Here's how Humans evolved!

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13 Oct 2017 17:59 - +1261
All of that for one branch to become a dead end at me.
13 Oct 2017 18:25 - +562
rat... suddenly....... CAMEL
13 Oct 2017 19:14 - +463
This is inaccurate - we shared common ancestors with those animals but we didn't evolve FROM monkeys, dinosaurs, lizards, and do on. We don't know what a lot of these common ancestors look like but it's not like what exist on earth these days. For example the divergence of the reptiles and mammals led to the common ancestor of reptile-like ancestors that have a stance akin to a lizard - we're thinking more like platypuses. Not saying this is trash but I would suggest this is an example of common ancestry rather "how humans evolved." Sauce: science teacher, undergrad was physiology and neurobiology and I love evolution.
13 Oct 2017 18:09 - +112
[Carl Sagan on Evolution \(Cosmos\)](
13 Oct 2017 17:32 - +67
I can see why some of those "Evolution is too convoluted to have happened naturally" religious people who hasn't taken a biology class might find this confusing or unbelievable. Nature is awesome.
13 Oct 2017 18:34 - +40
When the fish begin to grow legs, how did this happen? Were the stumps getting longer and longer? I don't understand why you would need to grow these if you live in the ocean.
13 Oct 2017 20:01 - +20
13 Oct 2017 19:05 - +19
Well that didn't take very long at all.
13 Oct 2017 19:58 - +19
If humans evolved from monkeys, how come the earth evolves around the sun? Take that atheists!
13 Oct 2017 17:59 - +14
Man this is really really good.
13 Oct 2017 20:01 - +10
It really makes you wonder what we'll look like millions of years from now.
13 Oct 2017 21:43 - +5
So where did those "first" objects come from?
13 Oct 2017 20:47 - +5
This gif makes me feel more connected with all the other animals on earth.
13 Oct 2017 20:59 - +4
Fascinating how reptiles made the evolutionary jump to mammals. Currently googling some pretty interesting looking creatures.
13 Oct 2017 21:04 - +4
I can't honestly say I that I didn't expect a "send nudes" at the end there
13 Oct 2017 20:43 - +4
But if we evolved from from single-celled organisms, THEN WHY IS THERE STILL SINGLE-CELLED ORGANISMS?
13 Oct 2017 20:54 - +4
Ain’t God done it? The bahble say he done it.
13 Oct 2017 21:44 - +3
This is pretty cool but I wish there were less iterations included in the micro-organism stage and more iterations in the rat -> monkey stage.
13 Oct 2017 21:28 - +3
How did it start though? Before the first thing split into two. Where did the first thing come from? Don't get me wrong, I love a good story. Lets start at the beginning then shall we?
13 Oct 2017 19:55 - +3
Right here, Right now!!!
13 Oct 2017 21:08 - +3
Go on, how many of you waited just to see Dickbutt at the end?
13 Oct 2017 20:13 - +3
Cosmos and all I can think about is you
13 Oct 2017 21:17 - +3
Sorry, I don't have time to watch a gif for a billion years.
13 Oct 2017 19:55 - +3
Where to next?
13 Oct 2017 21:38 - +3
I feel like I don't know the theory of Evolution all that well, despite being an advocate for scientific advancement (despite growing up in the church and disbelieving in a lot of this stuff for the first 17 years of my life). What causes these changes and adaptations? Is it pure luck that their genes mutated to adapt to an environment, or is DNA actively able to be altered, unconsciously, through some hidden mechanism, to force the change in the next generation? I just find it so hard to understand how a worm can become a fish-like worm simply by procreating a million times, then a fish a billion times after that. What impresses this change upon the DNA?
13 Oct 2017 20:09 - +3
Are you not going to cite the source?
13 Oct 2017 21:54 - +3
Pause it early on when it looks like a tadpole or a fish or whatever and realize that you're descended from that. Your great great great great great (x100,000) grandmother was an actual goddamn fish.
13 Oct 2017 21:12 - +3
But no one even understands how evolution could work! /s
13 Oct 2017 20:50 - +2
[Here is the fat boy slim video](
13 Oct 2017 21:02 - +2
What!? No mud and lightning!?
