Facetime flirting with bae in the bath is πŸ”₯

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14 Aug 2017 00:43 - +2709
Did the dude straight hang up when her hair caught fire??
14 Aug 2017 00:45 - +2188
This looks fake/staged to me.
14 Aug 2017 00:19 - +571
Why wear a bra in the bath?
14 Aug 2017 03:17 - +487
I am 94% certain the gif depicts: > a woman sitting in a bathtub ^^I ^^am ^^a ^^bot ^^so ^^please ^^upvote ^^if ^^my ^^comment ^^depicts ^^what ^^was ^^linked
14 Aug 2017 00:51 - +343
Obviously fake.
14 Aug 2017 01:10 - +119
Do you all start screaming β€œthis is fake!” at the TV shows as well? It’s like none of you have heard of scripted entertainment before.
14 Aug 2017 01:50 - +113
it's scripted and shouldn't be on the sub however i was thoroughly entertained
14 Aug 2017 00:58 - +38
I don't think it's just her hair that's fake
14 Aug 2017 01:52 - +26
So fucking fake
14 Aug 2017 00:23 - +17
Can I get the whole vid with sound.
14 Aug 2017 02:49 - +12
14 Aug 2017 04:29 - +8
14 Aug 2017 02:57 - +8
Why does stupid fake shit make r/all so regularly? smh
14 Aug 2017 01:14 - +8
Do people think this is real? She is wearing a fucking bra in the bathtub for crying out loud. They are reading a script.
14 Aug 2017 02:30 - +8
Shouldn't this be in r/funny or r/gifs or something? It doesn't seem like r/instant_regret should be a haven for fake vids.
14 Aug 2017 02:00 - +6
This happened to me. Except it was my real hair and both us were in the room.
14 Aug 2017 04:30 - +5
it's fake =/
14 Aug 2017 01:56 - +5
She looks an awful lot like the YouTuber GloZell, especially since their weaves match, she's wearing a bra to make it "YouTube guidelines friendly", and the entire thing is staged as fuck.
14 Aug 2017 01:32 - +5
This may or may not be fake, I don't know and frankly, don't care. Using the bra-in-the-bath as evidence it's fake is kinda dumb though, she could have kept it on to tease with in the bath or not been ready for him to see her boobs or something.
14 Aug 2017 02:11 - +4
Shaka when the wig burned...His eyes wide open
14 Aug 2017 07:18 - +3
She's cute. Wouldn't mind a woman like that admiring me even tho I'm probs gay
14 Aug 2017 00:25 - +3
Why dunk her head instead of just taking the wig off?
14 Aug 2017 07:20 - +2
Looks like things are getting too spicy for the pepper.
14 Aug 2017 08:19 - +2
Only a staged video would make the frontage if gallowboob posts it.
14 Aug 2017 06:47 - +2
14 Aug 2017 06:27 - +2
Is it funny? Yes. Is it scripted? Yes.
14 Aug 2017 05:59 - +2
the "is lit" thing is done. Please stop saying/using it.
14 Aug 2017 05:31 - +2
Don't care if fake or not, gets better every loop. ;)
14 Aug 2017 06:37 - +2
This would be so much better with sound
14 Aug 2017 03:13 - +2
Everything needs protection these days (hair protected by wig)
14 Aug 2017 06:55 - +2
HOLY SHIT HER HAIR IS ON FI- oh, never mind. It's just a wig
14 Aug 2017 03:23 - +2
Who cares if it's fake? Lol it made me laugh regardless. If anything be glad it's fake, if someone's head unintentionally caught on fire it could have been a lot worse
14 Aug 2017 07:57 - +2
That guy's expression the best thing I've ever seen. It gets better every loop.
14 Aug 2017 04:54 - +2
I'm kinda relieved for her that that it was only a wig.
14 Aug 2017 08:55 - +2
14 Aug 2017 05:32 - +2
Gallowboob out here posting fake crap again for karma.
14 Aug 2017 02:06 - +1
A lot of users are saying this video isn't real, it's staged. It never happened. That it was just another one of the reddit admins' staged attempts of disarming Americans and bringing more staged issues for karma to the world and to the American people. Every time that spez has one of these bullshit edited comments that have taken place, it is always targeted at some innocent users, innocent OPs, now gay people. The admins are trying to place out there that its always some crazed power mod out there with guns. Think about it, what are the main topics going on in this country in the USA today? Just don't let this distract you from the fact that in nineteen ninety eight, the undertaker threw mankind off hΠ΅ll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table. http://i.imgur.com/ttaxbYz.gifv

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