If EA suffers big enough losses from the backlash of Battlefront 2, and it all started because some guy couldn't unlock Vader, this will be the second time Anakin brought balance to something.

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15 Nov 2017 13:20 - +19995
Fucking hell, I swear some of you are straight up wizards when thinking of this shit. All I think about in the shower is that there's shampoo in my eye and that my dick look small in the winter. Edit: It seems like this comment resonated with many of you...
15 Nov 2017 12:53 - +8306
Anakin has already paid an arm and some legs for all of this.
15 Nov 2017 12:35 - +6616
Third time. He brought balance to his pod racer.
15 Nov 2017 13:47 - +2564
EA is going to give everyone Jar Jar dlc for free to please the fans. remember what George said, Jar Jar is the key to all of this.
15 Nov 2017 12:43 - +1310
>it all started because some guy couldn't unlock Vader The shitstorm against EA started well before that.
15 Nov 2017 12:51 - +1042
It's amazing to me that I, as somebody whose newest game system is PS2, know about what a shitshow EA is and I play literally no video games.
15 Nov 2017 12:55 - +788
FADE IN: EXT. MUSTAFAR - THE LAVA FIELDS *A young man with wild hair stands on a levitating platform. This is DARTH VADER, a newly anointed Sith Lord. He is staring up at OBI-WAN KENOBI, a Jedi Knight, who is positioned halfway up a rocky hill. Their blue lightsabers glow in the red light of the flowing lava.* **OBI-WAN:** It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground! **VADER:** Dude, this game came out, like, yesterday. How the hell did you already unlock that? **OBI-WAN:** ... That's not... **VADER:** (*Interrupting*) Hey! Did you *buy* that?! What the hell, man?! **OBI-WAN:** Oh, right, like you're one to talk! **VADER:** What do you mean? **OBI-WAN:** You're playing as Vader! There's no way you could have played for that long! **VADER:** You underestimate my power. *The two men stare at each other for a moment.* **OBI-WAN:** Don't try it. *Vader snarls and leaps at Obi-Wan. Before either man can react, Vader freezes in the air.* **VADER:** ... The hell? **OBI-WAN:** Ugh, there's that lag again. **VADER:** You're just making excuses for why I keep beating your ass. **OBI-WAN:** Uh huh. What, are you using the Force to stop time, then? **VADER:** Shut up. **OBI-WAN:** We're going to get kicked from the server in a second, so just tell me the truth. **VADER:** Fine. Yes, I banged your mom last night. *Obi-Wan sighs with evident irritation.* **OBI-WAN:** Tell me the truth about buying that character! **VADER:** ... So what? *A look of anguish contorts Obi-Wan's face.* **OBI-WAN:** You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy EA, not support them! Bring balance to the games industry, not leave it in darkness! **VADER:** You're taking this whole thing a bit too seriously, dude. **OBI-WAN:** You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you! **VADER:** *Yuck!* Okay, okay, I didn't sleep with your m... CUT TO BLACK.
15 Nov 2017 15:02 - +772
If EA could go back to "Challenge Everything" instead of "Monetize Everything" Id be so happy.
15 Nov 2017 13:06 - +632
I don't think this has really got anything to do with unlocks of characters, this is the last bit of bullshit from the Gaming Industry that broke the camels back.
15 Nov 2017 14:58 - +325
What I wouldn't give to see what EA's PR team is up to right now...
15 Nov 2017 15:13 - +288
And when Disney tries to make us happy by moving future Star Wars game rights to a new company which then turns out to be Valve, we'll look back and scream.... *he was supposed to bring balance to the Star Wars gaming industry, not destroy it!*
15 Nov 2017 13:38 - +227
Im sad that the reality is that this will hardly dent their profits enough to change and everything will go back to how it was and change for the worse in the future
15 Nov 2017 15:23 - +170
https://i.imgur.com/sS7Eloe.jpg The buck stops here end childhood gambling
15 Nov 2017 14:58 - +110
The thing is, the "hardcore" market that is going to be real upset over this? It's tiny. Most regular people are still going to buy EA games. It's like why Tyler Perry gets to keep making movies. The intended audience is buying.
15 Nov 2017 15:11 - +105
EA have changed the deal once, pray they don't do it a second time.
15 Nov 2017 15:36 - +55
I doubt the backlash against BF2 will even register a 1% change in their revenue. Most of you complaining are still going to buy the game when it gets released anyway, just like you do Every. Single. Time.
15 Nov 2017 15:24 - +36
Hate to say it, but the only "losses" EA is going to suffer from this will be measured in Reddit karma. Their stock is up, and people are going to buy the game.
15 Nov 2017 15:05 - +28
"Dont worry, we're still playing half a game!"
15 Nov 2017 15:10 - +24
If you think EA's bottom line is even gonna notice this, you're gonna have a bad time
15 Nov 2017 16:11 - +23
Why’d it have to be battlefront 2 that they fuck up? Really looked forward to this game 🙁
15 Nov 2017 15:35 - +17
Fourth, counting the podracer as /u/Sarahneth pointed out. Next he balanced the overabundance of Light, then the overabundance of Dark, now this.
15 Nov 2017 16:31 - +14
Can anyone explain me what happend with EA and Star wars? I play FIFA for 9+ years and this year FIFA is a joke..
15 Nov 2017 16:02 - +13
EA won't suffer anything. And whatever Battlefield/Battlefront games that come next will be even more egregious.
15 Nov 2017 16:37 - +12
What if we didn't fall for gimmicks and actually bought good games?
15 Nov 2017 16:38 - +9
Nah. I work at a certain disliked game retailer, and every single copy of the deluxe edition that we had in stock was pre-ordered already. They're raking in the $$.

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