Librarian lives frugally entire life to donate a fortune to university library where he worked, university spends money on new football scoreboard 'in his honor'.

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12 Oct 2017 23:29 - +5187
My mom is a librarian and this makes me die a little inside. I still remember her crying when the school she worked at "asked her to leave" so they could hire an intern to staff the library 1 day a week....the way schools from elementary to college treat librarians is an outrage. And the fact that they bought a fucking sign with his money, not even something remotely academic, is a goddamn outrage.
12 Oct 2017 22:37 - +4976
So a similar thing happened to my school, where **[ALLEGEDLY]** a couple donated a large sum of money to go toward scholarships for less privileged applicants, and our president instead used it to build a new student center and little things like landscaping and statues to make the campus look nicer. So the couple demanded their money back AND for the president to step down or they'd sue the school, and that caused a lot of drama. Anyway, my point is: could the family members of the librarian possibly sue the school for using his money against his wishes? Edit: I wrote the rest of the story and everything else I heard about it within later comment chains. So read through them first before asking me “what happened next” Edit 2: the rest of the story The school had to sell one of its properties [leaving hundreds out of work b/c of it] and also raise tuition to keep from going under. I don't know all the details b/c this was hush hush of course, and I got it from my friend who was one of the faculty in the general office. I found out b/c my friends and I were talking about how our school was suddenly being cheap with their budget for club activities, and our advisor told us the whole story. Bc this is all anecdotal, and could be from rumors, I need to remind everyone that this is technically all ALLEGED So, instead of making scholarships for students in lower classes...our school RAISED tuition [no one got scholarships], and our school was so desperate for money, they accepted more students into the dorms than they could fit. A month before that school year started [I'd just graduated by then] there was a whole fiasco of trying to put kids in dorms they didn't ask for, and making kids who lived in the city be commuters instead of living on campus like they'd paid for. It was a giant fucking mess, all b/c our president was greedy and wanted a nicer looking campus to entice new students. The good side of it? The president "stepped down" as the rich couple insisted, and the new president promised to work towards funding scholarships once the school got out of the red The moral isn't anything new: U.S. colleges have fallen to the system, and so the priority is profit, not education and research and opportunities. this is a third or fourth hand account with vague details over things that happened at least three years ago so I will have to point out that all of this **ALLEGEDLY** happened, don't take my word for it
12 Oct 2017 23:29 - +2697
I'm kind of relieved that he's dead. I mean at least he didn't have to witness this and could die thinking he did something good.
12 Oct 2017 23:19 - +949
Moral of the story is just don’t donate to universities ever. They suck so much money of out students and increase that amount every year every generation - if they can’t figure out how to properly appropriate the money they rob from students, then that’s their fucking problem.
12 Oct 2017 23:38 - +873
So when is it appropriate to start suggesting America needs to deal with the toxic relationship we have with Sports in general, and Football especially? Like I get it, people like football and that's fine, but the NFL is practically a branch of the FCC at this point.
12 Oct 2017 23:18 - +737
This shows that people need to start caring more about education again and less about extracurricular activities. The primary focus of a university should be to learn and teach. I'd say it's a problem with our culture looking down on academics, that needs to change.
12 Oct 2017 22:57 - +511
Burn that scoreboard down. Fuck it, burn the whole stadium. Let them *tackle* the education crisis on a level playing field. This one infuriated me, as you can tell
13 Oct 2017 00:14 - +320
Got my PhD in 2010 and have been working in Academia since then and this is completely unsurprising. American universities are so fucking concerned with Admin over Faculty, and Image over Education. They are always telling us that they don't have the money to hire more tenure lines, even though our course load is enormous. How we need to spend less money on conference travel etc. How "Enrollment isn't what were were expecting. The budget is going to be really tight this year." But then when the basketball stadium starts getting run-down? Bam! $70 million in upgrades.
12 Oct 2017 22:41 - +279
This is why you should have 0 respect for your boss. They have 0 respect for you.
