I just want to share this inspiring photo of my girlfriend who has been overweight her entire life until she finally decided to make a change. She lost 45kg.

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18 Nov 2017 08:09 - +4136
18 Nov 2017 05:53 - +3025
Amazing transformation, congratulations to you both. Though her forced, watercooler-smile in the second pic is hilarious.
18 Nov 2017 06:08 - +1570
My girlfriend found a better paying job, then got a bigger place, better car and felt good enough to change her life and drop 65kgs. Did I mention that I weigh 65 kgs?
18 Nov 2017 08:22 - +1024
Woah... 45kg? That's, like... at least 3 pounds...
18 Nov 2017 05:39 - +913
That's 99lbs in case anyone else was wondering.
18 Nov 2017 06:16 - +867
How'd she get so much taller?
18 Nov 2017 09:01 - +704
My favorite thing about this post is how proud OP is of their gorlfreind
18 Nov 2017 08:24 - +329
I recognize the stance in the second photo, it's the "my confidence is slowly climbing, but not quite there yet" stance us formerly big people rock for awhile. Editing to add great job to ops gf, forgot that in my initial post.
18 Nov 2017 07:52 - +230
Nice, is your girlfriend single?
18 Nov 2017 08:45 - +217
I see she has also made the migration to the indoors, where it is safe.
18 Nov 2017 05:34 - +185
Goddammit /r/pics.
18 Nov 2017 09:59 - +140
Wow, my girlfriend and I didn’t expect these much love. We adore you guys. We just want to clarify things why she FINALLY decided to lose weight. First of all, I love her so much even if she will gain the weight back. So, her two main reasons are being comfortable with her appearance and becoming fit and healthy as we are planning to have a baby. It was a rough road for both of us especially her because of her addiction to sweets. She made only small ajustments at the beginning. The goal was not to starv herself, but to make better choices when it comes to meals. She started swapping her breakfast with healthier options. When she got used to it, she did the same with dinner. She still eats ‘normally’for lunch, especially when you know she is a nurse and needs a lot pf energy to walk around all day. The hardest part for her was to stop the snacks. Once her food habits changed and the cravings stop, she started exercising. We bought a rowing machine and she does her workout when she gets back from work, watching TV. She has been having the same routine for months and months and now the results are here. Let’s not forget that every Saturday is cheatday and she eats what she wants because she deserves it so much. If you want any advice, you can directly message her; reddit username: juuxe_ P.S. She won’t be leaving me for someone else. Here’s a photo of us happily together. :) (https://i.imgur.com/Z1Dqs5Z.jpg)
18 Nov 2017 06:09 - +75
A progress pic? See you folks on the front page!
18 Nov 2017 08:10 - +46
Damn she's doing great
18 Nov 2017 09:00 - +42
Seriously, what kind of asshole would put the idea of her leaving him into his head? Noone does it like that. If someone has been in a state of unkempt self confidence, and finds a new self worth, they usually stay pretty humble. That said, there's quite a lot of fucks here on this... *lovely* site called 👽Reddit...
18 Nov 2017 05:54 - +31
Hey you should put this on the weight loss subreddit! You must be so proud of her :)
18 Nov 2017 09:01 - +30
45kg is no joke. That's a ton of weight to lose and pretty difficult! What a commitment!
18 Nov 2017 06:07 - +28
She looks much taller now.
18 Nov 2017 09:11 - +18
Congratulations! That is a very challenging accomplishment. I lost 160 lbs (and not finished yet); I know I have fallen into bad habits again - yay depression. However with support, the right mentality and motivation the weight will stay off for good. All the best to you both.
18 Nov 2017 08:13 - +13
Yea good for her, I was always encouraged by the overweight guy or girl giving it 100% at the gym. A lot of people are rude but I would always think to myself “ i hope they stick with it , if there working that hard they will definitely start seeing results”
18 Nov 2017 08:51 - +7
Good for her! I need to lose about the same amount, and I’d love to finally achieve that goal, some day...
18 Nov 2017 09:16 - +6
Congratulations to her!! What a great achievement that she made for herself! And I'm sure it took a lot of love and support from you as well, to help her with all the hard work it took! Way to go you two!
18 Nov 2017 08:43 - +6
good for her!
18 Nov 2017 08:45 - +5
What a change. Congrats. Happy for her
18 Nov 2017 09:09 - +4
Grats to yourself for such an awesome accomplishment!
18 Nov 2017 08:57 - +4
Wow! That's so impressive :) Keep up the good work!
18 Nov 2017 08:59 - +4
This is wonderful, congrats to her for all her hard work and success

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