Chat does not belong on this site, profiles to not belong on this site, bios do not belong on this site, user images do not belong on this site. Facebook doesnt not belong on this fucking website.

I am so incredibly fucking tired of Reddit trying to turn into Facebook. I deleted my facebook for a goddamn reason. I do not want social media. I want a pseudo-anonymous link aggregator. This what reddit ~~does~~ did best. I am tired of appeasement toward advertisers, censorship and every other cancerous thing that has happened to this site since /u/spez came back. I personally blame him for all of this. I personally cannot wait for Reddit to go the way of Digg and burn. If I had a button to make it happen right now I would press it and move somewhere else. It's clear that Reddit will be a shell of it's former self in a years time, someone please give me an alternative. Signed, probably the majority of long time Reddit users.

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15 Nov 2017 09:16 - +4263
**The admins and the people who put up [$200 million]( a few months ago don't give a shit what redditors think.** This redesign is not for us. It's specifically catered toward people who don't use reddit at all. They're making a bet that we're going to stick around no matter how much we dislike the facebookization of this website. I really hope they're wrong and their complete disregard for what makes this website popular among it's existing userbase leads to the end of the website. ____ **Edit:** If my points were not true this post wouldn't have been removed the second it hit the front page of /r/all. Instead admins would be in here discussing the concerns many of us have about their redesign. **Edit 2:** Post has been restored. Too little too late. Fuck the admins for trying to hide the fact that nobody wants this garbage redesign.
15 Nov 2017 09:35 - +3283
I wish Reddit the best, but I agree that most of the recent decisions with respect to users and profiles are steps in the wrong direction. A big part of what makes Reddit work is that it *isn't* like every other social website. I realize we probably have no say in the matter, but although I'm in no rush, if they continue down this path I'll probably eventually bail out on Reddit as well...
15 Nov 2017 07:57 - +1262
I was hoping someone would have the guts to say this. The reason people go to reddit is that it doesn't have all the profile bullshit, its just an easy to use anonymous posting and chatting site. Now it's literally becoming facebook, which will never work because nobody really comes here to socialise. If Reddit continues down this road it will lose almost all of it's long time fans and be replaced with stale, bland content such as what is currently found on facebook. Edit: Ok guys, i understand that it didn't really take guts to make this post. But soon it will, since Reddit is removing anonymity.
15 Nov 2017 08:43 - +702
This post will probably be at the top of /r/all in about 3 hours. It will probably have 5,000 comments from users all spouting the exact same talking points and there will be lots of unnecessary quotes around words like "features" and the same old played out sayings like "shoving _____ down our throats". And after it's all said and done, these same users complaining about reddit will be back tomorrow and nothing will have changed.
15 Nov 2017 08:24 - +621
There's a lot about Facebook that I hope Reddit never touches with a 10' pole. EDIT: Offering a way to completely dismiss the chat thing is a no-brainer.
15 Nov 2017 08:59 - +494
First step in stopping all this is to stop sending gold. Don’t fuel the fire if you want it to go out.
15 Nov 2017 09:15 - +372
For those using blockers with ABP-compatible filter lists (uBlock, etc), here's three filters to get rid of chat entirely. ||*.js$script, ||*.js$script, ||$inline-script,
15 Nov 2017 08:58 - +219
My first chat experience was with someone threatening to report me to Europol. So, I’m enjoying it.
15 Nov 2017 09:03 - +193
Anyone have an alternative that isn't voat? That place is a shit hole. But I definitely want something else.
15 Nov 2017 09:16 - +176
I do not want anything the beta offers. It will damage reddit, the communities I put effort into, and the userbase as a whole. What happened to all those moderation tools we were promised years ago? The admins gutted /r/spam and destroyed the report system, leaving us nothing but man hours to moderate with. Toolbox is run by garbage people, but even they aren't given anything to work with. But yeah, lets put all the focus on making it more like facebook! Reddit is on its way out.
15 Nov 2017 09:17 - +172
I mean, I agree whole heartedly but can't we just ignore the new features and remain anonymous?
15 Nov 2017 08:47 - +109
>I personally cannot wait for Reddit to go the way of Digg and burn. If I had a button to make it happen right now I would press it and move somewhere else. You could just move somewhere else regardless. There are plenty of fine communities on the internet for just about any interest under the sun. Unless your interest is having a big audience to read your gripes, in which case, carry on.
15 Nov 2017 09:09 - +107
I'm tired of other people signing my name on rant posts.
15 Nov 2017 10:59 - +100
As a 10 year user people have been whining about the ‘old Reddit’ since I got here. I’m glad it’s not a programmer neck beard convention anymore, and the gains made far outweigh the negatives. For instance the website doesn’t fucking crash daily. The pun threads are few and far between. Super users are less super. My main complaints is good discussions have been generally relegated into smaller subreddits, and the removal of /r/ Reddit is like SNL, it’s never been good, it only used to be good.
15 Nov 2017 09:50 - +62
