I’d run a 5kkk

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15 Nov 2017 01:54 - +3068
Man, I don't wanna make it sound like I'm defending Jeff Sessions or anything... So I won't, carry on.
15 Nov 2017 02:24 - +1791
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is ether unfit for high office because he lied multiple times under oath or his is unfit for high office because he can't remember important events that he participated in only a few months earlier. One of those two things is undeniably true, so how about we remove him from high office now and then we can take our time figuring out whether or not he's also a criminal after that.
15 Nov 2017 06:17 - +843
Jefferies nailed him. He said something like (Not an exact quote, but basically what happened) “you once said Hillary Clinton said she couldn’t recall 32 times while under oath. You said that purposely not being able to recall something is still perjury. In your senate testimony you said you couldn’t recall 31, times, in your house one you couldn’t recall 35 times, and so far today you’ve said you couldn’t recall over 20 times. Do you still agree that purposefully not being able to recall something is perjury? Video here, 5 minute of him destroying sessions https://youtu.be/e-Qcufnu_jA Edit. Another great moment (if you don’t wanna watch the long clip) by jefferies is when he called out sessions for prosecuting a cop for giving false testimony but then coming back and changing it. Sessions still sent him to prison, sessions then used that exact reason to vote to remove Clinton from office saying no president is above the law. Sessions has done what he sent a man to prison for and tried to remove a president, 3 times now. https://youtu.be/UBmvcgF0_iQ
15 Nov 2017 02:25 - +426
That title is at least a B+ imo
15 Nov 2017 02:45 - +253
He's been aging fast ever since Kellyanne Conway stole the ring from him.
15 Nov 2017 05:30 - +185
How to become a Republican. Step 1. Repeat after me: "I don't recall."
15 Nov 2017 05:46 - +89
Did Jeff Sessions put a popsicle up his ass in a college hazing ritual? We report You decide
15 Nov 2017 02:17 - +87
~~Thoughts~~ and Prayers
15 Nov 2017 06:17 - +81
Charity event: > Donald Trump's White House Attorney General Jeff Sessions Memorial Politician Dementia Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure
15 Nov 2017 05:50 - +54
1,2,3,4, 5th!
15 Nov 2017 06:12 - +45
I loved listening to his testimony about it. 'Oh, *that* treason. Yeah, no, it wasn't that bad, I just forgot amongst all the other treason. And how dare you say I'm a liar sir!'
15 Nov 2017 05:50 - +27
Not a single comment about this title, get back to your roots people
15 Nov 2017 06:14 - +15
Leave little Jeff alone he’s only 5’4. He still ask for help to reach stuff at the store
15 Nov 2017 06:16 - +14
Fucking hell, what’s happened now?
15 Nov 2017 05:57 - +9
Title had me crying, shit is A1
15 Nov 2017 06:42 - +8
3K (KKK)
15 Nov 2017 06:00 - +6
I can't recall.
15 Nov 2017 06:53 - +5
I am amazed that despite admiring and revering the office of Attorney General (law enforcement officer) he failed to contact law enforcement about communications between Page, Papadopalous and Russia, before they were made public.
15 Nov 2017 06:46 - +5
I watched some clips from his recent interview. He was lying so hard and everyone knew it.
15 Nov 2017 03:47 - +5
i miss this dude on jle
15 Nov 2017 07:46 - +4
It's like when a woman discovers her man is cheating... He will only admit to what can be proven by hard evidence, and vehemently deny that he went any further. "Babe we were just talking dirty online, I've never met anyone!" Source: am man, have talked with men who were caught cheating, and have observed this trend.
15 Nov 2017 06:40 - +4
Why would you say 5kkk when the 3k is right there
15 Nov 2017 08:03 - +4
thoughts and prayers for Mr. Sessions as he deals with such a difficult disorder.
15 Nov 2017 06:42 - +4
Donald Trump's White House Russia Jeff Sessions Memorial Celebrity Collusion Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure
15 Nov 2017 08:07 - +4
Jeff sessions should be exiled into poverty.
15 Nov 2017 08:32 - +3
Must be the same debilitating disorder Hillary suffered from :( I'd organize a charity but she'd probably just steal from it.
15 Nov 2017 06:22 - +2
Hope that prick gets kicked out of office; senile fuck
15 Nov 2017 07:47 - +2
Ah politics 2.0
15 Nov 2017 07:08 - +2
What does the title have to do with the tweet? I don’t get it
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +2
15 Nov 2017 07:32 - +2
Then why did y'all vote for Hillary?
15 Nov 2017 08:32 - +2
Remember when this sub wasn't just political spamming all day everyday?
15 Nov 2017 07:54 - +2
I wish I could have used that defense with my parents when they caught me ditching school in high school. Mom: how was school today? Me: great. Mom: we went to pick you up today, they said you weren't there all day. Me: oh, that school! I just didn't recall. So, what's for dinner?
15 Nov 2017 06:52 - +2
So you’d run a strikeout, then?
15 Nov 2017 08:04 - +2
Have the race at a shooting range please.
15 Nov 2017 07:19 - +2
Micheal 5k is not 5000 miles its 5 kilometers.
15 Nov 2017 06:25 - +2
5 billion meters? Das pree far
15 Nov 2017 07:38 - +2
You mean Full-o-shit-itis
15 Nov 2017 06:27 - +2
nother reason why there needs to be age limits on political personnel. it's just a fact that as you age your mental faculties decline, and the older you get the sharper the decline, so there should be a limit to how old you can be to continue your political service
15 Nov 2017 08:00 - +2
Sounds like my last employer....
15 Nov 2017 06:32 - +2
He should have just plead the fifth like his predecessor.
15 Nov 2017 08:07 - +2
Did we watch the same hearing?
15 Nov 2017 06:44 - +2
Send ol Jeffie your thoughts and prayers

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