Australia votes yes to legalise Same Sex Marriage

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15 Nov 2017 07:07 - +3161
> The participation rate was lowest in those aged 25 to 29 at 71.9%.
15 Nov 2017 07:05 - +3094
This is great, but 61.6% is pretty low, I was expecting higher
15 Nov 2017 07:05 - +2006
As a gay person, I just want to say, THANK YOU AUSTRALIA! Thank you for voting for equality! 🏳️‍🌈
15 Nov 2017 07:08 - +1971
Apparently the survey came in at under $100 million. While I would have preferred nothing was spent, it's good to hear that the ABS acted efficiently and effectively. Edit: People seem to think that I mean that there was no better way to do it. What I mean by "efficiently and effectively" is that, given the government ordered them to do a postal survey, they did a great job keeping that under budget.
15 Nov 2017 07:07 - +1664
Well done Australia. Actually surprised NSW is the most conservative state, not QLD.
15 Nov 2017 07:30 - +1641
Tony Abbott's electorate voted 75% in favor of yes. Edit: Dutton, Christensen, Andrews and Morrisons's electorates all also voted yes.
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +1335
Just so you guys know, 12 million people being surveyed out of 16 million (eligible voters) gives a statistic confidence of 99.98%
15 Nov 2017 07:26 - +778
I... I think I might be getting married. I never thought this would ever happen... Thanks guys, you all changed many lives <3
15 Nov 2017 07:06 - +730
FUCK YOUR MORAL VICTORY TONE. Congratulations to the LGBTIQ community; also my age group needs to lift its game in the return of this survey. Poor showing.
15 Nov 2017 07:10 - +662
Can we now stop referring hateful bigots as 'the silent majority' and call them what they truly are, 'The loudmouth Minority'
15 Nov 2017 07:06 - +630
Landslide. Eat a dick Abbott, there's your silent majority, being pitiful. Now get the fuck out of meddling in our relationships.
15 Nov 2017 07:08 - +597
Go go ACT, high turnout and +70% yes.
15 Nov 2017 07:07 - +545
Unexpected NSW lowest support out of all the states and territories. Wtf.
15 Nov 2017 07:07 - +492
I'm quite happy with the result however the debate has left a really bitter taste in my mouth.
15 Nov 2017 07:12 - +451
I'm sitting at home alone now sobbing my heart out. Being a happy crier is pretty shit. But I'm hoping it passes in parliament- I have a girlfriend I want to marry.
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +410
what comes first: The marriage equality bill or the chief statistician finishing his speech
15 Nov 2017 07:15 - +387
Yes! so are we doing cannabis next .... asking for a friend.
15 Nov 2017 07:50 - +322
Hello r/all, For those of you who don't know, Australia has recently has a postal survey to legalize same sex marriage. **What does this mean?** The postal survey is a nation wide non-compulsory vote (as opposed to most votes in Australia which are compulsory). It is also non-binding, meaning that the Australian government is under no obligation to act on the results and pass new legislation. **What is the point then?** As the legality of same sex marriage is a hotly disagreed-upon topic, the postal survey was created to get a good idea of how the Australian public felt about the issue. The Turbull government (Turnbull being the current Prime Minister) has stated that a yes vote will help push forward a vote to legalise same sex marriage in Parliament. Even though the majority of Australia voting yes in the postal survey will not directly legalize same sex marriage, it is definitely a step towards it. edit: It was a postal survey not a postal plebiscite as others have noted.
15 Nov 2017 07:10 - +255
15 Nov 2017 07:49 - +221
I teared up messaging my teenage kids to tell them the result. One has been bullied horribly for being gay and the other has a close friend who is gay and whose own mother proudly told her she voted NO. I truly thought my electorate would be strongly NO on the whole because those are the loudest voices around here. I'm so happy that isn't the case.
15 Nov 2017 07:20 - +216
Turnbull saying that this will get made into law before Christmas, be extremely surprised if this doesn't get dragged out for months. ffs he's just had a go at Labor again
15 Nov 2017 07:15 - +191
Overwhelming result. Every state and territory voted Yes by a clear majority. 133 of 150 electorates voted Yes. Survey was 61.3%, Newspoll had it at 63%, so $100 million and great stress to LGBTI people to tell Australia what we already knew. Now get it done, you goddamned idiots.
15 Nov 2017 07:17 - +189
when will my children turn gay?
15 Nov 2017 07:07 - +161
I'm a Kiwi, but good on you fellas. Best of luck to getting this info law
15 Nov 2017 07:35 - +152
> I say to all Australians, whatever your views on this issue may be, we must respect the voice of the people. > We asked them for their opinion and they have given it to us. It is unequivocal, it is overwhelming. They are our masters, we who were elected to parliament. -- Malcolm Turnbull We're going to hold you to that.
