After watching Shrek, Eleanor couldn't help but think she was committing an atrocity. Maybe going vegan wasn't enough.

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7 Dec 2017 13:37 - +1
There is an Indian religion called [Jainism](, whose adherents follow a very strict form of vegetarianism which includes [not eating root vegetables](, most notably onions and potatoes, because they grow in the ground and therefore harbor many micro-organisms which would be killed.
7 Dec 2017 11:10 - +1
Check out this cutting-edge technology:
7 Dec 2017 20:47 - +1
This title sounds like it came straight out of a cards against humanity game.
7 Dec 2017 11:52 - +1
Shrek is love
7 Dec 2017 11:58 - +1
7 Dec 2017 13:23 - +1
Oh, you leave em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs.
7 Dec 2017 11:43 - +1
This post works on many ~~levels~~ layers
7 Dec 2017 12:57 - +1
Onions are love Onions are life /r/OnionLovers
7 Dec 2017 17:33 - +1
Is she using the sharpest tool in the shed tho
7 Dec 2017 11:53 - +1
Cause ogres are like onions!
7 Dec 2017 16:40 - +1
No shit, I would probably get this. My knife skills are so poor, prep time takes way too damn long.
7 Dec 2017 13:44 - +1
I always thought that Shrek's comment about ogres being like onions was distantly related to a scene in a movie called Hero, with Dustin Hoffman, and the scene is Gina Davis peeling an onion onstage talking about the layers. I know that is not funny.
7 Dec 2017 19:44 - +1
I've considered them to be a slicer some time recently, however never all the flawless connections. I expect by what you're stating I could get the same kinda bargain at most cooking stores, isn't that so?

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