TIL that in 1947, the US War Department released a short film about how racist and bigoted demagogy allowed the Nazis to rise to power in Germany, and warns Americans not to fall for similar demagogy propagated by American racists and bigots.


13 Aug 2017 13:28 - +3942
Some of these lines are particularly timeless: "We human beings are not born with prejudices. Always they are made for us. Made by someone who wants something. Remember that when you hear this kind of talk. Somebody's going to get something out of it. And it isn't going to be you." "We must work at it. We must guard everyone's liberties, or we could lose our own. If we allow any minority to lose its freedom, by persecution or by prejudice, we are threatening our own freedom." "Here in America, it is not a question of whether we tolerate minorities. America is minorities."
13 Aug 2017 11:56 - +1109
Ironically this country could have fallen to Nazism in the 30s. We tend to ignore that our country had an Anti-Semetic past
13 Aug 2017 11:35 - +696
Nazism is incompatible with American Patriotism. Anyone who claims to be both is a liar and a coward.
13 Aug 2017 12:38 - +362
this thread will definitely be full of respectful conversation
13 Aug 2017 14:56 - +196
It's not that I want to undercut our motivation for hating on Nazis, Confederates, and other racial terrorists, but I think that maybe the 1947 US government was being, idk, *slightly* hypocritical.
13 Aug 2017 12:37 - +183
If they released that today conservatives would complain about liberal bias in the War Department.
13 Aug 2017 14:52 - +93
It wasn't just racism and bigotry. Those alone absolutely did not make Nazism spread to the degree that it did. The republic before the nazis rose to power was called the Weimar Republic and they thought it was a good idea to literally print more money to pay their debt to the US for the First World War. This caused mass starvation and inflation. Corpses were lining the streets and people were burning mountains of cash because it was cheaper than buying firewood. You have to understand that this is in combination with the fact that twenty percent of the adult male population was murdered in the war just a matter of years before the republic rose to power and starvation began. Combine this with extreme political upheaval and a crumbling empire and tensions rose from ones that were already there to a degree. Jews were accused of cheating everyone out of money, having all the power while the other people suffered, and of not doing their part for the war while their own German men died. This is all not entirely true but the propaganda spread. Then it became about how the Jews and our money fuckery along with the disabled were the reason the Germans were starving. Shit took off from there. Obviously there's more to it but it wasn't just racism that pushed it, starving to death and the psyche of a country shattering from losing so many of your population, is what would have been the necessary factors for nazism to spread so far.
13 Aug 2017 14:51 - +73
This is a joke right? The us army was still segregated during this time, treating blacks as second class citizens. The hypocrisy is strong in this country
13 Aug 2017 15:31 - +54
To all the people commenting how the Left did this and Right did this, you do understand you are being "the sucker" right. Arguing with each other (divided) while the people in government avoid issues the don't want to resolve, and give us "the people" things we deserve.
13 Aug 2017 13:29 - +37
The same army that wouldn't let black soldiers fight with white ones?
13 Aug 2017 15:53 - +35
In the 1920's USA was #1 in bigotry, Eugenics and general asshatery. 60,000 people were sterilized by the govt, with the view of preventing 'inferior' humans breeding. The Nazi's were watching closely.
13 Aug 2017 11:28 - +33
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
13 Aug 2017 15:26 - +29
...Yeaaah, the fucking irony of that. Let's just forget what our country's government continually did to its indigenous people, as well as several other races after 1947.
13 Aug 2017 11:32 - +23
Time for another run. Before every episode of Dancing with the Stars; that ought to do it
13 Aug 2017 15:42 - +22
I think it's important to note that racism in the US is not just white racists against everyone else. There's been a lot of racism for a long time involving every racial group against every other racial group. I've seen and experienced this throughout my life and had a friend's daughter who was pulled out of school for constantly being targeted by a specific racial group that would jump her and bully her every day... and that's the most mild example I can think of
13 Aug 2017 15:16 - +16
I show this movie to my students! They love it and the discussion we have. It's been posted to reddit before but is usually ignored.
13 Aug 2017 15:37 - +13
Beware of the racism and sexism coming from the alt-left as well. Yelling "white men are evil/insert any other stupid label here" as if it's factual is just as bigoted as anything else. Plus, they have a tendency to bring back skin color for privilege as in : X person is not even latino, his/her skin isn't brown enough. etc etc. Segregation is segregation, there are no exceptions. And both the alt-right and the alt-left are part of the problem here.
13 Aug 2017 14:03 - +11
Littering skyrocketed up 40% in 1948
13 Aug 2017 15:30 - +10
Yes it is 17 minutes long, but please watch it all. Like they say, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is literally our past warning us about what is happening today.
