[IMAGE] Reddit, I never thought I could do it but today marks my 5 year Anniversary for when I decided to workout in my basement!!

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7 Dec 2017 13:26 - +2415
You look like both Drake AND Josh. Great job bro!
7 Dec 2017 15:22 - +1583
You Longbottomed pretty hard! Great job!
7 Dec 2017 14:49 - +486
Wow I didn't know working out could change your ethnicity!
7 Dec 2017 15:03 - +435
I read that as "work in my basement." I looked at the picture and thought for sure you were a millionaire who started a company in your basement. You look incredible!
7 Dec 2017 15:28 - +247
The first advise i got on Advise me! was "start working out for ten minutes if nothing else"...or something like that. For some reason it made it feel do-able and i've done it for two months now. Ten minutes a day. I feel so much better. It didn't just change my body (barely visible) but it changed my mood and the way I think. I'm much more positive nowadays. You look great and I hope you feel just as great!
7 Dec 2017 15:43 - +89
...I thought this was fake cause theres no way in hell those were the same person. Wtf, unbelievable...
7 Dec 2017 15:18 - +77
You look great man! How do you think your childhood as being an overweight person, affected or changed you in a way you thought wasn’t possible if you were fit before?
7 Dec 2017 15:47 - +63
I wish I had a basement
7 Dec 2017 15:50 - +53
I started working out again thanks to my friends mom who goes to a pretty hardcore gym. If I wasn't pushed to *try* I'd never do it. My fiance and I are getting fit together. We are both pretty overweight and severely out of shape. Due to my mental health I found it hard to see *why* I should do anything. But after just a day of light workouts to get in the groove, I feel great. I kicked soda today and replaced it with a water bottle I keep filling up when I'm thirsty. It's all about the baby steps. It'll get you further.
7 Dec 2017 14:01 - +38
Damn, working out changed his hair colour and fixed his astigmatism
7 Dec 2017 14:16 - +35
That's awesome! I need to start making lifestyle changes for the long run just because not for immediate unrealistic results. Great job.
7 Dec 2017 16:11 - +25
0 to mashaAllah real quick.
7 Dec 2017 16:28 - +18
From Academic Nerd to Future, Rich CEO. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
7 Dec 2017 16:28 - +16
You went from looking like a pro e-sports player, to looking like you're releasing your new Christmas album.
7 Dec 2017 15:45 - +15
join my fraternity, we need an ambiguous race with pan ash
7 Dec 2017 15:52 - +11
Well shit, I need to get a basement cause what I'm doing is not working. Anyhow, you look great mate.
7 Dec 2017 13:52 - +10
So handsome!
7 Dec 2017 16:23 - +9
I read the title as "I decided to walk out of my basement"... Similar results either way.
7 Dec 2017 16:07 - +9
Way to Go! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I've been working out for a couple of weeks, coming to a month, and when I saw your post, I knew that I shouldn't give up! Thank you!!
7 Dec 2017 15:55 - +9
Well losing the glasses, and changing the hairstyle and clothes certainly helped as well, but still, good job man!
7 Dec 2017 16:30 - +8
So working out involves - Dying your hair - Get a Different haircut - Get a tan - Wear contact lenses instead of glasses - Wear a suit - Get my teeth whitened AND LOSE WEIGHT!??? never mind
7 Dec 2017 17:21 - +8
Took you 5 years to lose the baby fat of your childhood? This is just called *aging*. I feel like this is less about the weight and more about "look how dazzling I became, with my hair and suit and teeth."
7 Dec 2017 17:45 - +7
Great job on getting fit, but I've gotta bring up my pet peeve in before and after photos: Before: Bad lighting, terribly unstylish clothing, glasses, bland hair-do, faint smile After: Great lighting, Awesome clothing, contacts, hair made up, big smile
7 Dec 2017 16:18 - +7
And how long since you've been working in that hair...damn boi!
7 Dec 2017 17:02 - +6
You still look gay
7 Dec 2017 16:15 - +6
Wow, that's amazing how much something as simple as working out and an attire change can make someone look totally different! You look great! Can I ask how you started out, like what workouts you did? I've been meaning to start , but I can't figure out what I should do.
7 Dec 2017 16:00 - +6
You went from regular guy to fantastic looking douche
7 Dec 2017 16:08 - +4
Ive always wanted to ask people who transformed themselves. How have you notice the way people and especially woman treat you before and after?
7 Dec 2017 15:55 - +4
Puberty ftw, A++
7 Dec 2017 16:15 - +4
How are you only 20? You look like you're 27 and CEO to some multimillion company. Congrats, by the way! It's really awesome you stayed humble.
