Age 13 and my life goal was to lead a myspace follow train

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15 Nov 2017 01:02 - +2691
If you are in your mid-late 20's you could be my daughter. I mean not literally but I'd be willing to bet I would find this exact photo somewhere of my daughter. She was so unique and individual just like everyone else.
15 Nov 2017 00:44 - +1538
Is there a wig involved here, or did you legit have two different vibrant colors going on there? I’d imagine the upkeep for two colors of hair would be a bitch...
15 Nov 2017 00:49 - +1387
Rawr, ex dee
15 Nov 2017 00:44 - +1286
I too listened to Paramore.
15 Nov 2017 01:35 - +568
15 Nov 2017 01:07 - +467
15 Nov 2017 01:22 - +347
15 Nov 2017 03:34 - +289
Emo days were dark days. But thats how we wanted it. *moves hair out of eyes* **hair moves back**
15 Nov 2017 02:08 - +239
Those contrasting hair colors definitely have a Xanga vibe
15 Nov 2017 00:38 - +224
15 Nov 2017 01:50 - +195
Ah! The classical "rawr look at my teeth", hands behind back, leaning forward pose. Those were the days!
15 Nov 2017 01:55 - +150
We need an updated pic please, u/SoupPlox.
15 Nov 2017 02:45 - +122
13 year old me definitely saw you at a blood brothers show
15 Nov 2017 01:22 - +91
Im assuming you too had an edgy MySpace name. David[drop]DEAD here...
15 Nov 2017 07:06 - +69
Well I'm basically simultaneously shitting myself with glee and having a panic attack that you guys are so entertained with my teenage misfortune. I'm abandoning ship now but will answer a few common questions real quick. I am completely 100% irrelevant. I was not a noteable scene kid in any capacity, I never accomplished my dream of being Myspace famous, and was definitely a huge poser. Don't bother asking, it isn't me. Second, this picture is deceiving, I really don't have big boobs now, and I didn't have big boobs then. I have funnel chest and it's pretty uncomfortable and inconvenient. Third, I had a current photo posted but I removed it because I didn't realize this post was going to end up on front page and the idea of a current photo of me being front and center on Reddit makes me pretty uncomfortable! Anyway, I appreciate you guys. If you want to chat about piczo and stickam my inbox is open, other than that, notifications are off. Thanks again :)
15 Nov 2017 01:21 - +66
Was the caution tape due to you being a heartbreaker who was not to be messed with?
15 Nov 2017 02:07 - +63
OP....tell much did you "sha-sha, sha-sha SHAKE IT" metro station was the scene girl band of 2006. Oh, don't forget city in color. Or perhaps, if you thought you liked metal, you may have listened to Devils Wears Prada.
15 Nov 2017 04:42 - +53
[Teenage me would have loved your look](
15 Nov 2017 02:51 - +50
It kinda looks like someone photoshopped a face onto someone else's body because of the lighting Bravo.
15 Nov 2017 05:15 - +37
15 Nov 2017 03:53 - +30
Jesus, you went all out for this emo/scene poseur pic. All that was left was the crossed out cleavage via microsoft paint brush.
15 Nov 2017 05:10 - +22
The fuck is a "myspace follow train"?
15 Nov 2017 01:17 - +21
Off white belt before it was cool
15 Nov 2017 02:29 - +15
Is that a wig over your natural hair?
15 Nov 2017 05:08 - +15
I honestly think we may have been MySpace friends.
15 Nov 2017 04:16 - +14
2003 was a hell of a drug.
15 Nov 2017 01:31 - +13
I love the one-eyed death glare. also, good name for an emo-metal band.
15 Nov 2017 01:42 - +12
My answer to most of these is, 'oh no,'
15 Nov 2017 03:18 - +12
ahh the ole scene look I married a scene girl. Her hair is normal and one color now.
15 Nov 2017 01:43 - +8
this looked like a Deep Fried Meme based on the way the light hit your eye haha
15 Nov 2017 02:48 - +8
Thank God I can't get into my Myspace account
15 Nov 2017 02:00 - +7
My high school girlfriend would have been best friends with you. You would have fit right in there with them.
15 Nov 2017 04:02 - +7
Actually this pic kinda looks familiar, i think i used to be your friend on Myspace back in 2007, 2008

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