Walgreens manager saved a shopper from a sex attack when he heard her screaming in the bathroom and rushed to the rescue

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13 Aug 2017 12:17 - +5709
Never heard it described as a "sex attack". Learning new things everyday.
13 Aug 2017 13:07 - +1384
>Bad Guy. Sex Attack. Is the author like 12?
13 Aug 2017 11:42 - +976
That guy is a hero. That could have ended bad if the criminal had a gun.
13 Aug 2017 12:35 - +394
We should all learn from this, don't be a bystander in these situations. Most of the time when these sort of attacks happen, there was at least one person nearby who could have done something
13 Aug 2017 12:56 - +315
I really don't think this is very "uplifting". While it's great the worker helped her, it's still kinda fucked it happened in the first place. Also, what is a sex attack? Do you mean sexual assault/rape?
13 Aug 2017 11:55 - +304
Did they catch the guy who did this crime?
13 Aug 2017 13:10 - +119
**End of the case** The suspect was caught: "28-year-old Victor Augustus is charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, forcible touching, assault and harassment." He fled the location on foot northbound on White Plains Road. The victim was treated at Jacobi Hospital.
13 Aug 2017 12:28 - +66
> The victim was treated at Jacobi hospital. She described the suspect as having a foul oder.
13 Aug 2017 12:58 - +61
Sadly, if we ever hear anything more on this story, it's likely to be that the employee who intervened has been fired. Corporations frequently have policies against doing what this employee did, because they're afraid they'll have liability if it turns out wrong.
13 Aug 2017 13:17 - +44
I hope the manager gets a raise
13 Aug 2017 13:25 - +40
So crazy - I can never find the bathrooms in walgreens.
13 Aug 2017 13:00 - +37
The bathroom was my last refuge and now I can't even shit in peace. What is this world coming to?
13 Aug 2017 13:40 - +25
Pepper spray/gel is your friend. I rarely leave the house without it. Violence can and will come out of nowhere. I don't want to kill anyone, I don't own a gun. I'll sure as hell put someone into pepper gel hell if someone is at risk because of them though. If they have eyeballs or lungs, it'll stop them.
13 Aug 2017 18:12 - +22
Wait, so men can enter women's bathrooms with ill intent without dressing as a woman? I thought there was a magical forcefield which prevented this sort of thing!
13 Aug 2017 14:36 - +21
Bit of a mixed bag of uplifting. This still means that someone tried to rape someone in a Walgreens bathroom, what the fuck?
13 Aug 2017 16:39 - +20
But I thought only Target could have sexual assaults in bathrooms because they allowed transgenders to use their preferred bathroom. Interesting.
13 Aug 2017 14:07 - +20
As a manager of a Walgreens, this is very disturbing. I've had a customer seize in front of a child, fall and smash their head into the 3 layer glass cooler door, get up feeling very disoriented and walk out leaving the child behind before the ambulance arrived. This is a whole other scale of crisis situation. Happy to hear the manager was their in time
13 Aug 2017 13:08 - +20
This is not uplifting news... the real uplifting news would be "Statisticians reveal 70% decline in rapes this year because all people decided to stop being jerks".
13 Aug 2017 13:27 - +19
"Uplifting news"
13 Aug 2017 13:51 - +13
That website is cancer
13 Aug 2017 13:18 - +6
"sex...attack"? wtf is this shit?
13 Aug 2017 16:33 - +6
"Just shows how sometimes unsafe we are", yeah... the problem is, that was one incident in one Walgreens and everyone is shocked it happened there. What it really shows is how incredibly safe we are, generally. Fearmongering from the press is a massive problem. It's the reason people think things are so scary they're willing to just give away their civil liberties thinking they'll somehow be safer without them. Glad that had a decently happy ending but really - it shows how safe we are, not how unsafe.
13 Aug 2017 20:26 - +6
So let me get this straight, this woman was attacked in a bathroom by a predatory man that wasn't trans? So bathrooms aren't magically protected from dangerous rapists by introducing silly bathroom laws against transgender? Wow. Also, let's actually punish this guy. Don't let I'm walk because prison might be too harsh for him.
13 Aug 2017 15:39 - +5
Waiting for the subsequent *"Walgreens manager was fired by corporate for safety violations*" story.
13 Aug 2017 16:22 - +4
"sex attack" When did it change so that journalists only require a 3rd grade education? I see more incorrect, immature, and social media-esque "journalism" than I would have ever imagined allowable by readers.
13 Aug 2017 14:22 - +3
I was gonna say why a Walgreens bathroom? Then I remembered my ex was a Walgreens manager and I've heard stories of the weird shit they found in those bathrooms.

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