Public Service Announcement: Don't be a Nazi.

I've lived my entire life in Ohio, so I get it. When you stare at endless cornfields and burned-out rust belt cities for decades, those crisp gray Wehrmacht uniforms look pretty sweet. And for those looking to piss off not only their parents, but their grandparents too? Nazi is certainly the way to go. And with slogans like <your country here> First? Who wouldn't want that? But I'm here to tell you that being a Nazi is not cool. There is a reason we use words like Fascist and Nazi as epithets, and it's not because we're edgy little internet nerds looking to subvert Godwin's law. It's because Nazis created a culture of fear and repression to kill a whole lot of people in really gruesome ways, and believe it or not, most people of the world are decidedly anti-gruesome death. So if you're dreaming fondly of the glorious life of a professional Nazi, just stop and think: do I want to be associated with harsh statist policies and genocide? Do I want my proud OH-IO associated with that crap? We already have enough to deal with in regards to our sports teams and jobs and stuff, let's not add Nazis to the list. Thank you.

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13 Aug 2017 23:04 - +6436
I just want to remind you all about [the role Ohio played in the Civil War]( * Ohio raised nearly 320,000 soldiers for the Union army, third behind only New York and Pennsylvania in total manpower contributed to the military. * Ohio played an important part in the Underground Railroad prior to the war, and remained a haven for escaped and runaway slaves during the war years. * Several leading generals were from Ohio, including Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, and Philip H. Sheridan. * Five Ohio-born Civil War officers would later serve as the President of the United States I'm proud to be an Ohioan. **Don't tarnish our history.**
13 Aug 2017 23:03 - +842
I love how "sports teams" was first on your list of other things to worry about. A true Ohioan (and American!) If i ever saw one. P.S. i say this all in friendly jest. No animosity here. P.P.S. fuck nazis.
13 Aug 2017 21:10 - +372
I wish I could give more than one upvote :)
13 Aug 2017 22:04 - +365
I hate to say this, but I'm glad I left my hometown in Ohio years ago. I don't want to face the fact that there are people there who would buy into this Nazi shit.
13 Aug 2017 22:54 - +355
I live in Cincinnati. I'd say the city is decently sane and has a healthy balance of liberals, conservatives, and pragmatism. It is fucking peculiar the kind of shit I see even a mile away from the greater Cincinnati area. Driving from Cincinnati to Miami University is so strange... Seeing a lot of ignorance or hate and knowing these people aren't across the country, they're my neighbors. What is going on that this shit is so widespread?
13 Aug 2017 22:13 - +194
Don't you think the Nazi presence in Ohio is being blown out of proportion? Just because the guy had Ohio plates doesn't mean shit. Am I wrong here? Is there actually a large Nazi community among us buckeyes?
13 Aug 2017 22:31 - +175
Lived in Ohio all my life and can say I've never even heard of there being self proclaimed Nazi groups in existence.
13 Aug 2017 23:07 - +156
Michigander here, despite our differences, I'm with you on this one.
13 Aug 2017 20:44 - +154
Hey man, have a upvote. Also it's looking good for the Bengals this year.
13 Aug 2017 22:45 - +148
Ohio Nazis. Just as bad as Illinois Nazi's. And I hate Illinois Nazis.
13 Aug 2017 22:33 - +120
No kidding. I was disgusted when I saw that the Charlottesville terrorist was from Ohio.
13 Aug 2017 23:49 - +119
For the record this piece of shit was a Florence, Kentucky import. Just far enough across the Ohio River that we can say he ain't no fucking Buckeye. [Literally, Florence, Y'all ...]( On a side note I keep seeing more and more Confederate flags around. Displaying the **SOUTHSTIKA** is just as deplorable as letting your real Nazi flag fly. This is O fucking hio. The home of Grant and Sherman, the scourge of the South. It's high time you wanna be Confederate imports assimilated into the fucking Union. If not you can take your "Yankee hatin" ass back across the Ohio fucking river. Never forget Buckeyes, General Sherman was undefeated in Conference play ...
13 Aug 2017 23:26 - +112
Columbusite here. Ohio can be such a cool place. I hate when assholes try to ruin everything.
13 Aug 2017 23:11 - +91
This is a great state folks. We have a lot to be proud of, so please drop your confederate flags and your swastikas. We were in the union army (go blue jackets!) and a lot of our ancestors (weird to say this) were over in Europe killing Nazis. Let's honor both of these parts of our history.
