British reaction reading about all this nazi sh*t happening in the US rn

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13 Aug 2017 20:14 - +2176
"Are we the baddies?"
13 Aug 2017 17:50 - +1257
seriously tho, wtf. How the fuck did u lot get to this point? How is it even possible to be pro nazi and a patriotic american. As a race, we've kinda moved past all this. . Edit. didn't expect such a massive response to this. Please don't take 'u lot' literally. My main point is that i thought globally, if not at least in western culture, we were done with the whole nazi thing. For me its an absurd paradox to see an 'american nazi'. They should be polar opposites. And yes, i get that this has been blown out of proportion by the media. And yes, britain has a lot of problems right now, which includes jimmy saville apparently. I'm off to hide now, bye. Edit 2. before i do i runner. The comments here are a good example of something Ricky Gervais ends up talking about a lot on his twitter. Across all social media atm, someone will state something is 'bad' and the immediate response is 'Yes, but what about this. This is just as bad, or this is worse. Why talk about this, when this much worse other thing is happening' As if thats a reasonable counter argument.... Anyway, i'm off to drink tea and eat limes and do brexit n things.
13 Aug 2017 21:39 - +1145
Speaking as a resident of Charlottesville, I assure you this is a tiny, fringe group of lunatics and assholes. Most of them traveled from out of state to come here, and they were still dwarfed by the counter protesters.
13 Aug 2017 18:51 - +1020
We have out fair start of groups in the right too. EDL, Britain First, BNP, etc.
13 Aug 2017 20:03 - +576
there are plenty more of us Americans who are in the same boat as you. And it's not like we "let it get this bad".... There have always been a group of turds wanting the south to rise again. We are aware of these dickwads but we're not all like this.
13 Aug 2017 21:26 - +242
A very small minority of marginalized losers make a scene and the media shines a spotlight on them to make them look like a large segment of the population.
13 Aug 2017 19:31 - +128
Idk what to tell you about the whole alt-right bullshit happening all over the country in general, but I know that one protest in Charlottesville was over a vote to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, the general who led the military of the Confederacy during our Civil War. It is, of course, an extremely sensitive topic down there as some see the statue as racist, given what Lee fought for, and others see it as a symbol of their proud heritage, similar to the controversy over the [rebel flag.](
13 Aug 2017 20:59 - +117
As a US citizen, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and a CIS white man. I ask myself this everyday of the trump presidency. I can't empathize with either side of this country right now. You got the far left going off on tangents about ridiculous things I supposedly did because of my race, gender and service. On the far right you got people literally giving trump nazi salutes and talking about "welfare queens" (I know they mean blacks and mexicans) and muslims destroying the USA.... And here I am in the middle just like, what the fuck is wrong with you people.
13 Aug 2017 21:46 - +95
You know what this is? This is magnification of a problem that is not as big as the media made it look yesterday. These trashy white supremacists had a nationwide call out for members to come to Virginia. Only a few hundred showed up. That gives you an idea of how large the problem is, eh? If ignored, no one would have heard about this loser-fest yesterday. But no. The media and counter protestors showed up and gave this white trash the spotlight they wanted. And now other countries are coming onto Reddit to act like they don't have the same damn shit going on in their country.
13 Aug 2017 19:49 - +51
*Australian reaction to that and Brexit
13 Aug 2017 20:11 - +37
[Oh the irony of it all!](
13 Aug 2017 20:30 - +34
I mean, the UK isn't standing on much higher ground right now if at all. Edit: I'm just going to go back to watching Yes Minister and ignore the ignorance of American politics being displayed here.
13 Aug 2017 20:48 - +26
As a Brit, aren't you worried about the police coming to arrest you because you typed Nazi on your computer?
13 Aug 2017 20:56 - +25
Many Americans felt the same way about Britain when the Manchester bombing and London Bridge attack happened in quick succession.
