Just Tattoo of Us: TV Show where friends/family design tattoo's for each other. Hilarious/Brutal reveal clip

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13 Oct 2017 00:05 - +11608
Even your worst enemy wouldn't do this to you, but your best friend definitely would.
13 Oct 2017 02:00 - +8684
It would be even better if he had an outie
13 Oct 2017 00:59 - +4472
He had to know it was going to be something along those lines, anybody spending that much time tattooing his belly button is making an asshole... that's a fact.
13 Oct 2017 00:51 - +4302
"Fair fucking play" he knows what he was put up to. What a fucking lad.
12 Oct 2017 23:58 - +3014
This is a strange time to be alive.
13 Oct 2017 01:51 - +1894
This ladies and gentlemen is the current state of British television.
13 Oct 2017 01:01 - +1263
Is the guy with his hand on his mouth the one that chose It? He looks like he feels bad and wants to laugh at the same time lol
13 Oct 2017 01:26 - +775
What kind of asshole tattoo artist would actually agree to do this
13 Oct 2017 01:37 - +586
Just went and watched the first episode of this garbage... Bloody Brilliant. [Have a look at these 2 first guests and the "reveal" of the tattoos](http://www.mtv.co.uk/just-tattoo-of-us/videos/just-tattoo-of-us-101-sob-lauren-gets-emosh-over-cousin-sophie-tattoo-reveal)
13 Oct 2017 03:10 - +228
Why... Is this a show...
12 Oct 2017 23:30 - +157
13 Oct 2017 01:14 - +151
Cant wait to see this guy on the next season of Tattoo Fixers.
13 Oct 2017 03:06 - +139
You'd think that this is rock bottom for television, but I'm sure that *Ow! My Balls!* is coming in a year or so.
12 Oct 2017 23:59 - +109
13 Oct 2017 02:40 - +108
What kind of asshole takes vertical video of a horizontal TV?
13 Oct 2017 02:57 - +105
Reminds me of the Impractical Jokers tattoo punishment. https://youtu.be/rCe0thFEoqA
13 Oct 2017 01:18 - +42
I know this is the whole point of the show, but... this seems extra brutal lmao
13 Oct 2017 03:24 - +34
[Still better than a Jaden Smith tattoo. ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIpqGD-ogzk)
13 Oct 2017 04:14 - +30
That’s my cousin hahahha! Never thought I’d see him so high up on Reddit! I’ll try and get him to an AMA if anyone wants one?
13 Oct 2017 00:14 - +22
At least he did it on his belly button and not his nostril.
13 Oct 2017 03:34 - +16
Dude, what does mine say?
13 Oct 2017 04:18 - +11
You can hear his future sex life die even over my laughter and OPs

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