When was the last time they made a meaningful infrastructural improvement to how Reddit works for their users? How many core site functionality issues have been neglected and even today continue? YouTube, for zero fee, allows like 2,000 subscriptions. Reddit allows just 100 before it starts to simply *trim random content without your knowledge*. Finally, I bet Spez is pretty upset about Facebook's inaction over foreign trolls abusing the platform to undermine American democracy. Yet I have a strong feeling that the issue has not even been brought up internally at Reddit, let alone meaningfully investigated or publicly addressed. For the past 4 years or so the admins have come across as believing they could get away with doing the bare minimum that would maintain the status quo, and they'd be able to ride the wave of Reddit's original success forever. So with all that spare time they have after doing the "work" of debating whether or not /r/niggers or /r/creepshots should be banned, they figured developing ad-centric monetizatonideas like that awful Reddit TV idea, which could generate extra profit for their parent corporation The only decent publicly significant work they've done was that /r/places "experiment" -- which was indisputably a smashing success that brought the entirety of the Reddit community closer together -- which even despite its success and value has not been taken advantage of. Probably because it could not be easily monetized.
15 Nov 2017 08:43 - +57
Totally agreed. I've already blocked the chat bullshit. If the site goes much closer to Facebook, I'm out. It would probably be good for me anyway.
15 Nov 2017 13:59 - +54
Redditors have been complaining about reddit since they enabled comments.
15 Nov 2017 08:04 - +49
I used uBlock to block the chat element immediately. Didn't even click it.
15 Nov 2017 14:00 - +33
Reminds me of Youtube currently throwing all of their creators who aren’t squeaky-clean corporate machines under the bus. The bigger the website gets, the less they give a shit about the user base that got them where the are. I 💰 wonder 💰 why 💰.💰.💰.💰
15 Nov 2017 13:40 - +27
Reddit is successful because it is a more civilized 4chan. Ad dollars want this place to be as far away from an anonymous bb as possible because you can't monitize that. We don't want Reddit to turn into that but it will because several people do not know any better. Reddit will eventually lose power users (that aren't gallowboob levels of sellout like the power users on digg) and OC creators and it will die as a cheap iFunny 9gag ripoff. How ironic.
15 Nov 2017 13:53 - +21
On one hand... 1) I believe what the general consensus of the user base is should be taken in high regard. If people are very averse to this, they shouldn't do it. 2) I'm wholeheartedly disgusted by them deleting this post initially, and because of that I'm donating an upvote. However... * You do not have to use the chat function. * You do not have to use a profile picture. * Other people using these does not detract from your anonymity. If anything, a chat system adds additional anonymity by further enabling private discussion (which was possible before through DMs, just inconvenient). In my opinion, synchronous "instant messaging" is simply an upgrade to the asynchronous "direct messaging" system we already had. In the future there is literally no reason for asynchronous communication to exist: the problem is the connotation and presentation of instant messaging, wherein people feel pressured to reply immediately as opposed to an email or a direct message where they believe it's more sensible to take their time. Fix the presentation of the "chat" to be more "redditic," or more like a direct messaging system with wings, and I think everyone will be happy (except people who just don't want to be).
15 Nov 2017 13:35 - +17
When the whole Voat thing happened, I didn't realize it was just going to turn into an alt-right bastion. So I backed Voat because it had some cool features. One of those was SUPPOSED to be an anonymous chat for each subreddit. A little bit like IRC in tone. THAT kind of chat is not so bad in principle. But I just know that everything Reddit does at this point is just boiling the frog. Pao was just a fall (wo)man to make spez look better by comparison. EDIT: I forgot to say this as well. Fairly unrelated. I don't think that anyone will be able to fully get away from the data collection and abusive advertising issue until we find a way to do decentralized social media. Essentially a P2P/hybrid system which requires little cost and investment on the part of a business body. There are a lot of things that need to be done to handle this, and a few people are trying things out. I know that [Steemit]( is one option, but it's basically as libertarian as Voat is alt-right. That may bother some of you and excite some others, but it's important to remember that both Voat and Steemit are not necessarily bad intrinsically--at worst they have userbases which you dislike. The concepts they use would work for any userbase. However, I do think it has some really cool approaches to certain issues. It incorporates a blockchain system which incentivizes quality posts, makes it monetarily prohibitive to create fake accounts, and forces Gallowboobs to be more honest about the monetary aspect of their posting. Of course, this also means that it's focused on content sharing and creation, and it doesn't really have the same community aspect as Reddit does. Reddit is chock full of hobbyist, community, and self-help forums, but Steemit doesn't have that aspect. It's very much focused on the "link aggregator" style, and it monetarily rewards content creation *generally* in a which which nobody else but Patreon can really do. It's currently in beta, and I don't know if it will remain successful or not. What I do know is that every single attempt to create a more hands-off or decentralized Reddit competitor is a chance to learn something, even if it fails.
15 Nov 2017 15:19 - +15
Long-time user here (10+ years badge) and I have to agree. The new profiles are so ugly and disjointed I can't stand em. That being said, I hope Reddit finds another way forward; I love this site and do not want it to fail.
15 Nov 2017 15:38 - +8
With this and all of the EA crap going on.. I'm starting to realize that the people of Reddit are entitled little assholes. Get over it. You don't have to use these features. You can still use the site just as you did before. Fucking hell, OP shows a post history of him thinking the world is out to get him. He's one of those Infowars crack pots wearing a tin foil hat.
15 Nov 2017 11:14 - +7
Currently, Reddit is content-driven, and it works. Reddit won't be able to compete as a user-driven social network.
15 Nov 2017 13:55 - +6
Sorry, out of the loop. What is this chat thing?
15 Nov 2017 10:43 - +6
Bad grammar apparently does though!
15 Nov 2017 14:05 - +5
>longtime Reddit users >>2 year club

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