🌞 August 21st is the Great American Eclipse, the first Total Solar Eclipse to touch the US mainland since 1979 and the first since the creation of Reddit. We need your help to gather footage of how animals react to the eclipse, for science! 🌞 Learn how you can help in the comments.

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18 Aug 2017 22:40 - +2650
Lab notebook entry: 08/21/2017: Observing reaction of cat to eclipse. Cat gives zero fucks. Check.
18 Aug 2017 23:03 - +743
There was a solar eclipse when I was a kid, like 2nd grade. My teacher told us if we looked at the sun during the eclipse we'd go blind. I was terrified and kept my eyes glued on my shoes for the entire thing, which happened during recess and lunch. Completely missed it and haven't see one since. Looks like I'll finally get to see one.
18 Aug 2017 23:09 - +313
Hmmm...August 21st? That doesn't work for me. Can you make it over the weekend instead?
18 Aug 2017 23:04 - +268
18 Aug 2017 23:03 - +212
People all over these states gathering footage is going to be 🔥. Can't wait to see more 🔥 posts about this on the 21st!
18 Aug 2017 22:51 - +120
I'm in Alaska and work at a Wildlife Refuge. Should I even pay attention to the animals here for their behavior during this?
18 Aug 2017 23:05 - +109
Isn't the globe spinning the wrong way in this animation?
18 Aug 2017 23:05 - +93
We had a partial eclipse when I was 9 and I remember crickets and frogs were confused and started singing. I can remember birds rushing to their sleep perches as well. So I'm sure someone can capture something related to the eclipse.
18 Aug 2017 23:28 - +50
I work at a zoo, would you be interested in how exotic animals react as well?
18 Aug 2017 23:23 - +43
I couldn't get a hotel, motel, camp site, for this thing and I waited for it since I was a little kid (I'm 35). I have to wait 7 more years to maybe get a chance to see one. I tried to get a place at least 6 months out but they were all taken. Only camp sites left were first come first serve, and I live in Houston, Texas, so I wasn't going to risk competing with locals and ending up with nothing. I don't know anyone or have any family near the path. I put in my vacation request a while back, so I have monday and tuesday off, but I will probably be relaxing at home and watching it on TV. I hear NASA is stitching together a video that will last hours, so I am going to wait for that to some out. To all the people in the path, don't pull out your phone, just drink it in. Enjoy it. This is really special.
18 Aug 2017 23:03 - +31
So 4 years ago I saw a total of eclipse while out on a salt pan in remote Australia... the crickets started chirping, the birds went quiet.. the dogs in town apparently started howling. The people were saying "Wow Oh my god!!!!!!" so wish I was over there for this eclipse! Enjoy every second!
19 Aug 2017 00:07 - +30
But during the eclipse, wouldn't the animals be fucking unlit? edit post gold: kek
18 Aug 2017 23:52 - +23
I live in Hopkinsville, KY. The best spot in the world to see the eclipse. Hotels anywhere near here are all booked. This town cant handle the crowd that we are expecting. Going to be a nightmare going anywhere and cell service is expected to be slim. City roads wont be able to handle the influx of people. Roughly 40,000 people live here, and were expecting a little over 200,000 people to be visiting. This town is anything but worthy of an Eclipse. Our main attraction is a bowling alley that runs whenever they feel like it. We got plenty of fast food though! Just no American buffets lmao. In prepartion for this, we built a new strip mall (Bradford Square Mall has just turned into an insurance agency) and we re modeled one road near our Super Walmart. Oh and our mayor decided to call us Eclipseville for the time being. Honestly, i WAS excited for the Eclipse. But the town has just made it so toxic, that I just really dont care anymore.
18 Aug 2017 22:52 - +23
/u/FillsYourNiche, any suggestions on specific animals to watch? I'm sure you're hyped about this too.
18 Aug 2017 23:09 - +18
Hmm. On the contrary to this post, I just got a notification from my local humane society urging me to keep my pets indoors during the eclipse due to [Eclipse Blindness](https://amp.livescience.com/20433-solar-eclipse-blind.html). "Solar retinopathy can be caused by staring at the sun (regardless of its phase), but few people can stand to look directly at our nearest star for very long without pain...Even pets are vulnerable to eye damage from looking at an eclipse, though they don't tend to look directly at the sun. Even so, if they're with you during your eclipse outing, your furry friends should wear protective glasses as well." Would be interested in hearing opinions. I plan on keeping my pets inside if there is even a small chance it can be damaging to their eyes.