7 Dec 2017 16:22 - +4
Well done mate. The inspiring thing here is not the before and after photos but the fact that you stuck with doing something difficult for 5 years. You’re reaping the benefit of the time and effort you put in.
7 Dec 2017 17:46 - +4
What the fuck you look like a famous actor.
7 Dec 2017 15:58 - +4
No. Fucking. Way. Like, what the fuck. How’d the hair color change? What’s the duration between both pictures? What’d you quit doing and start doing. Compared left to right it’s a different person. My brain hurts.
7 Dec 2017 16:20 - +3
That hair though...
7 Dec 2017 15:52 - +3
How tall are you?
7 Dec 2017 16:48 - +3
Your head turned from a circle to a triangle
7 Dec 2017 15:42 - +3
Nice job!
7 Dec 2017 16:27 - +3
Well look at you! You look like such a friendly and wonderful guy in both pics, but you should be so proud of the changes you've made!
7 Dec 2017 16:30 - +3
I’m a guy who has basically only worn a T-shirt and jeans every day for most of my life, but recently I’ve been wanting to make myself look more clean and presentable, similar to how you’re dressed in the photo on the right. I’ve tried buying button-up dress shirts, but can’t seem to find one that fits right. They’re always too baggy and long, or too tight if I go one size down. I’m curious how you find dress clothes with the perfect fit? Do you go to a taylor? Do you just have an average body shape/build that doesn’t require you to go out of your way for a good fit? Of course I could seek help in other places. I’ve just been meaning to ask someone, and I happened to come across the question when I saw your post. Any advice is appreciated! Also congrats on your progress!
7 Dec 2017 18:24 - +3
I’m gonna say it I don’t care that you broke your arm
7 Dec 2017 15:50 - +3
i see it restored your eyesight as well
7 Dec 2017 13:53 - +3
I wish I was this motivated. Good job dude!
7 Dec 2017 16:36 - +3
From Inbetweener to In between Her
7 Dec 2017 18:39 - +2
Does being a Canadian and an exfatty make you the ultimate niceguy?
7 Dec 2017 16:25 - +2
Any advice for getting hair like that? My current hair is exactly like yours in before photo
7 Dec 2017 16:32 - +2
Didn’t know working out strengthens your sight as well🧐
7 Dec 2017 16:30 - +2
Great Job, dude. It's a big achievement.
7 Dec 2017 16:45 - +2
Congrats on your progress! People will judge us no matter what so give them something you can walk away proud of no matter how they judge you. If we take chances to make small changes like exercise, explore new wardrobes and switch up our hairstyles it can make a noticeable difference that can motivate us. It's great to see you happy and celebrating your progress.
7 Dec 2017 18:17 - +2
You went from "send b0b and vagene plis" to "i take nudes if i want to"
7 Dec 2017 16:55 - +2
What year did you go to Aurora? That looks like the original logo
7 Dec 2017 16:24 - +2
Great Scott! You really did it. Congratulations! Also, I had no idea you were a celebrity, judging from that "official" in your Instagram handle.
7 Dec 2017 16:56 - +2
How did working out give you better hair at a different color?
7 Dec 2017 17:32 - +2
It looks like puberty hit you.
7 Dec 2017 16:57 - +2
Also, you grew up. It wasn’t just the working out that made you look different. This is good because it means you don’t always have to work out. Also you looked fine before too, so either way you’re fine. But yeah, you got older and of course working out is always good for you either way.
7 Dec 2017 17:37 - +2
How long did it take you till you started being really happy with results? And what's your regiment like? Diet?
7 Dec 2017 16:59 - +2
What type of exercises did you do at home? Congrats on the hot bod
7 Dec 2017 18:30 - +2
Fuck outta heeere......
7 Dec 2017 16:26 - +2
From dork to hunk
7 Dec 2017 18:39 - +2
Went from looking like "a little too chubby but sympathetic" to looking like "sleek and arrogant asshole". Well done. Grats on losing weight, but still.
7 Dec 2017 16:27 - +2
Didn’t know working out could change your hair color!!!!! Edit: you look great :) well done 👍
7 Dec 2017 16:19 - +2
7 Dec 2017 17:09 - +2
I mean to be fair losing the glasses, getting super slick new clothes, a tan, and getting a legit haircut also helped.
7 Dec 2017 17:20 - +2
Nice to see you finally grew a right arm.
7 Dec 2017 16:05 - +2
How has people's approach change towards you? especially the opposite sex
7 Dec 2017 17:33 - +2
The only thing I want to know is how you made your hair so sexy and luscious. What hair products do you use?
7 Dec 2017 18:11 - +2
You look like a little douchebag lol
7 Dec 2017 16:00 - +2
Yo what belt are you wearing in the second pic?
7 Dec 2017 14:54 - +1

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