First image of Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorcese's 'The Irishman.'

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13 Oct 2017 03:40 - +6157
I hope this one knocks it out of the park. This may be the last time we see this ensemble of legendary actors under a legendary director.
13 Oct 2017 03:21 - +2129
It's really starting to hit me just how *old* these guys have gotten over the years. Glad to see them still doing work but damn, it's certainly been some years since Serpico and Raging Bull, etc.
13 Oct 2017 03:37 - +794
Good to see Pacino doing a serious role again in what should be a well made film. [Real Jimmy Hoffa]( for comparison.
13 Oct 2017 04:09 - +656
I keep forgetting this is Al's first film with Scorcese. Weird how it's taken them this long to finally work together.
13 Oct 2017 03:31 - +541
I am 41 so I grew up watching peak Scorcese and these actors. As soon as I saw this pic, I thought, that makeup looks good before realizing there isn't much of it. :( Also, Pacino should play Trump when the inevitable Oliver Stone movie comes out.
13 Oct 2017 03:45 - +363
Why Scorsese never cast Pacino in any of his movies back in 80s or 90s baffles me, he would fit right into his crime/gangster movies.
13 Oct 2017 03:43 - +296
HOO-AH Time flies, watch Heat then look at those guys in 2017. haha
13 Oct 2017 05:04 - +243
Gran Pacino
13 Oct 2017 06:49 - +154
A Scorsese film with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino (finally!), Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel that only Netflix was willing to distribute goes to show how low the film industry has sunk.
13 Oct 2017 04:11 - +123
Funny how he kind of looks like De Niro in that pic.
13 Oct 2017 06:27 - +107
Are you fucking kidding me? I posted an image of De Niro and Pesci from this movie a few weeks ago and they removed it for violating the rules, but this is allowed to make it to the front page? My post was that was removed almost immediately: Rules: >Single images or imgur albums <5 of BTS (Behind the Scenes) photos are prohibited unless there's a good story or article behind it. Fuck the /r/movies mods. This is ridiculous.
13 Oct 2017 04:07 - +106
They should re-title this film "The Oscar Sweep"
13 Oct 2017 03:57 - +87
Pacino should have done a movie with Scorsese earlier in his career.. Seems like we missed a great one with the best gangster director and the best gangster actor..
13 Oct 2017 04:36 - +75
My mob-movie-loving self is screaming like a school girl on the inside.
13 Oct 2017 07:01 - +38
And here's the first view of Pesci and Deniro:
13 Oct 2017 05:58 - +34
Al Pachino as Martin Sheen as Jimmy Hoffa
13 Oct 2017 05:55 - +29
Look at that Buick!
13 Oct 2017 05:10 - +22
Looks like a fat Bob Odenkirk.
13 Oct 2017 06:09 - +22
Is that the Grand Torino house?
13 Oct 2017 06:13 - +19
I don't know who's playing Mrs. Hoffa, but I bet she's got a GREAT ASS!!!
13 Oct 2017 06:13 - +19
With all that makeup on he looks like Martin Sheen.
13 Oct 2017 04:06 - +12
Gonna be his finest role in years
13 Oct 2017 06:10 - +11
Is that the house and garage from Eastwood's Gran Torino film?
13 Oct 2017 06:35 - +10
Yeah yeah, Pacino looks great as hoffa, but LOOK AT THAT FUCKING BUICK THOUGH. *Want.*
13 Oct 2017 06:02 - +10
Is this the one based on the book “I Heard You Paint Houses”?
13 Oct 2017 05:58 - +9
It's sad when I see Pacino now I can't forget this shit...
13 Oct 2017 07:56 - +9
i dont know. I know it isnt right but i feel sad to see Al Pacino so old like this. i didnt even recognize him at first. Damn Godfather came out fifty years ago. Ill forever remember Al pacino as how he looked in the panic in the needle park, the godfather, dog day afternoon and scarface. He had that stare which domonated the scenes.
13 Oct 2017 04:44 - +7
FINALLY this is coming along

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