A message to those calling EA for a refund: be nice to the people taking your calls.

Let's face it, this debacle with EA is terrible. It's shady. It is, according to the internet, worth hundreds of thousands of downvotes. And now, on top of everything, if you want to remedy the situation you are forced to sit in an exaggerated phone line. But keep in mind, the people taking your call at EA are having a much worse day than you! These people are not the CEO, they're not the game designers, and they may not even be located in the same building as these people. They are just trying to do their job, and it just so happens that they work at a company currently undergoing a pseudo scandal. So be kind to them. Because at the end of the day, they probably hate EA right now too. Edit 1: Thank you, kind Redditor, for the Gold! And thank you to the community for supporting the idea of showing kindness to others!

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15 Nov 2017 01:33 - +21294
**Better yet, be nice to everyone.**
15 Nov 2017 01:35 - +10860
So how many people are actually asking for a refund? Any idea?
15 Nov 2017 01:40 - +7501
Exactly this. This is like ranting about your food to the waitress - she did not cook your meal. Edit: Holy shit, R.I.P. inbox. I used a meaning-specific verb with “rant”, you know, as in spew an impassioned tirade. Never said you shouldn’t talk to the waitress, obviously, she’s the one to talk to - just don’t be a fucking dick about it.
15 Nov 2017 02:47 - +1937
Jokes aside, this is important. I work in a call center, and I can tell you- if you yell at a service rep the chances of them helping you or even advocating for your request drops to zero. You leave the call angry, and they go back to taking calls. The only person that is affected by yelling at a rep is you.
15 Nov 2017 02:20 - +1641
Also, threatening to murder developers only changes the narrative we want. We want "Massive backlash over micro transactions in SWBF2" not "Rabid community threatens to murder devs"
15 Nov 2017 02:42 - +1008
Last year i spoke w a live person via ea's support through their website. He thanked me for being kind and patient, he said he gets a lot rude people and it was refreshing not having to deal w that. And since i worked at a customer support for sprint (for a very short time) i knew first hand how people can treat you on the phone or in an online chat.
15 Nov 2017 03:27 - +938
[Here](https://imgur.com/gallery/h6CRz) is a workaround so you don't have to call. Stolen from u/beevercleever
15 Nov 2017 02:37 - +459
Also, pro-tip: Learn the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to help spell things. Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, ~~Nancy~~ November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu Apparently November's the usual N word, not Nancy. EDIT: I actually did notice the hilarity of calling it the N word shortly after that edit. Unintentional, but still so, so beautiful. EDIT: The official spelling actually is Alfa. As Wiktionary describes it, the etymology is "From alpha, respelled to make the pronunciation clearer to those who do not speak English." But the spelling is corroborated by [official government documents](http://www.ct.gov/demhs/lib/demhs/publicinfo/ad_bulletin_2008_3.pdf) EDIT: Since I'm being a pedant on the Alpha-Alfa thing, I may as well update Juliet, which I learned in my research on the spelling of Alfa is officially spelled Juliett. EDIT: [THE SOURCE](https://www.icao.int/Meetings/anconf12/Document%20Archive/AN10_V2_cons%5B1%5D.pdf) for anyone wondering.
15 Nov 2017 02:32 - +386
I love EA's customer service team. No joke, they can do some awesome stuff for people. Any team that has to clean up after the biggest shit pile of a business plan and a lunatic CEO, has the utmost respect from me.
15 Nov 2017 03:57 - +281
“Don’t be a cunt.” - Buddha
15 Nov 2017 03:11 - +197
If you've ever worked as a cashier in the fast food industry you should already know not to do this. People come up to you yelling that you made their food wrong when they can clearly see that there is an entire separate crew making the food, and you've been standing at the register the whole time.
15 Nov 2017 03:00 - +182
Good god, I can't imagine how shitty of a day EA customer service is having right now... Better yet, bake them cookies or something.
15 Nov 2017 03:41 - +118
As someone who works in a call center, please be nice to the person on the phone. We are just here for our paycheck, be mad at the company not us.
15 Nov 2017 01:39 - +95
Hello EA refund team employee, how many have refunded as of today?
15 Nov 2017 03:27 - +80
This is a repost of a comment by u/roxwar from a post in r/gaming Im all onboard the EA hate train as i was looking forward to this, and although i didnt pre order as i dont belive it has a place in todays digital age, its another game i wont be buying. But more importantly, you guys pitch forking at EA are missing the obvious. EA doesnt own star wars, Disney does and if theres one thing Disney absolutely will not tollerate, its bad press surrounding their brand. You want to punish EA? Then you need to take to social media and tag disney in this shitshow and express your disgust at their assosiation with gambling boxes in video games obviously aimed at children. I would imagine should bad press go viral enough for disney to notice, theyd be calling a board meeting with EA pretty sharpish. *Edit. Thank you for the gold kind strangers! 5 yrs on reddit and i finally said something people agree with enough to guild me! You made an old(ish) guy happy. I guess i should thank EA in some messed up way for annoying me enough to speak out instead of lurking and upvoting, so yeah...err, thanks EA i guess. I wont lie, that felt weird and kinda dirty. *edit 2. Getting a lot of requests for the disney email for complaints/concerns regarding games so heres the one that seems most relevant. [email protected] "