13 Aug 2017 15:51 - +9
Sorting through the comments clearly people have different interpretation of the sentiment from the video. That being said for me I view it as a warning against state and majority rule. I don't want our society to fall victim to group think, or extreme polarized think to the point of violent confrontation via our political views. Today we need to remember what true freedom is, what individual liberty means and we need to uphold those values. Fuck the Nazis, fuck the Marxist, and fuck anyone who thinks via majority or state rule we can accomplish the best society. We need a mediocrity of ideas and we need to each, as individuals, utilize our time, via the entertainment we consume, the hobbies we pursue, and the careers we undertake to better society. Peace and love people, peace and love.....we're all human.....we're all cell matter....eventually we'll all be recycled back into the universe....
13 Aug 2017 15:37 - +8
It wasn't because of racist and bigoted demogary in the beginning. It was the fact that Germany had lost World War I and the rest of Europe only cared about getting payed for the damages. No one wanted to help Germany rebuild it's economy and infrastructure. Germany was a rather young nation back then, having only been unified for about 30 years. President Woodrow Wilson made comments to various European leaders about how not keeping a close eye on Germany would allow it to become radicalized in the aftermath of the war. Hitler would later rise up and use the German people's pain and isolationisim against them.
13 Aug 2017 15:42 - +6
You guys.
13 Aug 2017 15:46 - +6
I hate the word "tolerate". To me it says thay you dissaprove of a certain lifestyle or sexuality or color of skin, but won't acr on it and let them do their thing, as long as they don't bother you. I don't tolerate a lot. I don't tolerate homosexuals or black people. Or women's rights for that matter. But I DO accept them all! Acceptance is what we should strive for, not tolerance.
13 Aug 2017 16:12 - +5
My Grandpa showed me this years ago :) He said this is what can lead to world wars if we don't protect ourselves from the same thing at home and abroad. I miss that old man :(
13 Aug 2017 15:45 - +3
I can sum this up in one sentence: : "Be Kind To Each Other."
13 Aug 2017 15:58 - +3
The funny thing about people is that they tend to be tribalistic. They choose sides and once they choose those sides, there is little to no chance that they will change their mind about it. This is evident in politics, religion and even in consumerism (look at people chosing sides for products like video game consoles and phones). There is no amount of explaining to someone that will change their mind, and it only makes that person feel even stronger about the fact that they think they might be right and you might be wrong.
13 Aug 2017 15:49 - +3
Meanwhile U.S troops that were stationed in England, New Zealand, and Australia were literally starting race riots by not allowing the countries natives to ender certain pubs...
13 Aug 2017 15:56 - +2
Didn't the US still have segregation at this point?
13 Aug 2017 15:57 - +2
But the US still had segregation at the time. This video was made almost 20 years before America had their civil rights movement.
13 Aug 2017 16:03 - +1
equally dangerous is to generalize a select few to an entire demographic.
13 Aug 2017 16:56 - +1
Is it just me, or are other people also completely dismissing the message when someone says bigot? That seems like a word only people use who would also fall in the definition of the word. People who label anyone that dosnt fall in their close minded view with derogatory term X usually. The title is again such a construct, taking something that was hardly about race and making it a race matter again. It wasnt about race, it was first and foremost about ideology.
13 Aug 2017 16:50 - +1
I genuinely wonder what went wrong in amerca. A country that was once a role model, a beacon of the free world - turned into a shithole in a matter of decades.
13 Aug 2017 16:26 - +1
Funny how mistreatment of workers and union-busting was considered a hallmark of fascist totalitarianism and it's been a mainstay of the American right since the early 20th century
13 Aug 2017 16:43 - +1
Watched this in school. Absolutely poignant and a little bit sad that it's so relevant today.
13 Aug 2017 15:56 - +1
and there was also... Reefer Madness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbjHOBJzhb0
13 Aug 2017 16:56 - +1
So therefore when people you disagree with exercise their right to march, you should swarm and assault them? Remember when the KKK marched in Skokie IL, and the ACLU defended them? And almost everyone ignored the marchers? THAT's the American Way, not the fucking ANTIFA reverse-fascist attack thugs.
13 Aug 2017 17:06 - +1
Stop comparing trump to hitler! For fucks sake
13 Aug 2017 16:36 - +1
This is like the fourth post about nazis on frontpage what's going on? Seriously I'm out of the loop
13 Aug 2017 16:14 - +1
13 Aug 2017 16:41 - +1
Sorry, America, it appears you have already fallen for it.

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