Steve Bannon out as White House chief strategist

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19 Aug 2017 02:33 - +25305
I'm concerned that this plot has become too complicated to fit into a single oscar-winning film.
19 Aug 2017 02:09 - +18985
Well, thanks to Scaramucci, we all know how Steve Bannon will be consoling himself tonight.
19 Aug 2017 02:06 - +13254
Can't wait for Chief Strategist Alex Jones
19 Aug 2017 03:49 - +12558
19 Aug 2017 02:10 - +9553
[Yesterday the progressive leaning American Prospect published an interview they did with Bannon.]( OPs article doesn't mention it, but I think I saw CNN cite it as the reason for his dismissal. Haven't dug into it yet, but I heard a summary from Philip DeFranco and he was very contradictory about North Korea from Trump, among other things. >Contrary to Trump’s threat of fire and fury, Bannon said: “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.” 
19 Aug 2017 02:05 - +8709
As a non American watching from outside , Its like watching a drama unfold every fucking day
19 Aug 2017 02:06 - +6536
To be honest this administration is teaching me a lot about US Government in the fact that normally all these people end up doing their jobs pretty quietly and the layperson won't end up hearing about them too much if they don't look into political news. Could they feasibly run out of people to replace all those who are fired at some point if this rate keeps up for the whole term?
19 Aug 2017 03:05 - +5487
Flynn and Bannon are gone. Remaining on the list: Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, Ilyn Payne, Meryn Trant, The Mountain and Cersei.
19 Aug 2017 02:03 - +5200
Defeat Calamity Bannon Complete
19 Aug 2017 02:08 - +4125
It'll be interesting to see Bretibart completely shift their coverage of the presidency going forward. I imagine it will be complete and without any sense of irony.
19 Aug 2017 02:05 - +3872
Looks like he lost the Infowars.
19 Aug 2017 02:09 - +2756
Scaramucci.-Out Priebus-Out Spicer-Out Flynn-Out Bannon-Out But Trump knows what he is doing. He is the God-Emperor playing 4D chess./s
19 Aug 2017 02:06 - +2411
What is happening to the United States political system is unprecedented. I've never seen a circus like this.
19 Aug 2017 02:11 - +1763
SNL getting dealt blow after blow
19 Aug 2017 03:00 - +1757
Does Trump get credit for draining the swamp if he fires his entire cabinet then impeaches himself?
19 Aug 2017 02:05 - +1574
Jim Acosta is saying on CNN right now that John Kelly is the reason Bannon is out. Thank you John Kelly. EDIT: Acosta now saying Bannon was supposed to be fired a couple weeks ago, but it is happening now, Kelly hated him from the beginning. Also saying that he got the option to either resign or be fired. EDIT 2: Official statement out now on CNN, Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying that John Kelly and Steve Bannon have "mutually agreed that today is Steve's last day"
19 Aug 2017 02:02 - +945
From controlling the president to getting fired. I wonder if he'll leak anything on the way out.
19 Aug 2017 02:07 - +810
At least he can always fall back on his looks.
19 Aug 2017 02:19 - +721
More turnovers than Jay Cutler operating a bakery
19 Aug 2017 02:08 - +687
How could Trump fire the president?
19 Aug 2017 02:24 - +587
If you have to fire this many people in your first few months, you are not a great identifier of talent.
19 Aug 2017 03:02 - +421
Alexa, add popcorn to shopping list.
19 Aug 2017 03:34 - +417
T_D before this: "Bannon is the man!" T_D now: "tbh he wasnt that good as a chief strategist..."
19 Aug 2017 02:03 - +410
About time. I do wonder how much this will impact Trump's course though. He won't magically become more respectful or thoughtful.
19 Aug 2017 02:45 - +287
I'm hearing rumors that Steve Bannon decided to quit so that he could spend more quality time at home sucking his own cock.
19 Aug 2017 02:05 - +214
There goes the best of the onion's articles... :'(
19 Aug 2017 03:49 - +200
SNL should have a skit where it's just the writers and their costume and makeup designers complaining that they can't keep up with the turnover.
19 Aug 2017 02:10 - +121
I don't care where you stand politically - these changes have been fucking embarrassing.
19 Aug 2017 02:12 - +81
The Breitbart reading contingent is pretty much a complete overlap with Trumps remaining base of support. I don't see how this can turn out well for the administration.
19 Aug 2017 02:08 - +66
Deflection. Blame. Fire. Repeat.
19 Aug 2017 03:45 - +50
When I read his recent interview that was supposedly off the record for him and agreed with 90% of what he said, it scared me. He's an expert in psychological warfare and how to manipulate people. It was like watching a card shark or someone playing the hidden ball under a cup game. You just know you're getting taken as a schmuck and don't see how yet.

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