Russian group that hacked DNC used NSA attack code in attack on hotels

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13 Aug 2017 23:08 - +984
What was the evidence it was Russian Hackers? Was there a trace or information left behind? (Not politically motivated, just can't find the information)
13 Aug 2017 22:58 - +948
Gee, thanks NSA.
13 Aug 2017 23:40 - +322
Never keep a weapon you aren't prepared to have used against yourself. You failed us, NSA.
13 Aug 2017 22:23 - +294
What's up with the far right bs in here? Simply saying "no they didn't" is not proof that in fact, they did not. You provide nothing to refute the mounds of evidence that they did. Why are you so crazy about defending them?
13 Aug 2017 23:07 - +136
Fact or not, even plausibility of this shows how stupid it is to store zero-day vulnerabilities instead of patching them. US and other first world countries have much more to lose in all-out cyberwar than steampunk tech level Russia, Iran and North-Korea.
13 Aug 2017 23:50 - +60
Where is the evidence Russia hacked the dnc when the dnc didn't let the FBI see the servers?
13 Aug 2017 23:30 - +49
There was no hack. [It was leaked by an insider](
14 Aug 2017 00:44 - +40
A little cynical here... But.... the NSA developed a NetBIOS Basic Auth exploit, but the Russian did it. All that aside, this is r/technology and I feel like mentioning this. If you're an IT manager for a large corporation, hell a company of any size. I'd strongly encourage you to disable and/or replace any known systems using Basic Authentication or NTLM Authentication its been known for more than 10 years now that those authentication protocols are ripe with vulnerabilities.
13 Aug 2017 23:26 - +38
We have no conclusive evidence that they were are "Russian group".
13 Aug 2017 23:28 - +36
Wow, the bots hitting this sub hard lately. Fortunately a lot of the others they've given up on.
14 Aug 2017 00:29 - +34
the cold war was an inside job dawg
13 Aug 2017 23:49 - +27
Forensic experts just concluded the DNC was an inside job
14 Aug 2017 00:32 - +19
Oh damn, it's August.. I didn't think they would still be trying to push this narrative. Who benefits from this anyways?
13 Aug 2017 23:57 - +18
Seth Rich was not a Russian hacker...
14 Aug 2017 00:15 - +17
Impressive! So many people posting in this thread that have irrefutable first hand information as to what happened cyber-wise during the last election! Hey! You guys should all contact Mueller and ask him to subpoena you - what with you having the definitive scoop and all.
14 Aug 2017 00:55 - +16
Explain to me how we know it wasn't the NSA who did it.
14 Aug 2017 01:08 - +13
It was a leak. Not a hack.
14 Aug 2017 00:29 - +9
ITT pro-trumpeters repeatedly citing a single, unsourced article as the basis for the impossibility of the Russians hacking various agencies in defiance of the CIA, FBI, USIC in general and testimony by agency officials. Yeah, they're all wrong, it's a giant conspiracy amongst our critical intelligence agencies against saint Trump.
14 Aug 2017 01:23 - +7
So... No evidence that russia did it. More evidence the nsa did it.
14 Aug 2017 01:40 - +6
#Seth Rich was the person who leaked the DNC material to Wikileaks
14 Aug 2017 01:36 - +4
>accused of hacking can you fucking not push an agenda with titles please? fucking arsetechnica
14 Aug 2017 01:44 - +4
Nobody with a functioning brain believes it was Russia. It was Seth Rich and it's gonna be a shitstorm all sides are afraid to go through.
13 Aug 2017 23:16 - +4
Wouldn't all these hotels have updated by now after what happened with wannacry?
14 Aug 2017 02:01 - +2
"Russia" didn't "hack" the DNC... get with the program.
14 Aug 2017 02:06 - +2
That's cute...people STILL think that it was the Russians.
14 Aug 2017 01:47 - +2
> Russian government-sponsored group *[citation needed]*
14 Aug 2017 01:50 - +1
The DNC hack was done by democrat insiders as retaliation for rigging the primaries against bernie sanders.
14 Aug 2017 01:53 - +1
Whenever something that inconvenient the DNC pops up a post pushing fake Russian rhetorics gets upvoted to the front page. It's like clockwork now.

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