18 Aug 2017 23:17 - +17
If you miss this one, there's another coming up through Mexico and into Texas on 4/8/2024. Directly over Dallas, so get your reservations in now. Then NA has to wait another 21 years.
18 Aug 2017 22:54 - +15
saving for later. I live in the best place for totality, but when looking up tips, everything says not to take direct pictures of the sun without a solar filter. And some insist on keeping your pets indoors so they don't look into the sun either.
19 Aug 2017 00:19 - +15
I watched a total eclipse in Hawaii in the early 90's. I was outside watching and noticed some feral chickens begin to roost as it got dark. They woke up as soon as the sun came back. I think I heard one of them say "I don't feel I got much sleep last night"
19 Aug 2017 01:02 - +14
The Nashville Zoo is directly in the path of totality as well and is encouraging guests to take pictures/recordings of unusual animal behaviors and submit them to that app! They are also providing free eclipse glasses for the first 5,000 people through the gates! Here's a link to the Zoo's event page! https://www.facebook.com/events/360601314356001??ti=ia
18 Aug 2017 22:58 - +10
I'm near the Washington,DC area til Monday evening. If I can make it over to the National Zoo before the eclipse, I'll try to get some pictures for this!
19 Aug 2017 00:02 - +9
When i grew up in Chile in the 90s we had a solar eclipse. All the LLAMAS thought it was night time and layed down to go to sleep. They were very confused.
18 Aug 2017 23:25 - +9
Friendly reminder not to look directly at the eclipse, and to make sure you have **certified** eclipse viewing glasses. Your retinas do not have pain receptors, so you won't know you are blind until you are.
18 Aug 2017 23:56 - +7
I have a dog. A betta and I have a flock?? Of crows (around 100-150) that land every day in the am and pm in the field behind me I can observe. I think the Crows will prove the most interesting, they have an exact pattern all year round that I have been watching. I am in Oregon.
18 Aug 2017 23:10 - +6
Here's a pretty excellent resource for taking photographs. Make sure you've got the right gear or you'll damage your camera (or go blind) http://www.zam.fme.vutbr.cz/~druck/eclipse/TSE2009_Instructions.pdf
19 Aug 2017 00:04 - +6
What do horses do? Cause I'm gonna be around a bunch during the eclipse. I'm so geeking out over Monday!
19 Aug 2017 00:27 - +5
I have been reading up on photographing the sun during the eclipse, but am having trouble finding anything about film. Everyone is talking about how to set up your DSLR, and what settings to use. I don't have time to get a solar filter and I don't want to hurt my SLR so I've just decided to load up a few point and shoots with low iso film, close my eyes and hope for the best.
18 Aug 2017 23:13 - +5
I'm gonna be right in the path!!
19 Aug 2017 00:47 - +5
Path of Totality Drone Pilots for Hire Portland OR https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/342 Coeur d'Alene, ID https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/339 Sheridan WY https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/296 Grand Island NE https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/473 Shawnee KS https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/162 Leasburg MO https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/291 University City MO https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/179 Saint Charles MO https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/400 Waterloo IL https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/441 Belleville IL https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/433 Corbin KY https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/290 Cookeville TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/410 Cleveland TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/370 Union City TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/332 Chapel Hill TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/141 Franklin TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/125 Franklin TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/46 Maryville TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/101 Joelton TN https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/87 Dallas GA https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/285 Savannah GA https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/245 Union Point GA https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/168 Waynesville NC https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/219 Fairview NC https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/217 Georgetown SC https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/232 Greenville SC https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/140 Taylors SC https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/99 Clover SC https://www.upsonder.com/listing/view/62
19 Aug 2017 04:39 - +4
My dog barks at his own asshole so I'm not sure if he's qualified for this study.
19 Aug 2017 00:14 - +4
I'll be fishing during the eclipse in Sandy Point State Park in MD. I honestly have no idea on how hectic the fish are gonna be or no effect
19 Aug 2017 01:26 - +3
I couldnt get glasses, any clue who might still have em?
18 Aug 2017 22:46 - +3
My doggo will sleep as always.
19 Aug 2017 01:50 - +3
I have chickens and can't wait to see if they get crazy confused.
19 Aug 2017 03:48 - +3
Will anyone here be viewing from Clemson SC? I'll be proposing to my girlfriend there right after the eclipse - so in a way I'll be documenting her reaction and seeing if she says yes!
19 Aug 2017 05:44 - +3
I live right in the middle of the band of totality. Right place, right time I guess, I'm looking forward to it.
18 Aug 2017 22:48 - +2
This will be interesting to see how the animals react!!
18 Aug 2017 23:51 - +2
If Berserk has taught me anything, shit's about to get weird.
