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13 Oct 2017 16:46 - +378
I always say "Don't apologise for your language mistakes, you speak my language much better than I speak yours."
13 Oct 2017 17:07 - +115
It's such a nice thing to hear people actively trying to speak your language. Reminds us of the connection we all share.
13 Oct 2017 18:01 - +76
Wholesome Ronaldo
13 Oct 2017 18:43 - +28
Nice person. Source
13 Oct 2017 19:25 - +27
Like Me trying to speak german to my in-laws, ICH PROBIEREN, VERDAMMT!
13 Oct 2017 17:27 - +6
13 Oct 2017 19:40 - +2
If anyone understands that mentally it would be a professional athlete. They started somewhere, probably really shit and now look at them. Ronald understands that person might not speak good Portuguese today, but give him a month, a year or maybe even a decade and he'll be better if he puts the effort in
13 Oct 2017 19:28 - +1
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