Somebody is going to hell.

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13 Oct 2017 09:21 - +8582
It's funny until the therapy bills arrive.
13 Oct 2017 08:36 - +2147
Little Johhny would go on to become the Unicorn Strangler, luring unsuspecting strangers into his van strangling them with horsehair, mutilating their genitalia and wearing it as a horn.
13 Oct 2017 10:40 - +1733
Wow, someone has finally created a realistic cat simulator
13 Oct 2017 08:32 - +1134
That's messed up.
13 Oct 2017 08:27 - +788
They just don't want him to grow up to be a brony
13 Oct 2017 13:03 - +740
[Link to the video](
13 Oct 2017 10:25 - +734
See, what you do is: you do this, then immediately turn around and do it to yourself. Jump. Fall off your chair. Get the kid to laugh, realize it's a toy, it's a scary face but not dangerous. Then you give it to him to go show to his sister.
13 Oct 2017 12:47 - +541
Friendship is magic. Magic is heresy.
13 Oct 2017 11:11 - +344
I know this mom, and this kid. Moments later he was laughing and watching the video over and over on her phone.
13 Oct 2017 10:01 - +271
Wow the level of overreacting in this thread is out of control. The kid is fine. What kind of sheltered childhoods did you all have if you think this will do any kind of permanent damage?
13 Oct 2017 13:25 - +93
When I was a kid (like ten or eleven) I got one of those glow in the dark skeleton costumes for Halloween, the cheap ones that were all black with just the bones in the front. A couple days later I notice the mask is missing and I’m super upset because I thought it was a cool costume. My parents don’t get mad but insist either I misplaced it or my brother took it and that it’ll turn up before Halloween. Fast forward to an evening a couple days later, my brother and I come in from playing outside and my dad says the light in our room broke and we need to get it fixed so don’t use the switch. He also tells us we need to clean the bathroom attached to our room because it’s “disgusting”. This was a little weird because my dad cleans almost obsessively and nothing is ever dirty in the house. We go walking into our dark bedroom and notice the light switch is taped. Our dad continues to insist we clean first thing so we continue walking and I push open the closed bathroom door. Out pops a glowing skeleton face which causes me to fall to the floor and my brother to run away screaming in terror. I crawl backwards only to hit my bed immediately as the skeleton face gets closer and closer before my dad turns on the light and my mom takes the mask off, laughing hysterically. It gave us both a fear of the bathroom at night for a couple years but was still freaking hilarious Edit: I should add, it made us laugh right away after we calmed down too. They weren’t the type to ever pull pranks or anything which is why it was so unexpected.
13 Oct 2017 08:16 - +77
Constipation prevention.
13 Oct 2017 08:11 - +43
PTSD level 1000
13 Oct 2017 10:05 - +33
Where can I get one!? Haha
13 Oct 2017 12:25 - +26
Poor kid probably shit in his diaper within 24 hours of that, maybe sooner.
13 Oct 2017 11:01 - +25
Where can I buy one?
13 Oct 2017 08:35 - +22
13 Oct 2017 09:45 - +21
>and we turned out alright I don't know man, there's tons of messed up people out there, I mean I know a LOT of truly fucked up people. Not sure this is such a solid argument.
13 Oct 2017 08:27 - +21
Stopping bronies at an early age.
13 Oct 2017 12:28 - +16
Where are his nips?
13 Oct 2017 12:50 - +10
That is horrible...where do I purchase this?
13 Oct 2017 14:21 - +9
From then on he had trouble trusting women, he never remembered why. That was until he was laying on the chair in his therapist's office and happened to glance at the unicorn painting behind the desk. At first he thought it was beautiful, almost majestic looking. Then suddenly the memory of razor sharp teeth and feelings of betrayal from so many years ago flooded back into him as the painting changed into a fiery horse of he apocalypse right before his very eyes! It was then that he knew why he had so many trust issues. He thanked his therapist for the breakthrough and immediately went gone to call his mother. He had a bone to pick with that woman.
13 Oct 2017 12:46 - +8
So that thing is basically a chihuahua.
13 Oct 2017 10:58 - +8
Diapers were definitely shat.
13 Oct 2017 11:28 - +8
13 Oct 2017 13:26 - +7
Genuine terror.
13 Oct 2017 13:34 - +7
That is fucked. Where do I buy one?
13 Oct 2017 14:36 - +5
Its worse every time you watch. His facial expression is pure terror.
13 Oct 2017 15:45 - +5
I want one, my 9 year old daughter loves unicorns. As a father it is my duty to scare the shit out of my kids every once in a while.
13 Oct 2017 13:19 - +5
Hahaha this made my day lol
13 Oct 2017 13:19 - +4
My childhood in a nutshell.
13 Oct 2017 16:18 - +3
You can see the sheer amount of terror in his eyes, never does he drop eye contact with that thing. He can't help let it stare into his soul
13 Oct 2017 13:55 - +3
Meanwhile, at the diaper testing facility...
13 Oct 2017 10:30 - +3
And the unicorn just returned from there... changed...
13 Oct 2017 13:19 - +3
It's just cat training
13 Oct 2017 11:38 - +3
Good thing he's wearing a diaper.
13 Oct 2017 13:21 - +3
I peed a lil
13 Oct 2017 13:12 - +3
Good thing the kid is wearing a diaper.
13 Oct 2017 13:19 - +3
Ok... I'll take four.
13 Oct 2017 13:22 - +3
This looks like the unicorn that changed the way I poop.
13 Oct 2017 13:22 - +3
That's brilliant! I love it.
13 Oct 2017 13:22 - +3
That toy is fucking adorable.
13 Oct 2017 13:22 - +3
He seems slow and trusting, trying to find the humor.
13 Oct 2017 13:30 - +3
13 Oct 2017 13:51 - +3
They are named feisty pets, you can but them [here] (
13 Oct 2017 14:16 - +3
Hilarious. Why don't you cut out the middle man and just scream really loud when he's not expecting it? Cheaper and it has the same effect.
13 Oct 2017 12:46 - +2
well someone shit their diaper

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