5 dead, including 3 at an elementary school, in shooting in Sacramento, CA

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15 Nov 2017 06:34 - +7170
"According to KHSLTV and neighbors, the shooter was known to police and was out on bail for stabbing a female neighbor when he committed the killings on Tuesday. " wat
15 Nov 2017 04:39 - +6673
Five dead by gunman hardly makes any noise these days. This is where we are today. Welcome to the new normal.
15 Nov 2017 05:06 - +3049
I'm seeing some local officials say 5 dead, and some local officials say only 5 injured and no dead, and some saying 5 dead but nobody at the school. Not sure which to believe, but this article says it happened in Sacremento California, a full 125 miles away from Rancho Tehama where it actually happened.
15 Nov 2017 04:55 - +2586
120 miles away from Sacramento
15 Nov 2017 04:44 - +2397
This wasnt in Sacramento. It was north of Sacramento, in a place called Rancho Tehama. Edit: This interview shows that there were signs the shooter was crazy leading up to this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1573118/Witness-shares-new-details-Rancho-Tehama-school-shooter.html **Edit 2**: *Update on the shooter's criminal history by our local news.* http://www.chicoer.com/general-news/20171114/rancho-tehama-shooter-faced-charges-of-shooting-at-stabbing-neighbors >"Court documents show Neal was due to stand trial Jan. 11, 2018, on charges of second-degree burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of false imprisonment by violence, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence, possession of an assault weapon and misdemeanor battery."< Note: I dont understand how they could let someone back into the community after incidents like this? I hope we can learn from this. I feel like more needs to be done to protect our schools.
15 Nov 2017 04:33 - +1155
15 Nov 2017 04:40 - +896
What's sad is that we're starting to live with it like its the weather. Chance of clouds and high of 64, mass shooting, kids dead, tomorrow rain.
15 Nov 2017 04:40 - +887
Is it bad that my initial reaction was “huh, another one already?”
15 Nov 2017 06:01 - +613
Perhaps we should pull out of the war on drugs and start allocating law enforcement resources to try and prevent real crimes that have victims
15 Nov 2017 06:13 - +406
Sacramento native checking in. Title should have read “Redding, CA” Come on OP. Sac has enough problems as it is.
15 Nov 2017 07:23 - +345
Some freak went on a random shooting spree down I-35 in Austin a few days ago. https://kxan.com/2017/11/06/man-charged-with-aggravated-assault-in-i-35-shooting-spree/
15 Nov 2017 04:32 - +303
120 miles northwest of Sacramento****
15 Nov 2017 06:46 - +299
Is this a build the wall, Muslim ban or thoughts and prayers?
15 Nov 2017 04:57 - +196
I thought California had strict magazine capacity limits and other gun control measures. How the hell did this guy fire so many rounds? Bystanders heard "at least 100 gunshots"
15 Nov 2017 08:08 - +186
Is this shit actually happening more or are we just hearing about it more because of the internet? Stupid question I know we already have the news but idk how much of this shit they actually broadcasted in the past nationally
15 Nov 2017 04:56 - +152
From the *Daily Mail*: > **BREAKING NEWS: Five dead after gunman 'who was out on bond for stabbing a woman' goes on shooting rampage in Californian town and elementary school before being killed by police** > ~~Five people are dead after a gunman went on a killing spree through a northern Californian town on Tuesday morning.~~ *Five people are dead and 10, including two children, have been hospitalized after a gunman went on a killing spree through a northern Californian town on Tuesday morning.* > The unnamed gunman was eventually killed by police at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School in northern California where he opened fire on students and staff as parents dropped off their children at around 8am.  > He killed at least four people and injured numerous others before he was gunned down at the school which was his final stop on a deadly drive through the town.    > ~~The shooting spree began at 7.52am at an address in the town where he shot several residents.~~ *The shooting spree began at 7.52am where he shot several residents on Bobcat Lane, where he lived.* > Witnesses said one man died in his driveway as a result of the first round of bullets. Neighbors there say they had been complaining for weeks about the gunman, who lived on the street, firing his gun late at night and early in the morning.   > ~~From there, the gunman is believed to have used a stolen truck to travel to the school where he injured at least three children and one adult before being brought down.~~ *From there, he used one of his neighbor's vehicles to drive into town where he crashed it. Before going to the school, he stole another person's car and used that to get to the school.* > On his way, he opened fire on a woman and her daughter who was in a Ford truck on the main road leading in to the town. Both were taken to hospital along with three children and an adult from the school.  > Another person was reportedly shot at Stagecoach Road and Oak Park Road, another intersection leading in to the town.  > The gunman then arrived at the school and fired between 90 and 100 rounds with a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns before he was brought down.  > ~~Three children were injured including a six-year-old, according to witnesses who said the child was shot twice. Their conditions are not known.~~ *He then engaged in a shootout with them before being gunned down. One child was injured at the school and they were taken to hospital where they remain.* > *All of the people who were killed were adults. It is not yet clear if anyone who was shot at the school died or if all of those who were murdered lost their lives elsewhere in the small town.* > *He is also believed to have been involved in a domestic violence incident on Monday, the day before the shooting, It is not clear if police attended that incident.* > *According to KHSLTV and neighbors, the shooter was known to police and was out on bail for stabbing a female neighbor when he committed the killings on Tuesday.* > *Temaha County Sheriff's Deputies are still grappling with the facts and have confirmed that they are working across seven different crime scenes where they believe the gunman attacked.* > *At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, sheriff's deputy Phil Johnston said the gunman went on a 'shooting rampage' after injuring at least one person on Bobcat Lane.* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5082407/Three-dead-shooting-California-elementary-school.html
15 Nov 2017 05:09 - +123
No children dead. Headline makes it seem like 3 kids were killed. Very misleading. Started as domestic violence, then went on shooting rampage. Guy didn't walk into the elementary school and start shooting.
