People who leave a train like this:

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13 Aug 2017 18:40 - +1609
I work at a movie theater, this happens a lot. I don't understand why people cant pick up after themselves.
13 Aug 2017 17:48 - +784
It appears they have never been properly..."trained"
13 Aug 2017 19:38 - +506
This is more than "mildly infuriating."
13 Aug 2017 19:45 - +192
wrong sub. Post to /r/rage
13 Aug 2017 19:55 - +163
It especially annoys me when people let their kids leave this kind of mess, like as if to say "well I'm a single mother on a train with 2 toddlers, I can't possibly be expected to clean up after them...." No, you can. It's called being a good parent.
13 Aug 2017 18:30 - +131
Swiss trains all have swing bins under the little tables, and you pretty much never see this situation because of that.
13 Aug 2017 19:42 - +126
Southern trains are always like this...
13 Aug 2017 17:17 - +79
Teenagers (usually, at least in the public spaces near me). Why do they think this is cool? More than mildly infuriating.
13 Aug 2017 20:23 - +33
All I see is peace and quiet now that single mum and her 3 shitty kids have left.
13 Aug 2017 17:48 - +21
It was all Harry, Ron, and Hermione's fault.
13 Aug 2017 20:32 - +18
Back in elementary school I had this lunch lady that wouldn't let us leave a messy table. She came up to us pretty much everyday and would slam her brass recess bell down on the table, and in a thick European accent of some kind shouted "YOU DON'T GO OUT UNTIL YOU CLEAN THE TABLE!" I feel like a lot of people missed out on this type of childhood disciplinary experience.
13 Aug 2017 20:27 - +18
Never visit India then.
13 Aug 2017 17:40 - +16
I think you missed my point or I didn't make it clear. It's disgusting what has been done, it's not right. I was trying to make a point that if the service doesn't respect you i.e. Overcharging, overbooking and a general shit attitude , the customer will just not give a shit about the service. British trains are by far the crappiest service I've ever used
13 Aug 2017 19:38 - +14
This is far beyond "mildly" infuriating. If it were up to me, this would be met with 90 days in jail.
13 Aug 2017 19:43 - +7
this kinda shit is way beyond mildly infuriating.
13 Aug 2017 20:10 - +6
I'm surprised there isn't feces on the seats
13 Aug 2017 20:50 - +6
People should be fined for shit like this
13 Aug 2017 20:15 - +5
If everyone in the world cleaned up their own messes, I wonder what the world would look like.
13 Aug 2017 20:01 - +5
They keep that sort behavior up and they'll stop bringing that Honeyduke's cart around. Those little assholes will remember that when they have to wait for the Halloween trip to Hogsmeade to get their chocolate frog fix.
13 Aug 2017 20:01 - +3
That looks like southern to me, what line, friend?
13 Aug 2017 19:49 - +3
I've been on enough trains like that - I can smell it through my phone.
13 Aug 2017 19:58 - +3
Looks like how I left a Chevy dealer today after I fucked up a bag of their delicious popcorn and had a cup of hot coffee.
13 Aug 2017 20:47 - +3
13 Aug 2017 20:38 - +3
I also throw food at my own face and hope some goes in my mouth. Whatever misses goes back to the earth and the circle is complete.
13 Aug 2017 20:38 - +2
Thought I was in /r/britishproblems until I read the comments
13 Aug 2017 20:52 - +2
Dude, i live in the suburbs of Paris. The trains and metro are like this on the daily. People here are dirty.
13 Aug 2017 20:40 - +2
Wild packs of 3 yr olds roaming the land
13 Aug 2017 21:03 - +2
Fucking animals
13 Aug 2017 20:42 - +2
13 Aug 2017 20:58 - +2
I work on a ferry, so many people just throw garbage on the deck.
13 Aug 2017 20:45 - +2
Looks like the work of a child. Though that doesn't excuse the parents from picking up after.
13 Aug 2017 20:52 - +2
I've been out to dinner with individuals whose children did this. To top it off, apparently they're shitty tippers. I compensated the tip and do not dine out with them any longer.
13 Aug 2017 20:49 - +2
Nothing "mildly" about shit like that. It's just mindblowing how some people act in public.
13 Aug 2017 20:56 - +2
Mildly is an understatement
13 Aug 2017 20:49 - +2
Very fucking infuriating if you ask me! Also calling them people is too much, fucking troglodytes.
13 Aug 2017 21:00 - +2
13 Aug 2017 21:09 - +2
Find his/her name on the Coke bottle and FIND THESE MONSTERS!
13 Aug 2017 21:37 - +2
13 Aug 2017 21:14 - +2
This is was the Trump Train when people hurried to jump off of it yesterday. Leaving a mess behind.
13 Aug 2017 22:13 - +2
This belongs /r/rage.
13 Aug 2017 21:23 - +2
I don't know about you but in my eyes this isn't just mildly infuriating this is r/rage material
13 Aug 2017 22:01 - +2
Is there a garbage can anywhere near them? It might help
13 Aug 2017 22:18 - +2
This is a Southern Railway Class 377... use one every day to get to work in London... I'm tempted to say southern deserve to have their trains trashed but it's a poor minion that has to clean this up.
13 Aug 2017 22:26 - +2
People are in general just lazy fucking slobs. I used to clean the last arriving airplanes, and the floors would be covered in baby food, dip spit cups tucked away everywhere, and most annoying was the used tissues stuffed in the magazine flap. The world is not your personal fucking garbage can, you swine.
13 Aug 2017 22:23 - +2
Fuckin millennial delinquents
13 Aug 2017 22:28 - +2
I fired a guy who wouldn't stop leaving my work truck like this. Great worker, good at the skill but no matter how many times I showed up to that truck there was trash, cigarette cartons, half eaten food etc inside and littered outside. Talked to him like 4 times about it and made him clean it up each time. It's like he didn't understand that there was something wrong with it. He threw shit out the window like it was nothing while driving down the road.
13 Aug 2017 22:29 - +2
*Mildly* infuriating?
13 Aug 2017 22:45 - +2
That's Brexit Britain for you, I'm afraid.
13 Aug 2017 23:06 - +2
My two small children don't leave nearly this much mess behind. Surely there must have been garbage cans nearby?
13 Aug 2017 21:53 - +1
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