19 Aug 2017 00:44 - +2
Here's Destin from Smarter Everyday's video detailing 10 things you need to know: https://youtu.be/yoMEbDcFK7U /u/MrPennywhistle
18 Aug 2017 23:33 - +2
RemindMe! 32hrs.
19 Aug 2017 00:35 - +2
I work in Portland Oregon, ground zero for this eclipse. The traffic is getting terrible because of the increased population. How can I help?
19 Aug 2017 00:05 - +2
In the UK when we had a full eclipse I was playing out and it went freezing cold and the birds started singing song it was 🔥
19 Aug 2017 00:15 - +2
How do I look at it without going blind, because I tried looking for glasses online but everywhere is sold out. Can I just use sun glasses instead?
19 Aug 2017 00:11 - +2
There has been a bunch of total solar eclipses since reddit was founded... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_solar_eclipses_in_the_21st_century
19 Aug 2017 00:36 - +2
I have game cameras out that will photo whitetail deer, turkeys, and possibly black bear if I'm lucky. But I won't be checking the cameras until well after the eclipse. Is there anyway I can submit photos and observations in the days/weeks after the eclipse.
19 Aug 2017 01:18 - +2
19 Aug 2017 01:39 - +2
I remember the eclipse 2 maybe 3 years ago in the UK. All the birds suddenly go quiet almost at the same time and it's eerie as shit.
19 Aug 2017 01:25 - +2
When I went to Yellowstone in July. A lot of locals who come there for Wolves watching were pretty excited to see how do wolves react during eclips. I'd love to see some pictures or videos if someone is planning on going there.
19 Aug 2017 01:41 - +2
I'll let you know what my dogs do and cat.
19 Aug 2017 01:50 - +2
I'm ready! I have my map of recent Bigfoot, Lizard Man, and Waffle House sightings already printed out.
19 Aug 2017 01:52 - +2
Lots of cats going to hate their owners this Monday lmao
19 Aug 2017 02:46 - +2
If this go well, netureisfuckinglit is going to take over the next couple of days ! I cross my fingers.
18 Aug 2017 22:19 - +1
Hey /r/natureisfuckinglit! 🔥🔥 August 21st is the day of the **Great American Eclipse**. A total eclipse that passes from coast to coast of the US, and only the US. This is the first time a total eclipse has touched the mainland US since 1979, **38 years ago**. If you are in a state that lies on the path of totality (the only place you can see the **total** eclipse) make sure you have proper eclipse glasses and a spot that will have clear weather. >You can find out when the eclipse occurs near you here: >https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2017-august-21 If you are anywhere else in the US, you will still be able to see a **partial eclipse**. It's nowhere near as amazing as the total eclipse, but may still cause animals near you to act strange. Scientists have an understandably difficult time collecting data about how animals react to eclipses, as they are so rare and even more rare to coincide with the habitat of a certain animal. --- ###To help collect data and observations on this, **/r/NatureIsFuckingLit will only allow eclipse related posts on August 21st.** We are part of the Reddit video beta now, so you can upload your original videos and photos from the eclipse directly to Reddit or any other video/image/gif host you like. Each post will be required to use the 🌞 emoji, *of course.* All unrelated posts will be removed on the day of the eclipse. --- ##Submit Total Eclipse Photos To Science This gif was made from Google's initiative video, [**Eclipse Megamovie 2017**](https://eclipsemega.movie/). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5xOcjC5-oo Their initiative asks anyone in the path of totality to submit a photo of the eclipse at totality for scientists to study the sun's atmosphere. --- ##Submit Animal Observations To Science For videos and photos of animals during the eclipse, submit those using the iNaturalist app. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inaturalist/id421397028 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.inaturalist.android On the day of the eclipse, the app will feature a special drawdown menu that allows you to record observations leading up to, during, and after the astronomical event. Simply keep an eye out for any interesting or unusual behavior and snap a few pics while you enjoy the show. If you’re looking for **places to find animals during the eclipse**, [here’s a list of more than a dozen wildlife refuges within the path of totality.](https://www.fws.gov/news/ShowNews.cfm?ref=total-solar-eclipse-and-wildlife:-more-than-a-dozen-wildlife-refuges-in-&_ID=36109) Extra attention should be paid to how birds will react, as they have exhibited some very interesting behavior in the past. Ants have been shown to go back in their mounds, orb weaver spiders begin to dismantle their webs, llamas will return to their resting spots, birds will go silent, and grasshoppers will start making noise! Make your contribution to science for the first US eclipse since the creation of Reddit. Thanks everyone, stay 🔥

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