911 Responding to KKK

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13 Aug 2017 23:30 - +3725
Man, I miss this show, Tom Lennon in his shorts, Trudy Weigel, Michael Ian Black as Kevin the Sex Offender, friggin' classic.
14 Aug 2017 00:10 - +2923
13 Aug 2017 22:14 - +1669
Source: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lg8sq From: Reno 911!
14 Aug 2017 00:09 - +1558
[Disappointed... :-(](http://i.imgur.com/5cEfqkq.png)
14 Aug 2017 01:11 - +598
There's this chick I follow on Facebook. I accidentally started following her because she has the same name of this girl I met and thought I was sending a friend request to her. She was only 14 when I started following her. As soon as I realized she wasn't the person I was meaning to follow I went to unfollow her. But then I realized this 14 year old girl was hilariously stupid. She didn't know why America would send a separate team from Georgia to the Olympics, she couldn't figure out why elevators had buttons for the floor she was already on, and many other things I just saw and laughed. Anyway I never stopped following her because she was such a big source of my morning laughs. She got pregnant at 15 because she thought you couldn't get pregnant on the first time. She was sure that the 15 year old boy that got her pregnant was going to be a great daddy. Well the kid is 1 now and she always complains about him never being around and how he would rather stay at home bored than see his son and all the other crap any of us could have warned her about when she was certain she was going to be the one teenage mom whose baby daddy would actually hang around. Anyway the reason I bring all that up is that through these 2 years I've followed this complete moron she has never written "you're" when she meant "your". So if this person can get it right, then everyone can. [Source](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/31zrfc/theres_always_another_side_of_the_story/cq6l0dd)
13 Aug 2017 23:04 - +297
Gawd I miss that show. For those who don't recognize the characters, this GIF is from the Comedy Central series "Reno 911!". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reno_911!
14 Aug 2017 00:42 - +153
"You're lighting a damn cross in you're own yard!" *your own yard. Don't wanna be a dick, but I know I'd want to know.
13 Aug 2017 23:04 - +95
Well, he's accident prone.
14 Aug 2017 01:06 - +45
I didn't know that so many people haven't heard of Reno 911.
14 Aug 2017 02:00 - +35
the real crime is this show isn't on netflix
14 Aug 2017 01:32 - +26
"t" for "time to leave"
14 Aug 2017 00:39 - +23
Reno 911 was such a great show and then they switched most of the cast.
13 Aug 2017 23:49 - +19
Omg that was actually lol funny
14 Aug 2017 02:06 - +18
Reno 911 is one of the most underrated comedies of all time. I fucking loved Nick Swardson's character on it too.
14 Aug 2017 01:51 - +14
Man, I miss Reno 911. Does any streaming service carry it? (He asks instead of typing into google)
14 Aug 2017 04:21 - +12
I've always felt that, even in a comedic setting, putting on that garb must be one of the most difficult things for an actor to do.
14 Aug 2017 04:48 - +10
My favorite thing about Reno 911 on Reddit is that there's always a handful of people who think it's real.
13 Aug 2017 23:14 - +9
Awwww, I thought this was real
14 Aug 2017 04:16 - +8
Serious question, could somebody actually do this in real life? What's to stop them since it's in their own yard?
14 Aug 2017 01:40 - +7
"Sheriffs department"
14 Aug 2017 01:03 - +7
Flame on!
14 Aug 2017 04:33 - +6
KKK needs to be classified a terrorist organization
14 Aug 2017 01:01 - +5
Oh man I miss this show
14 Aug 2017 01:25 - +5
Of all the shows I've ever watched....this is the one I want to come back
14 Aug 2017 02:16 - +4
We need an ambulance over here at the Ku Sux Klan rally. I'm just reading the sign!
14 Aug 2017 01:36 - +4
I thought for a moment that this was /r/wheredidthesodago, and was incredibly confused on the detail and subject matter of this stock footage
14 Aug 2017 03:11 - +3
That's how I imagine most of the posters on r/globalterrorism
14 Aug 2017 02:39 - +3
This took me way too long to realize it was Reno
14 Aug 2017 01:56 - +3
He should have put on his boots of escaping.
14 Aug 2017 02:01 - +3
I never did watch this show. Didn't they make a movie ?
14 Aug 2017 03:06 - +3
T... for "time to leave"
14 Aug 2017 02:03 - +3
He got bass taped!
14 Aug 2017 06:04 - +3
I see Reno 911, I upvote.
14 Aug 2017 02:09 - +3
This show was so fucking good. Until they killed some of them off.
14 Aug 2017 02:35 - +3

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