TIL that from 2013 to 2016, US physicians accepted $24.94 billion from pharmaceutical companies, in nearly 41 million transactions, and there is a searchable web database where you can find out if your doctor has accepted any payments, from whom, how much, and the nature of the payment.

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7 Dec 2017 20:17 - +231
Here’s the biggest problem. They shouldn’t be allowed to advertise on tv like they’re a beer company. Most western countries don’t allow this and i remember a time when we didn’t either.
7 Dec 2017 19:48 - +117
Wow, my old doctor accepted $214. That cunt... /s
7 Dec 2017 21:11 - +1
Mine took $16.94 in Food and Beverage?! I bet it's from Big Water. She was always telling me to drink more water. That sneaky bitch.
7 Dec 2017 20:44 - +1
My wife is on that list because a pharmaceutical company supplied everyone with breakfast one morning.
7 Dec 2017 21:17 - +1
This is insane. This .gov website is crazy. No way I received this much money my whole life. I don’t even speak to my drug reps.
7 Dec 2017 21:15 - +1
Someone went to their medschool bioethics class.
7 Dec 2017 21:27 - +1
Why do you think weed is still illegal. Weed is a safe alternative to hundreds of pain killers.
7 Dec 2017 21:26 - +1
Thank you very much, I’ll check that out. I never heard of it, and I feel shame for that haha
7 Dec 2017 21:10 - +1
Am a doctor. I am forbidden by work rules to accept any actual money (which is good), and try and avoid other consideration (food etc) on principle, but I have about $350 a year on my payment list. Why? Well if a company brings pizza to work, they tend to get a list off all the docs and put my name on it whether I ate it or not. And sometimes I go to dinner business/research meetings at national meetings (since I have to eat and often evening is the only time free to find time to work) where the bill is paid by company and a average of the whole bill goes on there. At least for me, zero consideration always seems to be about $350. Realize this is literally nothing. Some doctors who put in say, expensive artificial joints, have been listed as getting like $500,000 a year. Now THATS “consideration”. This is a good law to require this reporting.....
7 Dec 2017 21:01 - +1
My doctor accepted 3.50...should I be worried
7 Dec 2017 21:21 - +1
America is so fucked up.
7 Dec 2017 21:15 - +1
Now, if only something like this for politicians.
7 Dec 2017 21:26 - +1
Nobody can be trusted. Politicians obviously can't be trusted. But neither can doctors. Or scientists. Or the media. Or professors. They all get paid to push narratives.
7 Dec 2017 21:07 - +1
My doctor received 130 payments for roughly $3400 for food and beverage. No single company with more than 20ish payments. Are they just buying him lunch every other day?
7 Dec 2017 21:28 - +1
I wish they'd do this for us veterinarians. Some of us need the money and a little incentive to sell their drugs which can end up costing over $3 a pill. What do pharmaceutical companies do for us? They give us free products for our own pets. One pet, not all of our pets.
7 Dec 2017 21:00 - +1
$608.29 per transaction on average. Is it a lot? Asking as someone not from the states. What are those physicians expected to do for the money?
7 Dec 2017 21:14 - +1
This won't be a popular opinion but.. let's get rid of doctors. The sooner we let computers do our health, the healthier and better off we'll be.
7 Dec 2017 21:18 - +1
My doctor took $424,000 which is apparently $421,000 above the mean. *Edit - Is $1.3 million over the last 3 years abnormal?
7 Dec 2017 20:35 - +1
Is there nobody in the US who won’t accept a bribe?
7 Dec 2017 21:03 - +1
Work in a pharmacy and you’ll learn about new medications from the different pharmaceutical reps that come thru town. Just the other day we had two reinventions of the wheel for ADHD medications. It’s kinda like when Dr Oz mentions something and the next day or later that day everyone comes in to buy a product I’ve never heard of. Edit wheel not well, not well written within walking mobile writings
7 Dec 2017 21:20 - +1
Is this all part of those R&D numbers they say are high?
7 Dec 2017 20:37 - +1
If this upsets you, let me recommend a course of Ignorify™. *Side effects may include demonic possession, spiritual awakenings and/or death.
7 Dec 2017 21:22 - +1
So it could be easier to see what doctors will prescribe drugs?
7 Dec 2017 20:40 - +1
Has nobody seriously seen Love and Other Drugs? That's all that movie is about.
7 Dec 2017 21:26 - +1
My brother accepted $17.50. I can’t wait to tease him about this.
7 Dec 2017 21:05 - +1
They also spend more on lobbying Congress than any other industry, but they claim they need to charge those high drug prices to fund “research and development”
7 Dec 2017 21:27 - +1
What the fuck America.
7 Dec 2017 21:20 - +1
My doctor was pushing a pain medication I felt uncomfortable with because of the heart-related symptoms. I checked this website and found that he had accepted payments from that medication’s representative. It helped me realize he wasn’t interested in my personal healthcare. I got another doctor instead of filling that prescription.
7 Dec 2017 21:27 - +1
Now only if there was a law that forced politicians to disclose how much money they’re accepting from companies...
7 Dec 2017 21:18 - +1
If only there was a website like this for all politicians to show where every dime they take comes from.
7 Dec 2017 20:09 - +1
Woa this is crazy
7 Dec 2017 21:23 - +1
Just checked and my pediatrician(I’m 18) has receive payments from 4 pharmaceutical companies, all <$30 and for “food and beverage”. TIL my doctor just takes free meals from big pharma.
7 Dec 2017 21:06 - +1
Expect this website to be shut down soon. Transparency has no place in the new Homeland. Da?
7 Dec 2017 21:26 - +1
Based on the comments so far, there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what is going on here. In a MAJORITY of cases, these are not checks written by Big Pharma to Doctors in exchange for prescribing their drug. This would violate tons of ethical principals, and contrary to popular belief, most doctors have morals. If your physician shows up on the list with $1,000-2,000, most of the time this money is coming from pharmaceutical drug reps that visit the office or hospital and cater a lunch or dinner in exchange for listening to a sales pitch of their product. This is actually really important for physicians to do as it keeps them updated on the newest data and treatments available. Additionally, physicians are required to continue their education throughout their practice. Most are required to obtain "Continuing Medical Education" points to maintain their license. Some pharma reps sponsor CME credit classes, and this is another way that money could show up as being "accepted" by the physician, even though they aren't taking home cash. Are there Doctors out there abusing the system? Absolutely. If your doctor shows $500,000, then they are probably getting paid to fly around the country and give talks on behalf of the drug company. This enters a gray area, and is controversial ethically. However, this is rare, and surprisingly, most doctors actually do care about their patients and will put their interests first.
7 Dec 2017 21:12 - +1
my dr accepted 900 dollars in 2016 and far more the years prior to that. No surprise though. I hate most drs. Every time I go NOTHING gets solved or accomplished, and I would be the same had I never gone and figured out my own way to get better and did. Fucking assholes.
7 Dec 2017 20:19 - +-2
Dr. Donald Trump accepted over $700 in 2015.

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