15 Nov 2017 07:20 - +149
Turnbull is such an idiot blaming Labor for getting in the way of the vote they apparently wanted. Labor KNEW the fucking result and wanted to save $100 million!
15 Nov 2017 07:13 - +135
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +131
Wow, only [3 electorates in QLD voted no]( ... I gotta say I was expecting worse from us.
15 Nov 2017 07:16 - +130
So now that the government has demonstrated it **can** take a sample of public opinion to guide our democracy, we the people can expect to have our say on all sorts of important issues like climate change, coal, health, education, going to war, refugees and election campaign financing, right?? Crickets.
15 Nov 2017 07:27 - +125
I am a lesbian Australian living over seas. Watching the live stream on youtube (rather late here) was very nervy but when I heard that yes result I cried so hard. It's only right now that I have realised how much this whole vote meant to me not just for marriage sake but also to feel wanted and loved by my own country.
15 Nov 2017 07:42 - +124
Eric Abetz is on the ABC right now where his electorate voted 69%, yes and he's already talking about protecting the 30% of no voters in Tasmania.... Because democracy... I hope Australia wakes up and stops voting in these dinosaurs
15 Nov 2017 07:08 - +112
The thing that really annoys me is that if it went the other way the 'no' side would be demanding no further talk or discussion and declaring it was forever 'settled'. Because it hasn't they switched to saying there need to be 'protections' and further discussion is needed.
15 Nov 2017 07:18 - +103
Blaxland, NSW 74% NO Sydney, NSW 81% YES Aren't these like 20km apart?
15 Nov 2017 07:12 - +93
Abbott didn't get his 40%, the cunt.
15 Nov 2017 09:15 - +83
My fathers got married in canada and when they came back home a week later john howard had made overseas gay marroages unrecognized. One of my fathers passed away a few years back, im so emotional right now the fact he couldnt see today. But i know he would be so proud, So happy for his husband and happy for all our friends and family. Im so happy right now. Thankyou australia. I just got a little more pride in my country.
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +75
Could've been higher. Glad to see that we support our fellow humans as people. Abbot's in a mess and we all love to see him eat shit as a bonus.
15 Nov 2017 07:09 - +63
Thank you to everyone who voted Yes! This means so much to so many people
15 Nov 2017 07:35 - +59
Warringah voted Yes 75 to ~~35~~ 25. With such a significant margin of victory im sure Tony Abbott will be representing the clear wishes of his electorate and voting yes on any SSM bill right? Thats how it works isnt it? Edit: Result good. Math Bad
15 Nov 2017 07:20 - +58
So it turns out the surveys and polls ARE statistically representative and we just wasted 144 million dollars proving it. Such excellent economic management by our friends in the LNP!
15 Nov 2017 07:26 - +58
Turnbull shows he is already trying to claim credit for it. He's a fucking dickhead.
15 Nov 2017 07:10 - +51
Only 17 electorates in the whole country voted No!
15 Nov 2017 07:14 - +48
As happy as I am that it is a vote Yes, and at the end of the day that's what counts - I'm very upset that nearly 40% of Australians voted No.
15 Nov 2017 07:38 - +41
15 Nov 2017 07:10 - +41
thanks for spending $122 million on that one guys
15 Nov 2017 08:13 - +36
* Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah recorded a 75 per cent Yes vote I love this.
15 Nov 2017 08:16 - +34
Congrats ya gay cunts.
15 Nov 2017 08:26 - +32
I was in the Gold Coast two weeks ago and saw a plane flying round with a big banner saying "don't let the PC Police win." I am so glad that we shoved it to the bastard who paid for that
15 Nov 2017 07:30 - +22
NSW officially more bogan than Queensland
15 Nov 2017 08:12 - +20
15,973,276 Australians eligible to vote 12,691,234 Voted 7,817,247 of those who Voted chose Yes (61.5%) 4,873,987 Voted no. (38.5%) 3,282,042 Did not Vote To have an even yes-no outcome 3,112,651 of the people who did not vote would have to vote no. (More than 90% of people who didn’t vote would have to vote no for the vote to have been equal)… There is no fucking way it ever would have been a no, or people can say that it is not “significant” as only 80% participated. Sample or self selection bias would be a shitty argument. HUGE MARGIN
15 Nov 2017 08:15 - +18
Hopefully it also comes with the stipulation that Margaret Court will no longer be interviewed on TV.
15 Nov 2017 07:21 - +16
Just when I thought Malcolm might make a good speech he manages to paint Labor and the cross bench as the bad guys for wanting to avoid the devisive public debate.

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