13 Oct 2017 21:25 - +2
"If we were cells, how are there still cells"
13 Oct 2017 21:25 - +2
Damn, we were one small branch of evolution away from having wings
13 Oct 2017 20:51 - +2
[Right here, right now, right here, right now](
13 Oct 2017 19:18 - +2
Videos in this thread: [Watch Playlist ▶]( VIDEO|COMMENT -|- [Carl Sagan on Evolution (Cosmos)](|[+108]( - Carl Sagan on Evolution (Cosmos) (1) [frogfish eating]( (2) [The walking shark - Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough: Episode 3 Preview - BBC One](|[+15]( - Tons of fish in the ocean also perch on their fins on the sea floor. Check out how frogfish use their fins for example. They sneak attack their prey by slowly walking toward them while camouflaged. frogfish catching prey Epaulette sharks are anoth... [Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater outtake](|[+2]( - “My daddy ain’t a monkey!” [Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now [OFFICIAL VIDEO]](|[+2]( - Here is the fat boy slim video [Fatboy Slim - "Right Here Right Now" (Official Video) HD](|[+2]( - Right here, right now, right here, right now [South Park - Mr.Garrison's Evolution Theory](|[+2]( - so basically what Mr. Garrison said [Science Works! Scientific Theory Explained](|[+2]( - Maybe this will help clear up that linguistic confusion [01 - Your Inner Fish](|[+1]( - There's also a TV series based on the book. [Carl Sagan Explains Evolution](|[+1]( - The gif desperately needs audio to go with it. [Professor Farnsworth debates Creaturism](|[+1]( - When you sort these comments by controversial [Dilbert (1999-2000) - Intro](|[+1]( - Intro to the Dilbert cartoon. [Phoebe & Ross Fight : Evolution](|[+1]( - Nice story, but seems a little too easy. [Carl Sagan - COSMOS - Evolution](|[+1]( - Better with sound For those who don't know, this is from the original Cosmos, an educational TV series hosted by Carl Sagan. A very inspiring series. If I had to describe him to someone who didn't know, he was like the Bob Ross of science. [Tree of Life video HD](|[+1]( - I really like David Attenboroughs video on the tree of life I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. I'll keep this updated as long as I can. *** [Play All]( | [Info]( | Get me on [Chrome]( / [Firefox](
13 Oct 2017 21:49 - +2
So is this why some people still smell like fish?
13 Oct 2017 22:56 - +2
Every time this gets posted it's a world-view shit storm.
13 Oct 2017 21:52 - +2
[so basically what Mr. Garrison said](
13 Oct 2017 22:57 - +2
upvote for boobs
13 Oct 2017 23:08 - +2
How humans evolved? No. How all life on Earth evolved.
13 Oct 2017 22:55 - +2
Source this OP, it's from cosmos, they did a version of it on the new ones with NDT and Sagan had it in his as well.
13 Oct 2017 20:41 - +2
I knew I was somehow related to a starfish.
13 Oct 2017 22:38 - +2
This animation is 40 years old now, it probably needs to be updated.
13 Oct 2017 22:13 - +2
So that means that there was 1 human that was the first conscious human ever. Right?
13 Oct 2017 22:27 - +2
Wow, this animation is amazing! The transitions are so smooth.
13 Oct 2017 22:21 - +2
So I was a dick monster like three times. TIL.
13 Oct 2017 22:49 - +2
Better with sound For those who don't know, this is from the original Cosmos, an educational TV series hosted by Carl Sagan. A very inspiring series. If I had to describe him to someone who didn't know, he was like the Bob Ross of science.
13 Oct 2017 21:04 - +2
What? No dickbutt! Thats what surprised me the most.
13 Oct 2017 21:06 - +2
Do Darwin's theories suggest all life deviates off a common evolutionary thread? Like every organism is just another stop on one long continuum? edit: grammar
13 Oct 2017 23:08 - +2
Can anyone ELI5 how complex subsystems would have evolved? Esepecially when individual parts need precise communication with one another. (e.g. digestive system) and how would these eventually wire themselves into something like the brain....
13 Oct 2017 21:18 - +2
I was kind of low key hoping for a dickbutt at the end of that.
13 Oct 2017 22:03 - +1
Nice try sheeple... we all know we were created from sand by God. Duhhhhh
13 Oct 2017 21:42 - +1
“nononono, some guy named god created the universe and everything in it in, uh, 6 days. god created us, we didn’t evolve!”
13 Oct 2017 21:51 - +1
so does this mean my great(n) grandfather was a fish where n = a really big number?
13 Oct 2017 21:25 - +1
Boobs seem to be our most evolved feature
13 Oct 2017 21:02 - +1
When you sort these comments by controversial
13 Oct 2017 21:59 - +1
I thought we were sneezed out by a giant nose
13 Oct 2017 21:55 - +1
Mouse---> camel----> monkey-----> human. Thank you for my daily dose of education.
13 Oct 2017 20:36 - +1
*sequences shortened
13 Oct 2017 21:08 - +1
Some say, we’re still evolving to this day!
13 Oct 2017 22:01 - +0
Negative. We magically appeared out of no where. The Bible says so

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