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13 Oct 2017 19:05 - +2984
Goldens don't even care if something is dumb, they'll do it regardless
13 Oct 2017 19:05 - +1421
That's cute, also a really good way to injure your dog. Hope the mower doesn't hit a rock.
13 Oct 2017 20:32 - +1000
Pretty sure that dog threw up about 1 minute later.
13 Oct 2017 19:14 - +575
13 Oct 2017 18:27 - +393
That's so adorable. I bet it stains him too but you don't mind cause he's jus soo cute
13 Oct 2017 20:47 - +333
This is super irresponsible
13 Oct 2017 21:21 - +76
It's cute yes but my dog lost an eye due to an infection causes by grass in her eye.
13 Oct 2017 18:34 - +60
13 Oct 2017 19:33 - +42
Imagine if dogs had green fur
13 Oct 2017 20:57 - +31
My Reddit sense told me the top comment would be calling you out for a safety violation. I was right. For what it’s worth, that is a beautifully landscaped lawn there.
13 Oct 2017 18:47 - +27
13 Oct 2017 20:33 - +22
13 Oct 2017 21:15 - +11
I will admit that I am not an expert on lawn mower eye safety as it applies to dogs, but I'm pretty sure that this is fucking horrifying.
13 Oct 2017 20:02 - +11
Somebody’s getting a bath later....
13 Oct 2017 20:40 - +11
That's a strange looking cow.
13 Oct 2017 21:18 - +10
"Hey look, Buddy is being cute! Let me take out my phone and film while still cutting and OH SHIT!!! A ROCK!!!!! BUDDDDDYYYYY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Idiots.
13 Oct 2017 21:06 - +8
Am I the only one thinking "Jesus that lawn is thick and luxurious"? Wait... that looks like mostly clover... Draw your own conclusions!
13 Oct 2017 20:47 - +8
Vegan dog
13 Oct 2017 22:45 - +6
Don't let your dog do that unless you want a blind dog.
13 Oct 2017 22:24 - +6
Hopefully you don't hit a rock and kill your dog
13 Oct 2017 20:57 - +6
My Labradoodle loves grass in a different way. He's normally very upright. We legitimately can't teach him to roll over because the moment he gets into a position where his balance is slightly off, he adjusts himself so he stands again. Until spring/summer that is. At any given point, he'll lie down on the grass, and without any warning, will turn into a ragdoll right there on the grass. Flopping around, pushing himself forward, all with what I swear can only be a smile on his face.
14 Oct 2017 00:05 - +6
Until you run over a rock...
13 Oct 2017 22:17 - +5
Until the jackass driving hits a rock or something that fucks up his dog. Fuck this guy
13 Oct 2017 23:52 - +5
I hate to be "that guy," but, as cute as this is, I would never let my golden do that. Lawn mowers kick rocks and sticks out at speeds that could easily hurt or blind that pup. I realize there are no sticks or rocks in the gif shown, but still...
13 Oct 2017 23:14 - +5
Good way to put a rock in your dogs head.
13 Oct 2017 23:03 - +5
Not eye bleach, all I can think of is the mower hitting a rock
13 Oct 2017 22:23 - +5
All I can think about is how dangerous this is - won't be cute if you hit a rock.
14 Oct 2017 00:11 - +4
Loves rocks in his eyes too I hope.
13 Oct 2017 22:20 - +4
My daughters sliding glass door was just blown apart like a shot gun because of a rock thrown by the lawn mower. To dads, this gif isn't cute.
13 Oct 2017 21:11 - +3
14 Oct 2017 00:08 - +3
So I used to do this until I didn't... Cutting grass on a ride on, like you, I noticed my dog was rubbing his face on the ground, like he had something in his eyes...grass clippings around the entire edge of his eye socket. Fortunately it didn't blind him but the vet said I was extremely lucky I didn't permanently damage his eyesight. I love my dogs dearly, so I never do that anymore, as I'm sure you wont...unless you don't love your dog?
13 Oct 2017 21:41 - +3
That is one goofy floof!
13 Oct 2017 22:49 - +3
Loves it until it gets a rock to the face.
13 Oct 2017 21:43 - +3
Everybody is worried about the mower kicking up rocks, and I'm sitting here holding my breath just hoping the dog doesn't get curious and stick his snout into the blade.
13 Oct 2017 23:31 - +3
This reminds me of how I used to shoot myself in the face with my Salad Shooter. Those were the days, before the accident.
13 Oct 2017 20:32 - +3
Camouflage mode enabled.
13 Oct 2017 23:11 - +2
Til he takes a rock or a pile of shit to the noggin
13 Oct 2017 21:00 - +2
My lab likes to follow my dad on the lawnmower everytime he uses it. I guess he thinks he's mowing too.
14 Oct 2017 00:03 - +2
Don't do this please.
13 Oct 2017 21:12 - +2
This made me so itchy just looking at it
13 Oct 2017 23:18 - +2
the grass is good until there's a rock!
13 Oct 2017 21:23 - +2
Salad shooter.
13 Oct 2017 22:44 - +2
The guy has a real clover problem. I recommend an application of 2,4-D and triclopyr. However, clover is usually out competed by grass so he may have some underlying issues. A soil test would be good to custom blend a fertilizer as well as looking into drainage issues and sprinkler coverage. Now is a good time to overseed.
13 Oct 2017 22:10 - +2
Sweet jesus you cut the grass short!
13 Oct 2017 23:12 - +2
13 Oct 2017 22:20 - +2
He's got that *safety squint* down.
13 Oct 2017 20:32 - +2
Well it won't have to worry about deworming itself.
13 Oct 2017 23:39 - +2
~~/r/Eyebleach~~ /r/Eyerocks
14 Oct 2017 00:32 - +2
Until a rock or something shoots out and hurts the poor guy.
14 Oct 2017 00:26 - +2
My dog did this while staying with my boss. Her and her husband own a large farm and while the husband was cutting grass my boy ran by the mower the whole time. That night his eyes went completely red and we had to give him benadryl to calm the reaction. Scary stuff.
14 Oct 2017 00:57 - +2
This is extremely unsafe and negligent. One rock, stick, whatever gets pulled up by the blades and the cute pupper looses an eye or it goes into his jugular and is now dead. this is not cute and should not be praised as so. It's all fun and games (yes dog is having a hlast, but also doesn't know the harm at a split second in time).
13 Oct 2017 19:51 - +2
14 Oct 2017 00:38 - +2
14 Oct 2017 00:21 - +1
Grass.... Tastes bad
14 Oct 2017 00:10 - +1
This makes me itch.
14 Oct 2017 00:03 - +1
I love that dog, but watching this makes me VERY itchy and sneezy.

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