Mother who refused to vaccinate her son loses primary custody

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13 Oct 2017 03:36 - +5449
keep your children healthy. that should be a basic biological instinct
13 Oct 2017 07:33 - +4786
To clear this up for come commenters: no the government is not jailing parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids. This woman [agreed in a consent order]( with her ex-husband that she would vaccinate their child. She violated the order by not vaccinating her child. Consent orders are *legally binding*, violating them can result in jail time for contempt and loss of custody. Or in her case, both.
13 Oct 2017 06:45 - +3230
How this reads (to most people, who sadly don't know what primary custody means or completely skimmed over it): "She'll never be able to see her son again!" What "loses primary custody" actually means: "She will split custody with her son's biological father." EDIT: ~~IANAL~~ **I Am Not A Lawyer**, I just read the article.
13 Oct 2017 07:02 - +1445
How is 50/50 ever seen as unfair by anyone? Why is the expected norm that a mother should receive more than 50% care time if the father is able and willing to do the 50 %
13 Oct 2017 03:26 - +1008
Better get your vaccinations people, especially with the possibilities of outbreaks recently.
13 Oct 2017 04:12 - +993
I want to be happy about this, but my happiness is overshadowed by the thought that there are probably millions of people out there siding with the mother in this case. Although, on the flip side, none of those people appear to exist on Reddit, so that's good. EDIT: Oh no, it seems they've found me. Fuck. People, if you start your responses to me with "I'm not advocating for anti-vaxxers, *but*....", just fucking stop there and hit cancel.
13 Oct 2017 04:45 - +630
Why have vaccinations when you could have organic, gluten free, non gmo, vegan healing crystals?
13 Oct 2017 03:31 - +300
What a horrible woman.
13 Oct 2017 06:54 - +221
>Horne has had visitation with his son every other weekend and on Wednesdays, but now the two parents are to split custody 50/50. I'm genuinely curious, why wasn't it 50/50 to begin with?
13 Oct 2017 05:18 - +206
I'm legitimately wondering what "religion" she claims to practice that disallows vaccinations.
13 Oct 2017 06:13 - +141
She's torn up by having to experience a fraction what 98% of dads have to deal with in American family courts, only AFTER she engages in life-threatening neglect. I'm an empathic person generally, but not feeling the feels for her.
13 Oct 2017 06:44 - +126
*She says the vaccinations go against her religious beliefs.* I wonder if this is legit, or just another case of "stupid is my religion"
13 Oct 2017 06:58 - +120
Devastated she’ll have to split custody with the father?! 50/50 split is levied as a punishment ... so much for equality. If the father went to jail he’d be lucky to get supervised visitation.
13 Oct 2017 06:00 - +76
I'm really glad anti-vaxxer logic isn't being entertained in the slightest. Kids' lives are at stake and it's nice to see these morons get punished.
13 Oct 2017 06:03 - +68
Every child in the UK has a Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine at school. Most have a small scar, I have a large one owing to a blackhead developing on it (dangerous side effect). Thanks to this vaccine we are measles free.
13 Oct 2017 06:28 - +57
What religion does she have that forbids vaccinations? I know it's not Christianity, since I got vaccinated without any complaints by my parents and it's definitely not in the bible (and thus that probably excludes Islam too). Maybe it's a cult thing?
13 Oct 2017 06:05 - +45
It's time to end the war on science.
13 Oct 2017 04:48 - +44
I know it's because she violated an agreement she had with the court. It's still good though to see a stupid person get punished for stupid stuff like this. Seriously I'm so sick of these anti vaccination jackasses that are endangering their own and other children.
13 Oct 2017 07:14 - +32
"She says the vaccinations go against her religious beliefs." We have a God of Stupid now?
13 Oct 2017 06:29 - +26
I'm glad that people are taking the health of children seriously. Not vaccinating you're children is neglectful, and should be treated as such.
13 Oct 2017 06:59 - +26
Greatest [website]( ever
13 Oct 2017 07:14 - +23
Please read my full comment. As a person who works in the medical industry, I can tell you first hand many people don't want to get flu shots. Although most hospitals require flu shot records annually, it's common for hospitals to have vendors (myself) or employees sign declination forms in which they can opt out of getting a flu shot. HOWEVER, flu shots are not like like the most critical vaccinations everyone receives as a child like; Tdap, Hep, OPV, DTP, etc. You will never be allowed to work anywhere near a hospital without these vaccinations current and validated properly, in fact there's an entire industry behind it. My point being that if you do not vaccinate your child with the critical shots they need to prevent things like chicken pox, polio, and Hepatitis then seriously fuck right off. These are serious diseases that were cured a long time ago, get it done.
13 Oct 2017 07:32 - +21
Imagine how the doctors and scientists who actually managed to formulate these cures feel.... It's like: "I spent years trying to find a cure for that disease, and you're just going to pretend my life's work was for nothing?!"
13 Oct 2017 07:16 - +20
So... lets say hypothetically that in a magical alternate world vaccines do cause autism... I don't understand why ANY parent would risk their child contracting a horrific disease rather than letting them live a long and healthy life with autism
13 Oct 2017 07:12 - +16
>The mother left mediation Wednesday devastated. "Today was supposed to be a review on vaccinations," Bredow said. "I wasn't expecting to lose primary custody today of my son. I feel a bit spun around and in shock expecting him to come home today and I'm a little upset." >She says the vaccinations go against her religious beliefs. >"The conditions in Oakland County Jail, they're awful," Bredow said."You know, it was the worst five day of my life pretty much, you know, except for the fact that I just found out he was vaccinated and I'm not getting him back today, you know? To top that off -- it's been a rough few days." Sounds like an intellectual genius to me. Wonder how she was convinced to not vaccinate? Good thing she's only a little upset, I guess.
13 Oct 2017 07:55 - +10
You know, I wonder how many times she can say "you know", ya know? Also. Vaccination isn't just about you and your kid. It's about everyone else and their kids. It's about world health, not just your ignorance. ( just my personal opinion )
13 Oct 2017 08:13 - +9
If you're too crazy to vaccinate your kids even when you have a court order, you're too crazy to raise kids.
13 Oct 2017 07:09 - +8
Where'd this notion of "vaccinations cause autism" even come from anyway?
13 Oct 2017 08:13 - +7
It's 2016, vaccines should be mandatory by now. It shouldn't be a choice to risk public safety because you think your kid will catch autism
13 Oct 2017 07:13 - +7
After this thread, who else wants to check out some flat earth comments.
13 Oct 2017 09:25 - +5
"Today was supposed to be a review on vaccinations," Bredow said. "I wasn't expecting to lose primary custody today of my son. I feel a bit spun around and in shock expecting him to come home today and I'm a little upset." Justice served.

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