15 Nov 2017 04:25 - +78
As someone who works in a call center. Thank you.. Because if you're yelling at me. I'm just sitting there thinking about how you decided to fuck up and pre order the game anyways.
15 Nov 2017 05:53 - +76
I had this exact conversation in an earlier thread and got all the backlash and hate in the world. [Here.](https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/7cv8hc/ea_removed_the_refund_button_on_their_webpage_and/dpt343x/) Thank you for posting it.
15 Nov 2017 05:43 - +28
As an ex game developer I'd go as far to say that even the designers are having the worst time of their lives. No decent game designer wants to charge people for content. Their job is to tell a story and create a world for you and every designer I've ever known has taken that really seriously. They are gamers too and love building these worlds, but they don't have as much of a say as people think they do in how they are marketed. Be angry at the people making the monetary decisions. If you think any of the people actually doing the work to make the game have any say in what they are building, you are incorrect.
15 Nov 2017 06:21 - +19
Everyone should have to spend some time in a customer service role at some point in their early life. Whether it be in a call center, cashier, waiting tables, etc.... I bet the asshole average would go down. I worked on an IT helpdesk for my company when I first got out of college. While I would never do that job again, I am rarely ever a dick to call center agents. I know what they go through.
15 Nov 2017 05:43 - +18
It's reason, then.
15 Nov 2017 03:35 - +18
This is good advice for two reasons. The first is that they didn't make the decisions that lead to you wanting a refund. Second, being unruly can only hurt you in the long run and if you'd just be professional and courteous it can only help you.
15 Nov 2017 05:54 - +17
I work in a call center, and I can mirror this sentiment exactly. Please try to realize that we are not developers, we are not the ones in charge of making any executive decisions when it comes to this product that you currently have or are considering buying. We are merely here to support you, I understand that you are frustrated - but it is my job to get you the information that you need, for the resolution that you desire. If that does not happen, I can happily attempt to get you to the person who can. Thank you, OP for posting this.
15 Nov 2017 05:13 - +14
Most of those employees you're calling don't even work "for" EA. They work for some telecommunications business like PCCW or HKT or one of the other hundreds of thousands of call-center companies, who have EA as a client outsourcing the calls to their businesses. Most of these places barely pay a living wage as well, on top of being nightmarish hellscapes of micromanagement.
15 Nov 2017 05:59 - +11
As a call centre slave I cannot thank you enough for this post - we are people too
15 Nov 2017 06:02 - +9
As someone who works in a call center (not an EA call center but still), I hardcore agree with this. Yes you are allowed to be annoyed and we understand that it is frustrating, but we are still human beings that did not make any of the decisions that you are annoyed about. Also, we usually pass it on about 5-10 times but after that, it is just us being yelled at for things that we agree need to be fixed but cannot do anything about. Please be kind to us call center folk. 👍🏼 P.S. If you are kind to us, you are more likely to get what you want. If you are an ass, I will kindly say “I’m so sorry. There is nothing I can do” with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.
15 Nov 2017 05:58 - +8
Just to give you some perspective. I work for a BPO which stands for Business Process Outsourcing. I.E. A company that takes on another companies customer service needs. Often times, the people who you speak with represent the company (technically your interests to the company but that's besides the point). These guys often are just your average joes, Most of you probably knows someone who works for one of these companies. Whenever an unpopular decision comes down the pipeline, a company like mine takes the brunt of the emotional force. We hear your complaints (most of us agree half of the time), but we are on the other end of it. You can usually submit feedback to corporate, or though some other system, but there's only so much a company listens to it's customers. What's really fucked is usually an agent who handles this is judged by metrics such as customer satisfaction or resolution rate. For some it's also customer attrition (usually a retention department). So your displeasure, fucks the BPO more the the company (who pays the BPO for "good numbers and satisfaction". While usually it's pretty easy to correlate a drop in customer satisfaction with the release of a new product or new policy, some companies don't care. So when you yell at customer service, you're not even yelling at the right person. You might have to just suck it up and be like "Battlefront 2's gameplay looks amazing, but i'm not a fan of these policies". Which sucks because the game looks real fun. However, I play blizzard games and Over watch and HotS have similar business models. However, they're not related to the access of the characters, just cosmetics. This is game play and a pay to win feature. Just keep telling people to put there money where there mouth is and don't be what I assume are going to be millions of internet chair gamers who say they want to change, but buy the game anyway, then bitch on a forum or to customer service.
15 Nov 2017 06:24 - +8
> So be kind to them. Because at the end of the day, they probably hate EA right now too. This is the reason why I'm upvoting this.

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