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7 Dec 2017 17:14 - +2294
Past few days? It really was only one day and for a 100 year anniversary that seems fair.
7 Dec 2017 17:24 - +1858
7 Dec 2017 18:00 - +1041
Ssh. Let us have this. I am sure we will have calmed down by tomorrow.
7 Dec 2017 17:31 - +408
Oh no, I was just about to come here to post the Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish congratulation videos I saw :D I guess I'll skip it then. But guys you need to understand, we have been so touched by all the countries and people from all over the world not only _noticing_ (torille!!) us, but being _friendly_. I mean christ, we are a country that goes fucking nuts when Conan O'Brien mentions us, how do you except we can handle all this? But seriously, this is a once in a lifetime event, next even a little similar to this will be in 50 years and by then we have recovered from this. If we are still using reddit that is. Which somehow sounds very sad btw.
7 Dec 2017 18:48 - +267
I, for one, welcome our Sauna Suomi overlords.
7 Dec 2017 17:21 - +205
No independence day for us :( Unless you count Brexit, but I have a feeling there wouldn't be any karma to be had celebrating that here.
7 Dec 2017 17:04 - +194
It would've been appropriate if the mods changed the stylesheet of the sub and increase the spacing between posts. Just like in real life, a nice and safe distance between everybody.
7 Dec 2017 18:01 - +186
Sure, but... let's face it: Finland is the Homer Simpson of Europe. Source: I'm a Finn.
7 Dec 2017 16:39 - +159
I mean it's once in a 100 years, let them have their fun I suppose The Dutch still beat Finland at everything anyway.
7 Dec 2017 17:07 - +91
Wait a minute. There is something bothering me about this place. I know, this country does not have a NATO-membership against russian aggressiveness. Enjoy your death trap, finns.
7 Dec 2017 18:16 - +85
Happy birthday, Finland. We're not far behind you.
7 Dec 2017 16:57 - +60
Story of my life. I grew up in a neighborhood with tons of Finns in Sweden. They'd constantly switch back and forth between Finnish and Swedish.
7 Dec 2017 19:27 - +39
Finland, Finland, finland. That's the country for me.
7 Dec 2017 19:52 - +22
I just wanna plug my favourite Finnish cultural contribution: /r/MySummerCar. Perkele!
7 Dec 2017 19:21 - +17
I wish europe was like this always and forever.
7 Dec 2017 19:42 - +17
Maybe in other parts of the world, kindness towards other countries is a foreign concept. But in Europe, we're all classy. Well. Everyone except the Dutch.
7 Dec 2017 19:38 - +14
Canadian here; anyone care to give me a brief history lesson on the origins of Finland?
7 Dec 2017 17:57 - +13
and it's awesome.
7 Dec 2017 19:57 - +9
That was fun thank you! Now please leave us alone.
7 Dec 2017 18:09 - +9
7 Dec 2017 19:15 - +8
This country doesn't have any fire exits!
7 Dec 2017 21:23 - +8
As an ignorant american pig, I have literally no idea what this means. I have since subscribed to this subreddit.
7 Dec 2017 18:47 - +7
And they wont stand that close to each other
7 Dec 2017 19:40 - +6
Don't worry lads, 28.10. 2018 is going to be the day of 100th anniversary of the Czech republic/Czechoslovakia. It's going to be big...
7 Dec 2017 20:12 - +5
I don't buy it, they are way too close together!
7 Dec 2017 20:21 - +5
Something’s not right here....wait a minute! This European bar doesn’t have any fire exits!!
7 Dec 2017 20:58 - +5
Even Steam had a "Finland Anniversary"-Sale :-)
7 Dec 2017 20:44 - +5
Next year polish 100th independence anniversary is comming. Brace yourself
7 Dec 2017 20:37 - +4
Se on elämää. Kuitenki huome kaikki unohtaa sen
7 Dec 2017 19:54 - +1
Deal with it saatana

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