13 Aug 2017 23:27 - +72
Also equating everyone that's a conservative with Nazism isn't cool either. Let's try to have a more reasonable discourse in general.
13 Aug 2017 23:02 - +51
I don't think anyone is disagreeing that ACTUAL NAZI's are bad but I really hope innocent people don't get lumped in because they said something someone else doesn't like. Its way too easy for someone to call someone a nazi and its even harder for the person to prove they're not a nazi. This is going to lead into some new age McCarthyism but calling everyone a nazi instead of a communist.
13 Aug 2017 22:49 - +34
Two POS straight edge skinheads were proudly sporting their tattoos and haircuts at a screening of Dunkirk in Fairfield County on Friday night. Check out the brokedown clapboard houses from Obetz to Guernsey County and you'll see a ratty Confederate flag hanging somewhere among the garbage. And the asshole who runs one of the worst Nazi sites is from a middle-class Columbus suburb. There's a plague of this scum in central and southern Ohio.
13 Aug 2017 23:12 - +31
Let us also not ignore that this is a national plague.
13 Aug 2017 22:08 - +29
I'm not from Ohio... in fact I've never even been to Ohio. Still, I'm happy for each and every one of you that wakes up and decides to not be a Nazi. I think it's a pretty smart life choice.
14 Aug 2017 00:11 - +26
Ohio has super racist parts, vermillion, used to have a sign that said "no n*****s after dark". I live out in Fremont, people here are cool as shit for the most part, some autobody place had this huge trump sign out front, he's taken it down and i hope he's ashamed of what he's been complicit to. And i see some confederate flags, it's so odd ot me to be flying that at all let alone in the north. edit: i can't even type that fucking word in quotes without feeling like shit.
13 Aug 2017 23:40 - +21
>Don't be a Nazi ok >I've lived my entire life in Ohio, so I get it. Wait what the fuck
14 Aug 2017 00:15 - +20
You are extremely naiive if you think that the majority of protesters being labeled as Nazi's are just doing it to be edgy and because they don't understand the actual gravity of Nazism.
14 Aug 2017 01:11 - +17
Is being a nazi super prevalent now? It's my understanding that it's a vocal minority
14 Aug 2017 01:35 - +15
As an Ohioan, I proudly support this PSA.
13 Aug 2017 23:45 - +14
Dear Ohioite...Ohioin...Ohio-on...Ohiayan... I rather liked your post. You rust belt folks seem pretty cool. You're welcome to come hang out with some like-minded people in Arkansas any time you want. We have all sorts of fun things to do here, like hiking, hunting, fishing, crippling alcoholism, and so much more. I am personally fond of going hiking to look for large stones/small boulders, which I bring back home to train with. I like to carry them long distances, lift them over my head, or sometimes throw them at a tree stump that I pretend is a lowly fascist. If you'd like to come hang out, drink beer, and practice fascist crushing, you're more than welcome. Sincerely, An Arkansan (PS: Avoid North Arkansas. It's kinda Klanny up there. Stick to Central Arkansas and you'll be fine.)
14 Aug 2017 00:41 - +13
I'm visiting Ohio for work and this is a great state. (All you folks look at me like I'm lying when I say this, but it's true.) I just can't imagine the people here being anything besides forward thinking. Everyone is so damn practical. Realist thinking seems to be common, so I just can't see the why in Nazi here. Although with enough open space you get all sorts of uncontested thoughts that manifest troubling behavior I suppose. Also, I just enjoyed a brat with Bertman's while wearing a CLE script t-shirt and I have a desire to see a game at the sadness factory... is there something in the water here?
14 Aug 2017 01:32 - +13
Sort by controversial. It's a sad state when people undermine the simple message of "Don't be a nazi" with their nazi bullshit
13 Aug 2017 23:24 - +12
I'll settle for "Don't kill people".
14 Aug 2017 01:14 - +12
How about don't be an extremist... Or is that too touchy?
