Little girl is gifted a teddy bear that had a voice recording of her dad who is deployed with the US army overseas.

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13 Oct 2017 19:53 - +656
So close to crying but she held it together. She's a tough one. I am not.
13 Oct 2017 18:19 - +143
Always put identifiers in the message or on the bear. Treat it like a letter, [otherwise this can happen.]( Edit: changed bracket
13 Oct 2017 18:30 - +140
Anyone got the original video?
13 Oct 2017 21:11 - +83
Nothing beats the most innocent and honest reactions of these adorable kids.
13 Oct 2017 21:01 - +35
As a dad, this made me tear up.
13 Oct 2017 17:56 - +20
╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚
13 Oct 2017 22:30 - +18
In all seriousness, I get more depressed at these stories. It's a sick world we live in that takes parents away from children for no fucking earthly purpose, makes them kill each other far away, and meanwhile the kid gets a replacement fake parent and we're all supposed to go "squeee!"
13 Oct 2017 22:10 - +15
My two nieces have teddy bears with their dad's voice saying their names and that he loves them. 75% of the time they have the other one's bear and they don't even care.
13 Oct 2017 18:29 - +15
Awww that'll be chewing through the batteries.
13 Oct 2017 20:53 - +11
Why is this a gif? A bad quality one at that.
13 Oct 2017 21:10 - +9
Why not post VIDEO! these kind of gifs are the worst.
13 Oct 2017 22:02 - +9
But....what if the dad dies in the line of duty, then the girl is left with just a bear....
13 Oct 2017 22:33 - +8
Saying goodbye to their children to go to kill other people children
13 Oct 2017 21:29 - +5
Sorry but why "gifted"? Why do people say this. A little girl was given a teddy bear. That's what happened. Im drunk now and this bothers me.
13 Oct 2017 22:45 - +4
I simply cannot fathom the strength of military families. From the military personnel far from home risking their lives to protect our country. To the spouses/partners back at home needing to be a rock for those around them. To the children who desperately miss their parent but soldier on. It's really something I could never do. If I'm away from my family for even a day it's absolutely crippling. Every single moment with them is precious to me as I'm sure it is to our men and women in military families. Every single one of them is an absolute hero in my book and I hope they all get giant, happy, massive reunions with their families as soon as possible! I salute each and every one of you (military personnel and families). Thank you very much for all that you do!
13 Oct 2017 22:15 - +3
Allergies, it's just allergies people
13 Oct 2017 23:28 - +2
Wasn't this on Shark Tank?
13 Oct 2017 23:03 - +2
I got one of these when I was a kid for my dad who was in the army and I can say it made going to sleep a whole lot easier just being able to hear his voice
13 Oct 2017 23:45 - +2
had? what happened to the teddy bear?!
13 Oct 2017 22:05 - +2
Tangentially related:
13 Oct 2017 23:04 - +2
“That’s Daddy!”
13 Oct 2017 22:15 - +2
Damn, when I was a kid we had letters and had to imagine our dad’s voice😅
13 Oct 2017 23:30 - +2
Leave it to reddit to take a good natured gesture and turn it into negative, political anti military shit. Jesus christ.
13 Oct 2017 22:45 - +2
[Another one](
14 Oct 2017 00:16 - +2
I can't feel sympathetic for these videos. Her father is not fighting off an attacker. He is fighting for oil and 'murican's greed. He is deployed to "defend" his country. It's completely reasonable to abandon your own family to just practice at fighting in a war or attack others. There is no country that has bigger military than the US. Non. The US spends more on their army then like the next six nations. Five of which are allied with the US. The USA - World Police.
13 Oct 2017 23:01 - +2
She is the cutest little girl ever! What a great mum too.
13 Oct 2017 22:42 - +2
That's the most American teddy bear I've ever seen. Good work y'all, you've managed to dress an innocent thing in military camo. Maybe the next version can have a working handgun too
13 Oct 2017 22:26 - +1
13 Oct 2017 22:14 - +1
When he dies this will be all she has to remember him by. #CuttingOnions
13 Oct 2017 23:02 - +1
I tried putting rap tapes in my cousin's Teddy Ruxpin. It didn't work 😒
13 Oct 2017 22:56 - +1
Nothing wrong with starting Friday with a happy cry
13 Oct 2017 22:25 - +1
13 Oct 2017 23:26 - +1
more like /r/MadeMeCry
13 Oct 2017 22:44 - +1
First click of the day. Thanks Reddit.
13 Oct 2017 22:58 - +1
That’s cute and wonderful, but we need to stop having these forever wars.
13 Oct 2017 22:53 - +1
Things like this were my favorite part at working for build a Bear!
13 Oct 2017 23:13 - +1
And now I'm sobbing into my cereal
14 Oct 2017 00:01 - +1
14 Oct 2017 00:24 - +1
you can see her saying "what the f* is that"
13 Oct 2017 23:51 - +1
'Support the troops' is one of the biggest lies ever told. The bloated, imperialistic military is a blight on the world. Defending corporate interests and constant resource grabs does not keep anyone "free". Many veterans speak about it too.
13 Oct 2017 23:35 - +1
13 Oct 2017 23:37 - +1
You know that pain you get in your face and eyes when you have to use all your man strength to hold tears back in public places... I hate that pain.
13 Oct 2017 23:37 - +1
More like r/mademecry
13 Oct 2017 22:51 - +1
GIVEN. She was GIVEN a teddy bear. Jesus. There's already a word for it, you don't have to take the same word, break it, and put it back together.
14 Oct 2017 00:23 - +1
TIL surrender cobra is also surprise cobra.
13 Oct 2017 22:54 - +1
Wow, a voice recording? What is it 1980?
13 Oct 2017 22:57 - +1
I am just going to leave this here...
13 Oct 2017 23:22 - +0
When waving your dick about in the army is more important than your family. He should be there for her. A stuffed toy can't raise her.
13 Oct 2017 23:31 - +0
This sub should be renamed r/mademehappycry
13 Oct 2017 21:44 - +0
Why is there always someone cutting onions near me while I'm watching gifs like this?
13 Oct 2017 22:44 - +0
I never understood why people take that job. You have to spend so much time away from people you love. Maybe flying a plane or driving a tank would be fun, but being a grunt seems kinda shitty.
13 Oct 2017 23:07 - +0
Super staged.
13 Oct 2017 21:42 - +-3
I thought this was r/mademesmile not r/makeyoucrybcyougrewupanarmybratandstufflilethisalwaysmakesyouemotional
13 Oct 2017 21:32 - +-6
Why is this sub so full of US military propaganda? Dog's master returns, Kid loses his shit after seeing his dad, and then this. We get it. We don't find it cute. They are still complicit in killing innocent brown people in ME.
13 Oct 2017 20:56 - +-12
Well let's hope for the kid that the daddy doesn't get killed while killing other people.

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