Beard Attractiveness Graph.

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13 Oct 2017 13:24 - +7496
I like how terrorists are more attractive than Jews or the Amish. Everyone likes a bad boy
13 Oct 2017 11:45 - +1660
Goddamn it, now I'm going to have to shave my Amish beard and get rid of my suspenders. WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE?
13 Oct 2017 12:41 - +770
I feel like this graph is making terrorists a little sexier than they should be.
13 Oct 2017 12:06 - +527
Uh, why isn't my Pirate Beard on this list? Cause it is clearly attractive as fuck and falls somewhere between Orthodox Jew and Amish.
13 Oct 2017 13:15 - +474
The difference between Amish and Hasidic beards is that Amish don't have mustaches because they are 'warlike'. O Jews have beards and wear black and white suits for the same reason that Buddhist monks shave their heads and wear orange robes: to renounce value in earthly superficial physical attractiveness.
13 Oct 2017 19:18 - +345
D- Horizontal axis isn't labelled. No units given.
13 Oct 2017 17:35 - +345
After around the down slope of "Beard" on the graph, attractiveness is no longer the objective.
13 Oct 2017 12:17 - +340
There's just enough room for ZZ-Top after DD.
13 Oct 2017 16:04 - +295
Important note to Reddit: those peaks and valleys don't apply if you can only grow hair under your chin. In that case, it's all valleys. Shave your shit, neckbeard.
13 Oct 2017 17:03 - +221
This graph is a sine that they need to shave.
13 Oct 2017 19:01 - +125
The x-axis doesn’t have a label goddamnit
13 Oct 2017 19:02 - +75
Patchy? My beard never hits that phase. It grows in nice, thick, and even. I wish the same could be said about my hair on top of my head.
13 Oct 2017 12:13 - +57
You shall not...
13 Oct 2017 19:27 - +31
lets be real. good looking people can wear anything and rock any look and still be attractive. if you are ugly no beard or clothes are going to fix that.
13 Oct 2017 19:10 - +30
A man with a beard doesn't care about attractiveness. He is too busy stroking it while browsing oils, washes and balms on the internet.
13 Oct 2017 15:11 - +30
The attractiveness should just rise after beard.
13 Oct 2017 13:12 - +27
Santa should be just above Gandalf.
13 Oct 2017 19:28 - +23
Amish beards are romantic. A husband starts growing his once he's married. You can take off your wedding ring, but you can't shave off your beard for one night at the bar.
13 Oct 2017 12:30 - +19
As a person with a beard, this is fairly accurate.
13 Oct 2017 14:26 - +18
Hmm that's odd. My graph has always been a flat line dead at the bottom.
13 Oct 2017 19:06 - +13
I think a beard would suit me, but I never seem to get past the homeless guy stage, which drags on for weeks. I always end up shaving it off in the end. It ought to be in my genes since my dad has a beard.
13 Oct 2017 14:09 - +12
Why you make it in a velocity time graph lol
13 Oct 2017 18:27 - +11
Is there a bald pussy graph?
13 Oct 2017 16:48 - +10
Admittedly in the I really need to shave category
13 Oct 2017 16:59 - +10
this graph is uncomfortably accurate.
13 Oct 2017 12:31 - +8
Gandalf the White or Gandalf the Grey, yes one is more attractive than the other.
13 Oct 2017 19:48 - +6
I'll forever have a patchy thin beard. I'm 25, no hope for me. You know how often i wish for a thick beard? Not very often but I'd like one. My beard growing genetics are shit
13 Oct 2017 13:15 - +6
It's all about how you work that beard. A confident beard can be a sexy one. Amish or not. ;)
13 Oct 2017 19:35 - +5
Science has found that most women think a 3-6 day growth of hair is the most attractive out of the options of clean shaved, slighty hairy, neatly kept, and full beard.
13 Oct 2017 17:21 - +5
The unshavey valley
13 Oct 2017 20:39 - +5
Relevant: [Beard Trustworthiness Scale](
13 Oct 2017 14:57 - +4
Can I get a bear attractiveness graph?
13 Oct 2017 15:57 - +4
Where does Pai Mei fall on this graph?
13 Oct 2017 22:00 - +4
I'm just gonna assume ZZ top is just so ridiculously attractive it's literally off the chart.
13 Oct 2017 21:26 - +4
I once spent 13 months trying to grow a beard. Nobody noticed when I shaved it off. I had such dreams, reddit. I dreamed of sporting a zz top beard. But alas, it was not meant to br.
13 Oct 2017 16:49 - +4
Currently at the need to shave stage, but my wife believes the next stage is also below the line lol
13 Oct 2017 16:39 - +3
Well, I call BS since there is no simple "Beard" you amateur.

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