13 Aug 2017 21:19 - +21
Seems gross how quickly reddit is willing to exploit a tragedy for a quick karma grab with gifs and memes.
13 Aug 2017 21:43 - +20
As an American: absolutely nothing worth any sort of time or attention. Be intelligent, unlike the masses, and realize the news is out for ratings. More ratings means more advertising dollars which in turn makes them more profit. Amazing things happened in the world yesterday, and there aren't half the people discussing them. Choose to be a force of good instead of promulgating the ignorance of the many.
13 Aug 2017 19:29 - +19
"Wot tha FAK is gouing oon"
13 Aug 2017 21:35 - +17
"Nazi shit". To me it looks like one idiot drove into a bunch of people. Media is salivating at how many clicks and views this story is going to give them so they ride the "nazi invasion" story as hard and as long as they can, while the pseudo liberal idiots continue to devour it.
13 Aug 2017 21:16 - +16
Funny, we say the same thing about all the Muslim grooming child rape gangs England does nothing about. Even more meta is my statement above would be sought after by British Police, indeed what the fuck is going on?
13 Aug 2017 21:32 - +12
there is hardly any. it's a buzzword being overblown by the media
13 Aug 2017 21:44 - +12
It might look like that from the outside looking in. But, now that Russia collusion is dead, the media are seeking to attach Hate and white supremacists with Trump. They're hyping the Nazi angle to achieve this. When there's 2 political parties there will be small groups of hateful people within both. It's sad that the liberals and media are doing this they're still so sore from losing.
13 Aug 2017 21:35 - +10
We can ask you the same thing lol
13 Aug 2017 21:57 - +9
Pretty much my reaction too, even though I live in the deep South. Confederate flags, yes, bigots, yes, but they usually keep their inbred politics amongst themselves. I wish I still had the picture of my neighbor, proudly flying his confederate flag, which was too big for he flagpole, over his new chromed out Corvette, in front of his piece of shit trailer. It was so incredibly cliche. I never understood the weird pride over the confederate flag. It blows my mind that there are still KKK sects active. I kind of understand the dissent about he monument/statues they took down in New Orleans, because they were landmarks, but also had very negative connotations so I understand both sides. I was fortunate enough to have a mom who taught me to treat everyone like they treat you, and that skin color doesn't matter because there will always be 'trash' of every color (prime example, rioting Neo Nazi bigots! ).
13 Aug 2017 21:45 - +7
[Source]( (UK Big Fat Quiz - 2009 - about Keyboard Cat. 5m02)
13 Aug 2017 21:21 - +6
What's going on is people thinking VOTING works. People think the numbers were real, the polls reflect truth and the news shows everything to be concerned about. Most people in my city have no clue any shit is going on at all. News isn't on streaming apps, news isn't on your feeds unless you subscribe to it, truth is back burner gold.
13 Aug 2017 20:53 - +5
[David Mitchell has no idea what the hell is going on](
13 Aug 2017 23:51 - +4
Nothing is "going on", there was one isolated incident in a small town and Reddit tries it's hardest to convince as many people as possible that all of VA is full of Nazi rednecks.
14 Aug 2017 00:24 - +3
point more fingers with your brexit ass
13 Aug 2017 23:52 - +3
Did I miss something or is reddit it's own false flag now?
13 Aug 2017 21:36 - +3
Standard neo nazi takover that's been planned since 2016, what you don't remember all of the neo nazis at Trump's campaigns? How could you forget all that video and audio feed. This was 100% preventable and our own congress is at fault for causing this because they nominated him when he didn't qualify for the job, and knew it so he'd be taking the brunt of the blame for their failure. Fucking puppets.
13 Aug 2017 21:02 - +3
Just trying to keep things interesting?
13 Aug 2017 22:32 - +3
What Nazi shit, what happened?
14 Aug 2017 00:32 - +2
The real Americans must be very ashamed...
14 Aug 2017 00:46 - +1
Many of us have been in a perpetual state of WTF since November 6th...every single day...

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