Same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia!

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7 Dec 2017 15:00 - +3114
Finally, now we can force all the no voters to get gay married.
7 Dec 2017 14:50 - +1579
BOB KATTER DOESNT HAVE TO SPEND **ANY** MORE TIME ON IT! What an exhausting, exhausting battle but we finally did it. Love to all. This is monumental.
7 Dec 2017 14:49 - +1428
At the end, that took less than ten seconds. (congratulations btw :-)
7 Dec 2017 15:07 - +1424
As a gay Australian who has been with his partner for 6 years- I’d like to thank you all for giving me this joyous opportunity to wed the light of my life before my elderly grandparents pass. The wait has caused much suffering, but it’s never too late to put things right. X
7 Dec 2017 15:16 - +1395
Abbott said he would vote yes after the survey result. The cunt abstained by leaving.
7 Dec 2017 15:03 - +953
[This is what the final vote looked like]( 🏳️‍🌈
7 Dec 2017 14:53 - +627
I could see the glint in the eyes of my boss(he is gay) as they announced the results and I'm proud to be part of this new age Australia.
7 Dec 2017 14:54 - +407
Now we can focus on the crocodiles!
7 Dec 2017 15:03 - +379
Hell yeah. Now let’s move on to euthanasia, green energy and marijuana legalisation.
7 Dec 2017 15:45 - +378
This update cracked me up:
7 Dec 2017 15:02 - +361
What a shocking outcome, I'm glad we had a large and expensive poll beforehand
7 Dec 2017 15:04 - +332
Never forget the conservative cowards who spent all day obfuscating the process by adding bullshit amendment after amendment, only to sit on the yes side en masse for the final vote. Have some conviction in your hate, you weak willed slime balls.
7 Dec 2017 15:14 - +321
And in the spirit of reconciliation and moving forward..... Fuck you Bob Katter you senile old prick
7 Dec 2017 15:23 - +296
Somebody quickly update the gay agenda
7 Dec 2017 14:51 - +290
About time
7 Dec 2017 14:53 - +188
Today is one of those days that's going to be talked about in history classes for decades to come.
7 Dec 2017 16:35 - +172
Love to the Parliamentarians who brought this forward for us. **Warren Enstch**. Perhaps the most unlikely, but certainly one of the longest standing, advocates for marriage. Reportedly when he raised the issue at a Liberal meeting decades ago his was the lone voice there in favour of equality. You might hate much of his politics, but on this issue he has burned the torch longer and it more desperate circumstances than many. **Adam Bandt**. The sole Greens lower house member, he has repeatedly revealed the hypocrisy of major party members who privately supported equality but voted against through private member's bills. His stand kept the heat on the majors **Penny Wong**. Her principles kept her in Labor because of shared values on oh so many other issues. She fought the party within and eventually turned Labor to abandon it's "small target" policy of not moving on the issue. Labor today is as staunch on the issue as any, and for that we must thank Penny.
7 Dec 2017 15:04 - +152
I'm in the dressing room of a musical. Got to announce it to the cast. The cheers... so wonderful.
7 Dec 2017 15:09 - +148
So Katter voted no. What happened to people being entitled to their sexual proclivities? And letting a thousand blossums bloom? edit: he also let loose with this beauty today: "I refuse to use the word g-a-y," - Bob Katter. what a dickhead, glad this is all over.
7 Dec 2017 14:54 - +146
Technically it hasn't (at time of this post), we still got the third reading BUT ITS HAPPENING! ITS FUCKING HAPPENING
7 Dec 2017 15:11 - +143
We are one, but we are many And from all the lands on earth we come We'll share a dream and sing with one voice "I am, you are, we are Australian"
7 Dec 2017 15:56 - +113
7 Dec 2017 15:32 - +103
HAH Tony Abbott left the chamber before the vote, spineless fucker.
7 Dec 2017 15:16 - +89
We going to /r/all you mad cunts! Shame the No cowards didn't all sit in during the vote, as it would have been nice to officially document their opposition to progress.
7 Dec 2017 15:24 - +69
Congrats from Denmark, cunts!
7 Dec 2017 14:53 - +69
[Booyah! 🏳️‍🌈](
7 Dec 2017 16:07 - +56
My first ever vote has actually had an impacted on Australia im proud
7 Dec 2017 15:07 - +53
Fuck you Abbott and co
7 Dec 2017 15:32 - +53
My uncle can now finally marry his partner of 20odd years. They’ve technically been “married” via wedding rings on their fingers, but now, with this, it will be on paper and legal! I’m so happy to see this progressive attitude win in Australia.
7 Dec 2017 15:21 - +49
YOU FOOLS. THIS IS THE GAY AGENDAR. NEXT UP MANDATORY BRUNCH MIMOSAS FOR TODDLERS! But also congrats Australia for finally doing something not moronic.
