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7 Dec 2017 16:17 - +991
I would be interested in adding sales data to this. Any correlation between how well an album sells to what type of songs are on that album?
7 Dec 2017 16:26 - +311
So the FCC won't let me be or let me be me so let me see. They tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me.
7 Dec 2017 14:12 - +255
Here’s an infographic I created in InDesign/Illustrator with some data I collected from Eminem’s track lists. If anyone is wondering about how I know the Revival features are hooks or choruses, I’m totally just estimating. There’s no way to tell until it is released, I briefly mention that in the top disclaimer. Another thing worth noting is that hook and verse are not concrete terms so on several songs I had to personally make judgement calls. Definitely not perfect data, but clearly enough to indicate a trend. If I have the time, I think I’d really enjoy making a more detailed/researched infographic (maybe a booklet) regarding Eminem’s career or discography. If anyone is interested or has ideas for that, PM me. Otherwise, enjoy!
7 Dec 2017 19:05 - +204
Remember when he was in a feud with ICP? Holy shit that's like Wayne Gretzky fighting with the guy who runs the Zamboni.
7 Dec 2017 15:31 - +164
Beautiful. I’m here hoping the album is a good listen. Not a fan of him moving in the hook feature direction over the past few albums, I somewhat understand why. His lyrics are still on point.
7 Dec 2017 19:34 - +99
I always forget how funny Eminem is. He kind of has this persona of being an idiot when he does interviews but the skits and music videos are really funny sometimes. Also beyond his rage incidents he seems to be a good dude. Research: I remembered pop culture from the early 2000s
7 Dec 2017 18:51 - +99
Every time a new Em album comes out I go back and listen to his classics which just makes the new shit sound even worse by comparison. Damn he was so good back in the day. Am I old?
7 Dec 2017 19:11 - +53
I've never understood why people want to listen to skits on an album of music. I find it really annoying and it ruins the listening experience for me. So. Much. Skittery.
7 Dec 2017 17:37 - +48
Is the feature breakdown in terms of time or tracks? If it's tracks, i feel like the data is skewed. A 30 second skit is not equal to a 3-5 minute song. Features over time? One that's a bad title. Secondly, what are the values?
7 Dec 2017 17:09 - +31
Hopefully he's dropped that awkward disjointed flow he's picked up, IMO he hasn't made a good song since the Encore album
7 Dec 2017 16:44 - +24
not an eminem fan but im surprised at the amount of skits in these albums. especially how he only has one without.
7 Dec 2017 20:21 - +16
I think it's not that Eminem has features. He always has. But there is usually a prominent rapper thrown in there on a song or 2 at least, to balance out the singers. All these features are singers. There is no one track that hip hop heads look at as a "this is going to be a classic lyrical track" no Kendrick, no big sean, no dre or 50 or D12... Its just not like Eminem to not have at least one song that features another prominent rap artist.
7 Dec 2017 20:45 - +6
I listen to a style of music where guest musicians are pretty uncommon. How did this become so common in pop music? Is it simply a venn diagram of fans? Does it not mean that most of the songs cannot be performed live unless under special circumstances or using a backing track? I understand that this is not music created for live performance.
7 Dec 2017 21:38 - +6
As someone who doesn’t listen to rap, what is a «hook feature»? I did some research online and while it’s obviously some sort of «hook», I don’t understand how one would say « HA, listen, a hook feature!».
7 Dec 2017 21:25 - +5
I really hate skits on rap albums. I always feel like they break up the flow of an album. I usually find them unfunny and/or annoying.
7 Dec 2017 17:58 - +5
Too mich hooks and not enough rap in his last album At least it wasn't just a feeling Thanks for the graph, quite nice and interesting ;)
7 Dec 2017 18:53 - +4
What did you use to create the charts and summarize the data prior to building the indesign info graphic? I’m a data analyst and my wife is a graphic designer so I would love to tee up some data for her to Create things like this.
7 Dec 2017 16:22 - +4
Can I share this on my hip hop themed Instagram ? Got like... right under 500 followers. I’ll credit however/whatever you like and link to whatever you want. Cool with you ?
7 Dec 2017 18:13 - +4
Ok, for the non hip-hop heads, what is a "Skit" ? I guess a "Hook feature" is another artist singing in the "hook" of eminem's song. But I have no clue what a Skit means ...
7 Dec 2017 21:01 - +3
Very nice. So essentially as fame fades, let skits and more guests.
7 Dec 2017 20:22 - +3
there a unique recipes and specialized principles set up to incorporate spilling and single downloads into collection deals outlines. record names depend on that information.
7 Dec 2017 21:53 - +2
I really wish he'd re-record "Relapse" without that accent. Some of the songs were actually pretty good if he'd have just done them without the stupid voice.
7 Dec 2017 20:08 - +2
Best artist ever. I don't normally like saying any one artist is better than another. Lucky though he's not an artist, he's a God. A rap God.

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