One of my favorite unexpected surprise moments in gaming

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13 Oct 2017 19:48 - +4369
I've played like an hour of this game, need to go back to it
13 Oct 2017 21:17 - +1434
After playing Overwatch and Fortnite: Battle Royale constantly, I can't believe how quickly you move in this game.
13 Oct 2017 19:16 - +1350
13 Oct 2017 19:36 - +1003
I really need to finish Doom.
13 Oct 2017 19:07 - +558
13 Oct 2017 20:09 - +476
I'm still sad they didn't sell those UAC MarineGuy figures. And no, that shitty FunkoPop isn't the same thing.
13 Oct 2017 21:44 - +456
As someone who cut his teeth on the original Wolfenstein and Doom back in the early 90s, this game far exceeded all of my expectations, and actually *felt* like Doom 1 and Doom 2. A+, would highly recommend.
13 Oct 2017 21:40 - +378
Fun Fact : One of the lead guys at ID Software said they would be called "irresposible" if it ever got out how long into the production they actually figured out the story for this game.
13 Oct 2017 18:59 - +128
Each level has a secret room where you can enter Doom 1 levels
13 Oct 2017 21:58 - +121
2016 I was hyped as all hell for Overwatch and knew it'd be GOTY easy. I played DOOM to kill some time not expecting much, but it blew my fucking brains out how goddamn good it was. It reminded me of when FPS had amazing single player campaigns that weren't just tutorials for the multiplayer. Turns out it was the real GOTY for me in 2016. I'm constantly hoping and craving we'll get more like it soon. Such a love letter to the fans of the originals while still being bleeding edge and fresh. Can't say enough good things about DOOM 2016.
13 Oct 2017 19:25 - +120
Cute af, just as the game...
13 Oct 2017 19:28 - +100
Among if not the best game of 2016.
13 Oct 2017 20:32 - +97
what game is this?
13 Oct 2017 20:06 - +55
This game is fucking sick
13 Oct 2017 21:31 - +37
my biggest surprise moment was meeting the first skaarj in the original unreal game... in the hallway with the lights.
13 Oct 2017 21:24 - +31
I know this is a repost, but it gives me a chuckle every time I see it. Little things like this make me really appreciate the devs who are clearly passionate.
13 Oct 2017 21:30 - +25
This game made me love video games again.
13 Oct 2017 22:00 - +20
If you are really into this game then you should check out the doom documentary series by no clip. It's beyond awesome.
13 Oct 2017 21:04 - +20
This has more emotional plot than an entire season of 'This is us'
13 Oct 2017 21:35 - +15
Aren't surprises always unexpected?
13 Oct 2017 21:17 - +15
it just never gets old. doom is a kick ass game!
13 Oct 2017 23:38 - +6
But can there be an expected surprise?
13 Oct 2017 21:59 - +6
I prefer the traditional expected surprise.

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