This time last year we went to the courthouse to get married. My uncle was our witness with only a few hours notice.

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12 Oct 2017 23:07 - +25224
Only one there and he sits halfway to the back. Your uncle is my hero
12 Oct 2017 22:45 - +9452
There are some who say the mullet never really left us. It just waited until it was needed. Needed to bring skull balloons to your wedding.
13 Oct 2017 00:24 - +7943
You may now kiss the bride/groom. -muffled in the distance- Yeah! Woo!
12 Oct 2017 23:32 - +5159
Your uncle looks like he knows how to party
12 Oct 2017 23:18 - +3930
Our party theme was “Til death do us part”. We’re super into Halloween and I may be a bit gothy, so skull balloons were appropriate for us.
12 Oct 2017 23:23 - +2592
Happy anniversary
13 Oct 2017 01:24 - +2443
My wife and I got courthouse married. We didn’t take witnesses, but ran into two divorce lawyers in the hallway that agreed to be witnesses. They seemed happy to be starting a marriage for once.
13 Oct 2017 01:04 - +1269
When my wife and I decided to marry, our family factions could not get along about how many people, who likes who, who doesn't like who, etc. etc. to the point that we got married in our friends living room with a hired JP. That was 20 years ago next week and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever done. Continued luck to you and yours, not starting your married life with the baggage of a giant wedding is absolutely a great thing.
12 Oct 2017 23:11 - +732
He may not be the most interesting man in the world, but at least he brings balloons to a wedding. Love the skull balloon especially.
13 Oct 2017 01:10 - +732
July 10th, 2006 I got a call from a friend while eating lunch at work asking what I was doing in 2 hours and could I grab my wife and get to the courthouse. [Probably the strongest marriage I know.](
12 Oct 2017 23:07 - +388
looks like my funeral
12 Oct 2017 22:44 - +286
It's the skull balloon that just kills me...
13 Oct 2017 00:34 - +270
For some reason, I love this pic. Uncle is like, "WTF. I've got a few hours to spare..."
13 Oct 2017 03:48 - +256
Holy crap guys this is amazing. So my now husbands divorce finally went through after years in the making. We decided that we didn’t want to wait any longer and went to the courthouse. My Mom was there and called my Uncle to meet us to be a witness. He dropped what he was doing and apparently stopped to get Halloween and wedding balloons. Our engagement party was already planned for the following week. We love Halloween and made it “til death do us part” themed, so the balloons are awesome and appropriate. My Uncle is amazing and hilarious and we thought this pic was perfect. No I didn’t wear white. I didn’t even wear a dress. It was a wonderful day and we had a ton of fun! Thanks for giving him all this love! Oh and I swear he doesn’t have a mullet!
12 Oct 2017 23:32 - +238
He's still there after a year?
12 Oct 2017 23:58 - +181
Why did your uncle only got a few hours notice? What's the hurry you must marry right that instant?
13 Oct 2017 01:17 - +156
Next time my family criticises me for not having a family, not wanting kids, not really wanting to get married again - Im going to show them this picture. Specifically my sister. This is the kind of uncle I am going to be to her kids. That cool uncle who will show up to your wedding at a moments notice. Everyone needs at least one cool uncle.
12 Oct 2017 23:20 - +102
Going by the old "Only nerds sit in the front of the class" rule, I see.
12 Oct 2017 23:42 - +74
Your uncle looks like a pretty cool guy
13 Oct 2017 01:25 - +62
Hahaha damn I didn’t ask for the balloons. I did love them though! I’m a bit gothy and we both love Halloween so he just ran with it! And no I didn’t wear white!
13 Oct 2017 00:58 - +52
without the balloons this would be /r/accidentalwesanderson
13 Oct 2017 01:28 - +50
My husband and I got married on Halloween of 2013. We had planned on our wedding being on Halloween for quite some time, but I literally had no help planning our wedding. My one friend was supposed to be my maid of honour but anytime I asked for her opinion or help for something she was never there to help me. And whenever I tried talking to my mother in law she would never listen or have zero interest in it. I never talked to my own mother about things because we have no relationship basically because she emotionally ruined me from the time I was 10. So I eventually got sick of it and almost called off the wedding. And then when we got some money my fiancé at the time decided hey let’s just get a guy to marry us and invite a few close friends and family and get married tomorrow! I was very sad that my own father and my step mom and my sister couldn’t make it. I literally had none of my family be able to come, but I finally got to marry him and that was what mattered to me. Next Halloween we plan on doing a sort of a vow renewal type thing and having a small party where some of my family can finally celebrate with us. Unfortunately my dad won’t be able to join us as he died last January, but I know he is happy that I’m happy. I hope you have a happy marriage. I never understood why people had to have these huge weddings that cost a fortune only to have something ruin it or later regret having something crazy expensive. I always thought the smaller the better things go.
13 Oct 2017 00:11 - +32
I can imagine him strolling in with his balloons and awkwardly scooting his way to the middle seat. This is great. Happy anniversary <3
13 Oct 2017 01:20 - +27
I so wish I had just eloped. The weapons-grade nonsense that was going on in my family with my own brother's divorce was a complete and utter distraction. My Mom spent much of the time ahead of and at my wedding bitching about my recently ex-sister-in-law. I'm still happily married, but Christ -- can no one compartmentalize?
13 Oct 2017 02:04 - +25
Your uncle looks like a hitman whose initial plan was to blend in the crowd.
12 Oct 2017 23:46 - +23
Uncles are the best. Source: have best uncle, he’s a legend
13 Oct 2017 00:00 - +18
where's the pic of the happy couple?
13 Oct 2017 01:16 - +16
This is my favorite post on Reddit this week! Wholesome and hilarious 😂
13 Oct 2017 01:20 - +12
Photoshopbattles is going to want a word.
13 Oct 2017 01:39 - +11
Your uncle is an America hero
13 Oct 2017 01:11 - +10
Thought I was in /r/accidentalwesanderson for a second
13 Oct 2017 00:59 - +9
Pretty cool guy. You're lucky to have an uncle like that :)
13 Oct 2017 01:20 - +7
Props to him for bringing Balloons! You kick ass, Mr. Uncle, sir.

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