Think you're more important than a train full of people?

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15 Nov 2017 01:45 - +7037
She stood there long enough to warrant someone pulling out their phone to film it, and then long enough for the guy who kicked her out to walk from the back of the train car to do so. I'd say the boot to the booty was deserved.
15 Nov 2017 02:23 - +3215
Would've been very awkward if the door didn't shut right away and she was able to get back on the train
15 Nov 2017 01:22 - +1948
Why do people think they can do stuff like this? What is so important that hundreds of people should wait..
15 Nov 2017 01:05 - +1343
How does *anyone* downvote this? It's a perfectly well measured and successful response. This is what this sub is all about.
15 Nov 2017 01:27 - +1136
i would be curious to know how long that was. long enough for a guy to realize she is taking forever to pull out a phone to record it.
15 Nov 2017 03:03 - +748
A comment from the source video on Youtube. >At a point, a guy says: "fermez les portes, là, madame": close the doors, madam , to which she answers:" je t'emmerde"; i shit on you... No surprise she got butt kicked.
15 Nov 2017 02:05 - +643
As someone who commutes on the subway/train everyday I applaud this.
15 Nov 2017 01:23 - +432
Man, as soon as it started playing the gif I immediately hoped someone would spartan kick her ass out of the doorway. That was incredibly satisfying.
15 Nov 2017 01:08 - +232
She has a phone on her hand why not just tell him you'll call him later
15 Nov 2017 01:03 - +173
Somebody knows the story? Why she was stopping the door from closing?
15 Nov 2017 01:15 - +100
I'm not an advocate for violence, but this time they well deserved it, imagine another train approaching from behind...
15 Nov 2017 01:43 - +78
This is probably the most satisfying post I've ever seen on here.
15 Nov 2017 05:09 - +66
Ok so let me share a similar story but it ended in the complete opposite of the karma-worthy spectrum. I was riding the train home, late at night, after a long day of classes at the university + work hours at my internship. Some girl like this one got separated from her homies who were on the next car. For some reason she didn't join them, and during a stop at a station, she held the door open while talking to them on the other car. The train beeped, the doors tried to close, and she would force it open. The train was full of tired people who just wanted to go home. People started to get annoyed, so everyone, EVERYONE on the car started yelling at her. She let the door close, and instead of realizing she was in the wrong, in her embarassment she picked a target, a 20-ish black man who was sitting next to her, and who, like all the other people in the car, yelled at her. She acted like he was the only one who yelled at her, and started to fight him verbally. He fought back (verbally), and everyone on the car kept yelling at her... ...until she started to hit him, and well, he hit her back, of course. The problem was, there are windows between train cars, and her homies from the ghetto, who were in the next car, saw everything. Everyone who yelled was suddenly silent when they saw her homies making threats towards the guy who hit her. "You're going to see what happens when the doors open" she told him. When it was getting close to the next station, some people from his side of the train car started to come to the opposite side (the side I was on), as the threats from the window got more intense. Everyone knew shit was going to hit the fan. When the train stopped, the dude who hit her just stood up and went to the door. The doors opened. About 4-5 dudes got inside the car and started to run after the dude who hit her in self defense. He just left the train and ran to the station. It was late at night so no station security guards were to be seen. She just kept yelling "get him!". The doors closed and the last thing I saw was the dude, helplessly running around the station, with the 5 dudes running after him, one almost managing to land a kick on him. That was one of the most absurd situations I saw during my long train rides. It frustrates me to this day.
15 Nov 2017 01:26 - +36
Those doors look like Switch controllers.
15 Nov 2017 03:44 - +33
As a metro driver I approve 10/10
15 Nov 2017 02:04 - +27
I still would believe she thinks the person who hit her was in the wrong. I mean how long was she holding the door before someone started to film.
15 Nov 2017 04:59 - +26
As a conductor. Fuck people that do this, fuck people who ride their bikes on platforms, fuck people who don’t stand behind the yellow line, but mostly fuck people that don’t hold their kid’s hand when a train come through at 90mph.
15 Nov 2017 03:29 - +25
The vid
15 Nov 2017 04:32 - +24
This Parisian suburb line transports 900 000 persons per day. As a daily commuter (and sufferer of its delay) not in favor of violence, i approve this one. This person should be prosecuted.
15 Nov 2017 07:31 - +17
Bus driver here. Ready to depart from a bus stop I saw this teen girl running towards me. She's just a couple of seconds away so I decide to wait for her. Classic mistake. > girl: * *climbing aboard, validating her ticket* * Hey, could you wait for my friend over there? > me: * *sees girl_2 crossing the road. Internal facepalm.* * No sorry, I'm already three minutes late and the next bus is arriving in five. > girl: Oh ok. * *sad face* * Well I've gotta get off and wait for my friend then. So I open the door and she is about to step out... but instead she lingers in the opening shouting to her friend to hurry up. OMG. Unfortunately she's *juuust* close enough that I wouldn't have time to tell girl_1 to get off, probably argue with her for a little bit, shut the doors and be off. When girl_2 gets on, a couple of extra seconds is now almost a full minute. > me: Hi. * *fake smile* * > girl_2: nothing. She says nothing. Not a thank you, not even a hi back. She's is just standing there, not making any move as to present a ticket. > me: ... so you've got a ticket? > girl_2: no, my friend'll meet up with me a couple of stops from here, she has my ticket. > me: uh, I'm sorry but you need a ticket to go from here to there. *silence* > me: ok, you've got to get off now, I'm running late. And they finally do. 4,5 minutes behind schedule. Great. Thanks. Maybe it doesn't sound like much but on that particular route the buses go every seven minutes during rush hour, which means the risk of buses catching up is very high.
15 Nov 2017 01:21 - +15
this isn't the US I'm guessing.
15 Nov 2017 04:10 - +14
I'd love to buy that man a beer, or several.
15 Nov 2017 06:51 - +13
I did this once on a bus to a drunk guy that was blocking everyone from getting on unless they forcefully passed him in a mostly empty bus, probably rubbing up against the women. The bus driver was ignoring it for a few stops then I got up and kicked him into a bunch of news stands when the door opened. I thought I'd be a hero but instead the bus driver let him back on and the majority of people who were still on it left exasperated to wait for the next bus. I gave the bus driver a look like I was betrayed and got off and walked with everyone too. Only had a stop left anyways and wound up getting a few shots out of it from someone who was going to the same place as me.
15 Nov 2017 03:11 - +12
That was satisfying as fuck
15 Nov 2017 03:46 - +8
Next stop, Sparta!
15 Nov 2017 02:50 - +6
So on point!!! This needs to happen to a lot more people!
15 Nov 2017 05:25 - +6
I bet the entire car applauded that guy.
15 Nov 2017 06:13 - +6
This is the kind of person that swerves across 4 lanes of traffic to make their freeway exit. Endanger the lives of every car around me so I can arrive at my destination 90 seconds faster? YOLO
15 Nov 2017 05:28 - +4
This is sparta on that bish
15 Nov 2017 06:11 - +4
This is the most satisfying thing I've ever seen
15 Nov 2017 05:39 - +4
Sooooo satisfying to watch.
15 Nov 2017 03:46 - +3
15 Nov 2017 07:48 - +1
This post is not encouraging or inciting violence or otherwise breaking Reddit rules. Report it all you want, I'm not removing it. In fact, if it gets reported enough I'll just fucking sticky it. e: Ok you fucks you earned it. Stickied.

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