7 Dec 2017 15:58 - +46
As a gay Aussie who’s been with my partner for almost 10 years, getting married has never crossed my mind. We bought a house together, own two Frenchies and just go about our own business. But this historic day has sent tingles down my spine. Maybe I have to finally say yes to that fantasy wedding in the Maldives or somewhere exotic that we’ve been joking about!?!? 🌈
7 Dec 2017 15:02 - +44
Awesome! Australia just took one giant leap towards becoming as cool as New Zealand.
7 Dec 2017 15:50 - +43
As a brother of a gay man who’s been with his partner for over 30 years and with lots of gay friends, this makes me very, very happy. Well done to the people of Australia and to the pollies who were all for this. Not before time. To those who weren’t, fuck you. To Abbot and Turnbull in particular, fuck you harder. A great day.
7 Dec 2017 15:33 - +41
Eat shit Lyle.
7 Dec 2017 15:01 - +40
Can't have a rainbow without a little rain
7 Dec 2017 16:05 - +38
I’ve had one of the most depressing days of my life but this... just fucking this. I was so nervous at the start of this year, a bi male 16 year old going to a new catholic school. But all my new friends were so supportive and helped me get through the last few months. At last this battle is over and hopefully homophobia will begin to die out. I know this will probably get buried with all the great messages of love but I just wanna say thank you to all of you here for all of your support.
7 Dec 2017 15:09 - +36
This should become a canonical example that "only the result matters" is bullshit. The last several years of this debate, and the last several months ESPECIALLY, has been a completely unnecessary, wasteful and harmful shitshow that should never have occurred, and about that, I am still angry.
7 Dec 2017 15:29 - +31
I looked down at my new son as this was passed. He's going to live in a much better Australia than I grew up in.
7 Dec 2017 15:01 - +30
**Now** you can celebrate.
7 Dec 2017 16:41 - +25
So happy!! The joy that's spreading around the internet right now has inspired me to finally book an appt to speak to someone, as I don't have the courage to be honest about my sexuality with my friends, let alone talk to a woman. Everyone I know has been so loud and supportive, it's awesome to actually witness people coming together to make a HUGE difference and I've got butterflies in my belly thinking about it. Yay @ Australia makin progress 👏🏻👏🏻
7 Dec 2017 15:18 - +22
Listening to the livestream of the debate made the day feel like an eternity, but it was worth. All worth it. Thank you Australia, every single one one of you are a magnificent bastard I want to buy a beer for right now. Yes, no or undecided. I'd even call for help if I saw Katter being savaged by a crocodile, so happy am I right now.
7 Dec 2017 19:07 - +22
Good luck to all the no voters in dealing with all the difference this wont make to their lives
7 Dec 2017 15:54 - +21
This is so gay
7 Dec 2017 14:59 - +21
Officially official.
7 Dec 2017 15:14 - +20
7 Dec 2017 16:52 - +20
<quietly reaches into the freezer for a golden gaytime...>
7 Dec 2017 15:01 - +20
But someone please think of the crocodiles
7 Dec 2017 15:33 - +20
This is a historic day for our nation, and, indeed, the world. Politicians actually did their job and represented the majority of the population. The final division in the house of reps was a ***COMPLETE* WHITEWASH** with only four dissenters who voted no. As there were less than 5 people on the no side, standing orders dictate that there is to be no formal count of the votes because the result is fairly bloody obvious. When the final reading was completed, marking the passing of the bill, a mighty cheer went up in the house that lasted for several minutes of blissful unity as politicians on all sides of the house celebrated equality finally becoming law. Technically, it's not law yet, but royal ascent has always been a rubber stamp formality - especially for something with such widespread bipartisan support, so it is effectively law anyway. The plebicite that wasn't needed when John Howard slammed that door shut in 2004 has allowed this conclusive victory for equality. It took 13 years of fighting an uphill battle against the vocal minority, but it finally paid off. Equality is here to stay
7 Dec 2017 15:42 - +19
Congratulations guys, from Scotland.
7 Dec 2017 16:28 - +18
Turnbull didn't deserve that win, but I'm glad it happened. Small side note, wedding season is gonna be fucking mental from here on out.
7 Dec 2017 15:04 - +18
For anyone interested, I took a screenshot of the room after they called for a division.
7 Dec 2017 15:44 - +15
People in the wedding industry must be so happy too. The divorce industry will also see a small up tick in the comming months and years.
7 Dec 2017 15:01 - +15
Great result - even if the path to get there was stupid
7 Dec 2017 15:02 - +15
So glad it got through without any amendments, Today is a good day.
7 Dec 2017 15:00 - +15
Go you big red fire truck!
7 Dec 2017 15:39 - +14
So touching to hear the spectators singing I Am Australian. Haven't heard it sung as a crowd since the Cronulla riots. At least this time the singers knew what the lyrics meant.
7 Dec 2017 16:46 - +1
Hello /r/all. Please keep it civil, I'm issuing temp bans to everyone who can't play nice. Abusing fellow redditors is against our rules.

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