[I ate] Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

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13 Oct 2017 07:13 - +2183
Is this one inch thick cheese for real ?
13 Oct 2017 08:24 - +968
Based on what I'm seeing, this looks like Giordano's. Their deep dish is no joke. Tons of cheese and toppings all stuffed into one big circle of love. I prefer Lou Malnati's, but only because of the crust. If Lou Malnati's and Giordano's came together for a project, I would finally die happy. Haha, hope you enjoyed it OP!
13 Oct 2017 08:23 - +886
You don't know my disappointment when I found a Chicago pizza place near my campus only to go there and be served a really thick crust and otherwise normal pizza proportions. Gave me trust issues.
13 Oct 2017 07:25 - +519
As an englishman I have no idea what going on here. How many bongs is this served on?
13 Oct 2017 08:22 - +324
This is classified as a stuffed pizza, not deep dish. Stuffed has the layer of dough between the cheese and sauce. Deep dish has the sauce directly on the cheese
13 Oct 2017 07:29 - +295
Try Pequods. You can get giordano's in Orlando Florida
13 Oct 2017 08:44 - +179
Another Giordano’s pizza. Am I going to have to go to Lou Malnati’s and post a different deep dish pizza?!
13 Oct 2017 07:18 - +125
I'm sure Chicago pizza is the bomb, but what's the logic for putting sauce on top? Is there more sauce in the middle? I like my sauce to stay warm and moist.
13 Oct 2017 07:33 - +103
Oh man, I'm from NYC and I think the circle jerk between the two cities is silly. I want to try this so bad.
13 Oct 2017 07:49 - +77
Looks like a delicious gastrointestinal crisis.
13 Oct 2017 06:55 - +76
I am 85% sure that's just lasagna.
13 Oct 2017 08:38 - +66
I have never had a pizza like this but MAN DO I WANT TO. Need to find a place in Michigan or take a trip to chicago
13 Oct 2017 09:33 - +57
I'll never understand what's so appealing about this kind of pizza, but eh, each their own and such.
13 Oct 2017 08:14 - +31
Giordano's? Yeah- it's Giordano's. Lou M is alright, but Jesus H. Christ Giordano's is delicious.
13 Oct 2017 07:31 - +25
800 calories per slice? Trying to estimate this :/
13 Oct 2017 09:25 - +23
I'm allergic to wheat, dairy and tomatoes. I would gladly die for a slice of this.
13 Oct 2017 08:56 - +22
Giordano’s stuffed pizza.
13 Oct 2017 09:07 - +20
This is stuffed pizza, not deep dish. The difference is the second layer of crust between the cheese and sauce.
13 Oct 2017 08:30 - +19
That's gotta be Giordannos!
13 Oct 2017 08:52 - +14
13 Oct 2017 09:22 - +14
Why the fuck is no one on here talking about Gino’s?!?!? Its not Chicago style deep dish if there isn’t copious amounts of cornmeal in the crust and customer’s names written all over the walls.
13 Oct 2017 09:34 - +13
*drool* Chicago style pizza is life! I live in TX and have Lou’s shipped to me. Saved one special for my birthday, it was awesome.
13 Oct 2017 09:34 - +9
Man I miss those pizzas! I've never seen that anywhere but chicago. "Chicago style" outside chicago is just thick crust.
13 Oct 2017 09:30 - +5
So that's why you call it a "pie" sometimes.
13 Oct 2017 08:27 - +5
Being lactose intolerant, id probably die.
13 Oct 2017 10:50 - +4
Cheese boi's
13 Oct 2017 10:14 - +1
Hello /r/all. We welcome your views about pizza, even though you are just looking to argue. We welcome common courtesy and non-aggressive comments. If you wish to argue about this food image, there are other subs that allow for petty dissonance. We encourage you to just talk it out, share a pizza pie / casserole and stuff your faces. Stick food in your mouth. Now. Do it. Edit: wow, you guys sure know a lot about what pizza looks like in your very small community. It is as if, no one else can make pizza...anywhere...except in your very small community. Tinytown. So small. Edit2: There are hungry Americans that could really use your internet right now. Do not stop and complain about this deep dish pizza, donate your internet to the hungry Anericans. Do the right thing...donate your internet. There is only so much internet and they need yours more than you need to complain about food.

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