Someone had all the failed presidential candidates bumperstickers on their car

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13 Oct 2017 04:53 - +11076
Mondale Ferraro sounds like a delicious chocolate treat or a bogus supercar.
13 Oct 2017 04:39 - +4985
That Ford Dole sticker is incredibly plain and boring. A perfect representation of the candidates.
13 Oct 2017 04:48 - +4318
This car is only 10 years old (: I love the deliberate action of this
13 Oct 2017 05:36 - +3218
The Nixon Lodge: "Where you can resign from it all"
13 Oct 2017 05:19 - +1443
For those interested, the Dole/Kemp site is [here]( It's beautiful. Edit: Damn it Reddit. This is why we can't have anything nice. [Here it is from the internet Archive.](
13 Oct 2017 04:47 - +936
The Romney Ryan 'R' really looks like a dab of toothpaste.
13 Oct 2017 06:49 - +845
Am I the only one who forgot Clinton’s running mate?
13 Oct 2017 04:50 - +840
Imagine having a President/Vice President duo named Humphrey and Muskie. I guess America at the time couldn't either.
13 Oct 2017 05:48 - +356
Must've sucked being the only kid with Goldwater 64. Multiplayer was a blast!
13 Oct 2017 09:26 - +281
Hey y’all, this is my car! I was hoping that people would find this idea cool / lame. Looks like I succeeded in some measure. It is mildly interesting! All the stickers are original and purchased off of eBay. Why did I do it? It is hilarious. It was something to collect. It is a mockery of how shortsighted political bumper stickers are. It is also a vague statement against tribalism. And, to be honest, it is also in praise of losers, because we are all tired of so much winning. Here are some more pics for proof. The second one was before I decided to go pre-Carter.
13 Oct 2017 04:48 - +265
You've got to admire the success rate of... Failure.
13 Oct 2017 06:14 - +216
Clinton Kaine sounds like a pornstar name.
13 Oct 2017 05:00 - +188
I think kerry and Edward logo is the best. Hillary and kaine logo looks like it's for a hospital.
13 Oct 2017 04:45 - +170
They are almost out of space. Does that mean the country is over?
13 Oct 2017 08:12 - +123
I voted for Dukakis in our kindergarten presidential election. His name was funny.
13 Oct 2017 06:04 - +103
You can't hurt me! I'm an endangered species! I'm a...uh...I'm a bush quail! Yeah, a bush quail!
13 Oct 2017 06:50 - +80
There is a rare alternate universe where Dukakis / Bentsen won. It is a strange and magical place, one wholy alien to our timeline, a world we would not recognise.
13 Oct 2017 06:41 - +77
This reminds me of people who have the 0.0 mile sticker on their car as opposed to the 13.1 or 26.2 sticker, which indicates that they completed a half or full marathon. I enjoy it every time.
13 Oct 2017 05:35 - +61
Neverending case of "Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy"
13 Oct 2017 04:51 - +59
Bob Dole had such an accurate message.
13 Oct 2017 08:01 - +58
I was in traffic behind a car with a William Howard Taft bumper sticker the other day.
13 Oct 2017 04:53 - +52
This is super funny and clever. 10/10
13 Oct 2017 06:35 - +46
Wow, a bunch of bumperstickers on the back of a car and i actually think its pretty cool. Not what i was expecting. I wonder how he/she found the older ones.
13 Oct 2017 05:12 - +31
I wouldn't touch that bumper with a ten foot poll...
13 Oct 2017 08:20 - +29
Least you could do is black out this license plate
13 Oct 2017 05:56 - +24
Humphrey/Muskie With a name like that, the campaign was doomed before it even began.
13 Oct 2017 07:15 - +22
Bob Dole likes hearing Bob Dole say Bob Dole. Bob Dole!
13 Oct 2017 07:27 - +15
It's like a cheat sheet for a Jeopardy! category.
13 Oct 2017 09:09 - +12
Don't let them choose your fantasy football lineup
13 Oct 2017 09:07 - +11
Running out of room on the failgate
13 Oct 2017 05:44 - +10
Get those people a participation trophy.
13 Oct 2017 06:39 - +9
I saw an original Ron Paul from 1988 a while ago.

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