13 Oct 2017 03:19 - +178
13 Oct 2017 00:29 - +117
This is yet another warning that people should not donate their estates to universities, at least without specifying legal criteria. Universities portray themselves as benevolent entities who want to use your money and gifts to 'help educate children/young adults', but the truth is that they're just as greedy as any Fortune 500 corporation. Here in Montgomery County, Maryland a woman was convinced to donate her farmland to Johns Hopkins University, with the assumption that they would use it for educational purposes. Instead, they sold it for an obscene amount of money for development. Google Belward Farms.
12 Oct 2017 23:41 - +76
[Read the full article](, it's well worth it.
13 Oct 2017 01:43 - +72
Reminds of me the time my university towed my car and ticketed me $125 so that the away team could park their buses in the student parking lot. Fuck this sports-over-education mentality.
13 Oct 2017 00:56 - +59
This pisses me off more than anything I've ever seen on here. He fucking sacrificed his whole like to save that money just so that fans can see the scoreboard slightly larger. There's 0 chance he was thinking "you know if I buy a crappier car and eat out less and not travel, one day the football stadium will have a bigger tv. I should do that."
13 Oct 2017 00:09 - +56
I went to this school when the money was donated. The librarian gave some of his savings to the library and the rest was for the school. The Scoreboard was part of an entirely new stadium. Oh and the guy liked watching UNH football. People who go to that school like to use this story to complain for some reason.
13 Oct 2017 01:57 - +41
This NOT what happened! I live in the area. He earmarked the money for the football team in his donation. The poor school has gotten so much shit because people are making things up.
12 Oct 2017 23:50 - +40
This is terrible, but the librarian should have set up a trust to enforce what could be done with the money after his death. With the state of higher ed in the US, I would never donate a damn thing. Even the non profits aim to line their coffers and pay off administrators. Sports programs draw new enrollments and increase profits. No surprise they would do something this slimey.
13 Oct 2017 00:03 - +36
I worked security in a library for a little bit. I found a student after hours in the library smoking pot. When I asked why he was in the library after hours he told me "Well i never thought the college gave a shit about its books... Its not football related after all.." I couldn't show it but holy crow was he smack dab on point. with how funds are distributed.
13 Oct 2017 01:31 - +25
This sort of reminds me of something that happened when I was in high school. Our band teacher was listening to a local top 40 radio station, and heard them making fun of “band geeks”. She called the station up and chewed them out. As a and apology, and as a publicity stunt, they offered to come to our high school and broadcast the band playing. The band teacher and administration agreed, so they came. They let the band play for 5 minutes, then spent the other 3 hours and 55 minutes (between songs) talking about our local sports teams.
13 Oct 2017 00:23 - +17
Wait. The spent 4 *milion* dollars on a scoreboard? What kind of scoreboard is that, a gold-plated one???
13 Oct 2017 01:31 - +16
Fuck football.
13 Oct 2017 03:09 - +9
Governmetnt CPA here. This title is absolutely ridiculous and should be tagged for being highly misleading. When somebody gives a donation to a public institution like a university. They are specifically asked what it is for or if it was unrestricted. I deal with reading these letters all of the time. "We, Mr and Ms Smith are donating this money unrestricted to UNC". Or... "We, Mr and Ms Smith, are donating this money to the football program of UNC". There is absolutely nothing to be enraged about here.
13 Oct 2017 02:41 - +6
What does a public, government institution allocating resources in an undesirable way have to do with capitalism or the free market? You understand that this is an example of GOVERNMENT failure, right? Because public schools are part of the government not the market.
13 Oct 2017 00:31 - +5
It's kinda annoying it was linked to boingboing which basically quoted an enormous chunk of Deadspin's story rather than linking directly to Deadspin.
13 Oct 2017 05:08 - +5
Lmao America is shit
13 Oct 2017 03:59 - +4
This is /r/rage material. Just wow.
13 Oct 2017 01:33 - +4
I'm new to this sub, and I'm not sure how seriously to take this article. Like what happened makes me mad, but this article is like..super opinionated. Which is not something you're supposed to do when writing a news article. And I've never heard of

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