15 Nov 2017 04:35 - +122
This is so sad to hear, the funerals for the last mass shooting have barely even started.
15 Nov 2017 07:06 - +85
good thing they made a bullet button registry. Really worked well
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +74
Can we please stop having semantic arguments about gun control and start enforcing the laws we actually have?
15 Nov 2017 05:04 - +65
A point of clarification: the shooting was not in or near Sacramento. It was in the northern Sacramento Valley, about 2 hours away. It's a very rural area, and relatively isolated.
15 Nov 2017 05:31 - +61
>5 dead, including 3 at an elementary school [From another article:](http://abc7.com/5-dead-including-gunman-after-shootings-at-7-locations-in-rural-norcal/2647030/) >Jeanine Quist, an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District, said no one was killed at the school but a "number" of students were shot and wounded.
15 Nov 2017 08:07 - +33
Dude just eat a bullet and walk away why do you have to take others with you?
15 Nov 2017 07:35 - +30
Jesus christ why can't people just kill themselves in their basement instead of taking innocent people with them and then making the cops kill them.
15 Nov 2017 08:50 - +24
So they've identified the gunman... [looks like a fine upstanding member of society.](http://www.actionnewsnow.com/content/news/Tehama-County-has-identified-the-suspected-shooter---457572373.html)
15 Nov 2017 04:32 - +17
15 Nov 2017 07:44 - +12
I live here. My cousin goes to school next to where this happened. It's a terrifying world we live in.
15 Nov 2017 09:16 - +10
The lady that they quote extensively in the article sounds like a real piece of work, just writing it off to “that’s life now”. Go to hell, Tiffany.
15 Nov 2017 09:34 - +8
As an elementary, teacher this is terrifying: "Authorities say a gunman tried to get into rooms at the elementary school, AP reports, with the intent of shooting children but that workers initiated a lockdown that saved lives." Even our practice lock-down drills are stressful and disruptive. I cannot fathom what a real one would be like. Nor do I want to have to.
15 Nov 2017 06:43 - +1
**Important** Edit 3: We are looking at updated reports to determine if this title is now so misleading that this post needs to be removed. The issue at hand is that the title now reflects both the wrong location and potentially misleading information when it states "including 3 dead at an elementary school". The updated article does not say anyone died at the elementary school and I have not been able to locate any other articles that state that there were deaths at the school. _________ This shooting happened in Tehama County, CA and not Sacramento, CA. &nbsp; As with most events like this, news agencies publish information as they get it and then update as more details become known. The title here was the title of the article at the time it was submitted, however the title and article have since been updated to reflect new details. ________ The latest update to the article is this: > A gunman killed four people and injured two children in a shooting rampage in **Tehama County** on Tuesday morning before he was fatally shot by law enforcement. _____ Edit: No one can update the title. Once a post is submitted, that's the title. Admin may have the ability to do it, however it is not an ability they use (at least I do not know when they have ever done it). Our options, as mods, are to either remove this post (thereby also removing all discussion on this post) and approve a new post with an updated title that may or may not get upvoted to the front page, or to leave this one up with a flair on the submission and a mod comment stickied to the top. We opted for the latter. Edit 2: This is not OP's fault. He submitted the article with the title that was on the article at the time. This is merely the result of a fast paced event where details became clearer over time.

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