John Travolta: Sexual battery case involving 21-year-old male masseur resurfaces

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15 Nov 2017 00:40 - +7555
Watch how this plays out. Probably not like the others. Scientology has actually done a decent job protecting Danny Masterson thus far. Watch the disgusting back-flips that cult does to make this go away.
15 Nov 2017 02:39 - +4299
Hang on, let me put away my EA pitchfork and dust off my Hollywood Abuse pitchfork from last week.
14 Nov 2017 23:35 - +3830
I was starting to wonder when this story was going to resurface.
15 Nov 2017 00:02 - +1550
Woah how have the Scientology folks let this story get published. Are they losing touch?
15 Nov 2017 00:37 - +1142
come out, man. nobody cares anyway
15 Nov 2017 00:17 - +798
Hope we don't get a Twitter post from John stating "I choose now to be known as a gay man"
14 Nov 2017 23:35 - +661
"Xenu made me do it" - Travolta, probably.
15 Nov 2017 00:38 - +605
I want to know why Bryan Singer keeps flying under the radar.
15 Nov 2017 00:00 - +584
I think it's a popular opinion that John Travolta is living in a closet. Didn't know about this story though.
15 Nov 2017 00:01 - +226
I’ve seen him assault one of my male coworkers in person, and the resort in which we worked has banned him from the spa. No surprises here.
15 Nov 2017 00:13 - +207
15 Nov 2017 00:39 - +175
Please get Tom Cruise next. Bring the whole damn Church of Wack-A-Doo down.
15 Nov 2017 00:23 - +136
SEXUAL battery?! Sounds like a pretty serious charge.
15 Nov 2017 02:01 - +133
remember that Reddit thread where like a half dozen guys shared stories about him coming onto them at the gym?
15 Nov 2017 02:34 - +110
I have a male friend who worked as a massage therapist at a spa in Florida. He told me that John Travolta used to come in all the time using a false name. He would usually be with a boyfriend, request a male therapist, and make no effort to hide the fact that he was gay.
15 Nov 2017 01:42 - +68
What's this guy doing at a fucking La Quinta? He owns a Boeing 747 you'd think he'd spring for a higher end resort.
15 Nov 2017 00:36 - +68
"Oh Lawd! Save me scientology!" -Travolta right now
15 Nov 2017 00:11 - +61
Vinnie Barbarino is gay?!?
15 Nov 2017 00:37 - +57
Damn, there's been so many sexual assaults lately, they're playing songs from the old albums.
15 Nov 2017 00:44 - +51
Okay, this one is the least surprising.
15 Nov 2017 00:43 - +49
« I choose now to live my life as a transdimensional valixian »
15 Nov 2017 02:39 - +27
"I don't remember this, but I'm very sorry. Also I'm a gay man."
15 Nov 2017 02:50 - +13
Tom, it now appears that John Travolta is also in the closet, and he refuses to come out. Here with more details once again is R.Kelly.
15 Nov 2017 02:06 - +13
Didn't the documentary "going clear" hint at him being gay?

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