13 Aug 2017 23:44 - +11
I love Ohio. You guys can do it! (Stay away from the opioids though)
14 Aug 2017 01:34 - +10
I think, as Ohioans, we need to step up and educate our neighbors. There's so much propaganda out here. If you're in Ohio, you know damned well there's people in your family who are going to hear hot takes about how this guy was actually a Bernie leftists or that this was a false flag. All this talk like "don't be a Nazi" is great. But the vast majority of people enabling this shit have *no idea* what they're apart of. They have *no idea* how bad and dangerous this stuff is. We need to stop this shit. But we also all know that our friends and family aren't going to listen to the "MSM". We need to turn this around locally. Maybe we could get together and put out an Ohio-based website made by Ohioans to share the truth with other Ohioans. We need to let our friends and family being tricked by this shit know the truth and it needs to come from us. I can help with a lot of the technical stuff. I'm no graphic designer or web designer. But I can make a killer back end. Anyone on board? (I'm in Cleveland, BTW) PS: I refuse to engage in false equivalency. I'm not going to go along with the narrative that the left is anywhere near as militant as the right (especially in Ohio. But, I'm all for doing PSAs to make sure our friends and family on the left don't go down a slippery slope either.
14 Aug 2017 01:24 - +9
Don't Be afraid. Go after these guys. Their names are all over the net now, that's part of free speech. Go after them
14 Aug 2017 00:46 - +9
Like I've said before, don't implement failing systems like nazism or communism. They both control, limit freedoms, result in hate, and in violence
14 Aug 2017 01:10 - +8
There is a vigil in Cincinnati for Charlottesville tonight for those interested in going.
13 Aug 2017 23:56 - +8
Going around, it seems like there's more Confederate and Gadsden flags around Zanesville than U.S. ones.
13 Aug 2017 23:56 - +8
Akronite, first time here: Also fuck heroin.
14 Aug 2017 00:43 - +8
Are we really going to pretend that the kind of person that wants to become a nazi is actually going to be persuaded to not do it because "being a Nazi is not cool?" I wish it worked like that. People who become Nazis are hateful, bigoted, domestic terrorists. Always have been and always will be. They're not drawn to nazism because they think it's cool, they're drawn to it because they see it as a way to uphold white supremacy, continue violence against marginalized groups and advocate for or take direct action towards killing people in these said groups. We need to stop perpetuating the myth that neo nazis are just the slow kids from your rural hometowns. They're educated, they have cushy well paying jobs, they're the white frat boys from your college who wear polos. They're smart, calculated, and they are lurking literally everywhere.
14 Aug 2017 00:03 - +7
Really want to buy a 35 star US Flag to display to counter the Confederate Southstika's I see here and there . I just figure it would fall on deaf ears.
13 Aug 2017 23:07 - +6
I am curious about the roots of Naziism in America. I imagine during WW2 it was very frowned upon so I wonder who brought it back and how they spread it. Is it an internet era phenomena? Obviously we had regular old hate groups but what specifically lead to Naziism in the US? Either way I think they are an incredibly small minority and should be ignored. I understand the sentiment of the counterprotestors but they are just drawing more attention to this twisted ideaogy.
14 Aug 2017 00:03 - +5
Please don't let one big fool try to ruin your beautiful state or the beautiful USA. You people are awesome and great people! Cheers from Ontario Canada.
14 Aug 2017 01:07 - +5
i would just like to add, there are about 20x as many comments on this thread as there are actual Nazi's in the US. so lets not blow things out of proportion.
14 Aug 2017 00:21 - +5
Digging through my ancestry I learned I have 5-7 generations of men who worked as miners/jewelers making clocks eventually maintaining farms in Ohio. Mostly in Loudonville. Was it likely they were involved in slavery?
14 Aug 2017 01:24 - +5
As a strong republican, I'd like to thank you for this post. I find it appalling that the right is now associated with Nazis. You're absolutely right, there is nothing cool about being a nazi. And to be honest, the vast majority of people find that horrendous and will condemn the actions of any nazi affiliated individual.
13 Aug 2017 23:39 - +4
Out of the loop here. What does Ohio have to do with all this?
14 Aug 2017 00:12 - +4
>epithets "an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned." I think the word you meant was 'pejorative'.
14 Aug 2017 01:40 - +1
To all our visitors from other Reddits: Welcome! We had to lock this post after just four hours because the hostile influx from outside Ohio was starting to drown out civil debate between Ohioans. It's great that everyone wants to talk about this, but by now it's probably best addressed in other, more general Reddits.

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