Great officiating

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18 Nov 2017 04:05 - +8783
18 Nov 2017 04:04 - +6942
I know this sport takes a ton of physical training and is technically quite impressive, but visually everything about this sport just looks fucking stupid.
18 Nov 2017 04:20 - +4571
[Not so great officiating](
18 Nov 2017 04:12 - +4316
Damn, that caught me off guard.
18 Nov 2017 03:51 - +3704
I was not expecting him to slide across the floor like that, he brings a whole new meaning to being dedicated to the job. Funny as hell too.
18 Nov 2017 04:13 - +1589
Imagine waking up to take a piss and you see that scurry down the hallway at 3am.
18 Nov 2017 04:33 - +942
Due to the size of the gif i couldn't see the ref sliding along the floor until i scrolled down. So i was looking at the two girls in the background. It looks like they are holding hands but when the one on the right sees the camera she puts the other girls hand on her leg as if to 'not get caught'. Then the other girl starts doing like a hand wrestle for some reason. Fascinating.
18 Nov 2017 05:56 - +160
Wrestling is to MMA as what Ballet is to Dance. MMA fighters with Wrestling foundation can adjust to almost all MMA styles
18 Nov 2017 06:31 - +99
[I've seen this before.](
18 Nov 2017 06:43 - +86
For a second there I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to notice the nuance in what would make this officiating ”great” with my lack of wrestling knowledge but dang what a pleasant surprise.
18 Nov 2017 04:16 - +77
18 Nov 2017 06:24 - +64
18 Nov 2017 05:22 - +61
The guy's shoulders hit the ground at the same time so many times. Match should have been called repeatedly.
18 Nov 2017 04:36 - +46
All I hear is Zoidberg going "Woop woop woop woop!"
18 Nov 2017 06:15 - +39
Sliding into the DM’s like
18 Nov 2017 06:29 - +28
I absolutely love it when my sport (wrestling) makes the front page!
18 Nov 2017 06:39 - +18
I use to wrestle for years, not overly surprised to see this. The refs get into it.
18 Nov 2017 06:29 - +18
I just laughed out loud standing in line in Safeway and there was a handicap person in front of me, now everyone thinks I’m an asshole.
18 Nov 2017 06:34 - +17
Do you want face MRSA? That's how you get face MRSA.
18 Nov 2017 06:43 - +15
Yeah, he's pinned.
18 Nov 2017 05:06 - +12
This reminds me a lot of my dad. He was an official for high school wrestling matches. He also claims he invented peanut butter and Graham cracker sandwiches.
18 Nov 2017 08:48 - +10
As a former wrestler, I just want people to know I did a sport in my teens.
18 Nov 2017 06:42 - +9
When I was in high school wrestling, we had a ref with dwarfism. He was about 4'4 or so, and he had a round potbelly that he would scoot around on when he was watching for a pin. He was a really good ref, and hilarious to watch zip around like a penguin.

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