's love doing this to distract you, often in the hopes that maybe you'll rub them/feed them instead. Doing homework? Imma just lie across that. Reading something? Well I'll lie across that too. On your computer? Oo, it seems to annoy you when I walk across these keys. Playing piano? Don't mind if I join in! Ah memories.
13 Aug 2017 12:44 - +4
Jealous kitten. "Hands are for patting me!"
13 Aug 2017 12:14 - +3
He's the artist now.
13 Aug 2017 13:09 - +3
He's trying to prevent you from drawing Pickle Rick.
13 Aug 2017 13:19 - +2
What a cutie. We must know the cat's name. NOW!!!
13 Aug 2017 12:38 - +2
"If you're drawing then you're not getting me!!"
13 Aug 2017 13:07 - +2
He looks like he's laughing w his pencil 😻
13 Aug 2017 13:07 - +2
The Universe is speaking to you - either you are not meant to be an artist or you are not meant to keep cats.
13 Aug 2017 13:28 - +1
Angery munch
13 Aug 2017 12:44 - +-1
If you get rid of the cat you will no longer have this problem.

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