Cyberpunk failed us

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7 Dec 2017 21:39 - +2374
You know what else? I went outside last night and there wasn't a *single* half-naked robot lady posing stoically in a rainy neon-lit street.
7 Dec 2017 21:00 - +1037
A true dystopia...
7 Dec 2017 21:50 - +586
To me it's even more ominous because it makes it sound innocent. "Tyrell Corp"? Yeah, they'd be up to some shit. "Google"? No way they're trying to take over the entire planet. Couple years later Google has you shoving their new "body phone" up your ass and you paid *them* 800 dollars.
7 Dec 2017 21:32 - +378
Zaibatsu corporation, who make kielbasa sausage, chai tea and rucksack backpacks
7 Dec 2017 21:42 - +231
Well, there's still Xiaomi, Aztech Group, Komatsu Limited...
7 Dec 2017 22:00 - +219
Exxon Mobil though.
7 Dec 2017 22:00 - +146
Disney is named after one of its founders and Amazon is based on a south american heritage of using blood, sweat, and tears of its employees to deliver their products to common consumers I don't see the problem here
7 Dec 2017 21:46 - +104
my car was made by FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES
7 Dec 2017 21:59 - +77
This reminds me of this tweet from William Gibson:
7 Dec 2017 22:12 - +44
"As computers became simpler and more user-friendly, they started to give people the ability (or at least the illusion) of understanding and control. And so they got less scary. A bundle of thick cables became a single Ethernet cord. Dirt and grime were replaced by port and polish. Evil megalithic corporations became cuddly publicly-traded corporations. Cyberpunk became post-cyberpunk. [...]And now we have entered the realm of post-post-cyberpunk. Mainframes were scary; laptops less so; the iPhone is many things but it is not an object of apprehension. This is the progression of every technology: from immature and frightening, to clunky and disseminate, to mature and user-friendly. Cyperpunk was a genre of the coax cable, postcyberpunk of the ethernet cord. We are the wireless generation. There is nothing to fear but fear itself." -from an essay I wrote on the day I first got a smartphone
7 Dec 2017 22:48 - +39
Subaru Corp. used to be known as Fuji Heavy Industries.
7 Dec 2017 22:49 - +31
7 Dec 2017 22:51 - +28
How did we get on the front page of /r/all, no one likes us lol
7 Dec 2017 23:01 - +22
7 Dec 2017 23:26 - +20
Someone made a Black Mirror comment and deleted it before I could submit this reply, but I wasn't about to throw out this long ass comment I typed up lol *Minor* (with one pretty big spoiler) Black Mirror spoilers below... Cyberpunk doesn't just start out of nowhere. Black Mirror has a very, *very* thin thread connecting some stories, that if you follow can really connect the dots from our modern dystopia to a cyberpunk one. The bee drones in "Hatred in the Nation" are very dystopian and plausible, yet the world still appears a few steps away from having Cyberslums and widespread prosthetics. However if you listen closely, you can hear the news station talking about "The military introduced their MASS system". This connects to the previous episode (presumably set a few decades later), "Men Against Fire". "Men Against Fire" is **very** dystopian and really sets up the world for a cyberpunk transition. However this technology is still only in the hands (or should I say "brains") of soldiers. However backtrack to the episode "The Entire History of You" in season 1 and it appears this brain implant technology has spread to consumers in the form of "GRAIN". Also tied into the mix is "White Christmas" where government agencies now have the ability to punish indivuals with this "GRAIN" implant, altering every citizens senses to literaly block out a punished individual, while at the same time blocking out every single person from said individuals senses. Scary shit. The world can go from "boring dystopia" to "cyberpunk hell" within a short time.
7 Dec 2017 22:50 - +18
Amazon Industries sounds like some forest killing corporation.
7 Dec 2017 21:40 - +14
Amazon could be a cool name, just pronounce it like 'amazing'
7 Dec 2017 21:12 - +13
I genuinely lol'd. xD
7 Dec 2017 22:36 - +13
Well, we do have megacorp Saeder Krupp; it’s just a mouse running it instead of a dragon.
7 Dec 2017 23:22 - +9
I'm kinda disappointed that no one has pointed out that Disney is owned by a shadowy mega-corporation named VIACOM.
7 Dec 2017 22:59 - +8
"Commerce, is our goal here at Disney. More human than human is our motto. Cartoons are an experiment, nothing more. We began to recognize in them strange obsessions. After all they are emotional inexperienced with only a few years in which to store up the experiences which you and I take for granted. If we gift them the past we create a cushion or pillow for their emotions and consequently we can control them better."
7 Dec 2017 23:14 - +6
That's the thing, if they had those names in real life we'd be referring to our future corporate overlords as Google and Apple in our novels and movies. To be honest though, there are plenty of cyberpunk named corporations out there besides the technology and movie industries, think energy and power companies. I agree with u/S4MH41N , the child-like names play more into the narrative of blindly accepting the facade of innocence.
7 Dec 2017 22:57 - +6
I like those companies -- I get a lot of cheap books and games off of Amazon and the only thing I don't like about Disney is that they can't seem to do the Tron franchise justice. I think the greatest disappointment is the lack of the (commercial) hoverboard -- I wanted the hovercar, but I would have settled for a hoverboard.
7 Dec 2017 22:57 - +5
7 Dec 2017 22:18 - +5
Dizunii Intellectual Properties Corp
7 Dec 2017 23:11 - +4
Subarus parent company is Fuji Heavy Industries so there’s that.
7 Dec 2017 23:06 - +4
I keep seeing the company “Moneycorp” at airports and if that isn’t fucking evil sounding I don’t know what is
7 Dec 2017 23:24 - +3
One of the worst parts about the corporate takeover of America, at least in my opinion, is the fact that they shit on us and then use hella PR and ads to just try and brainwash us into thinking they’re our friends or something. “We’re gonna shit on you real quick but look, Flo from Progressive! Don’t you love our nice, happy corporation!” Hate that shit, man
8 Dec 2017 01:02 - +3
In dystopia Korean, there is Samsung
8 Dec 2017 01:02 - +3
Comcast reeeeeee
7 Dec 2017 23:08 - +3
The PUBG Corporation is a pretty CyberPunk name.
7 Dec 2017 23:10 - +3
Weyland-Yutani Corporation
8 Dec 2017 00:51 - +2
However, companies that sound like they from cyberpunk like ["Sanrio corp"]( don't make it feel the same danger when you look into them. However, cyber punk evil industry names is one of the easiest way to name. * "CORP" or "INDUSTRIES" for western power at the end of it, Like Google Industries or Google Corp, You just leave it as "Tyrell" it don't sound that sinister anymore * Any asian organizations sounding names like "Saniro Corp" Or like "Ichiban AI" that sounds cooler and techy but is just "Number one love". But it sounds cool for western right? Also Ichiban is so overused. * N-"insert 2 other letters" for evil news. "NRC-News Reddit Cyber" * If you really lazy, just make it "Villains first or last name and throw in Corp" If it is asian orianted, throw in Clan.
8 Dec 2017 00:33 - +2
Jesus Christ that was difficult to read...
7 Dec 2017 23:25 - +2
The building where I work is called Evolution Corporation, am not lying
7 Dec 2017 23:51 - +2
Amazon actually sounds pretty intense.
7 Dec 2017 23:30 - +2
Zaibatsu is especially funny because it means plutocrat in japanese.
8 Dec 2017 00:44 - +2
Don't fret! We still have gigantic equity firms like: Roark Capital Group, owns Wendy's and Arby's Hudock Capital Group, owns 36% of McDonald's Corporation And Capital Restaurant Group, which owns Burger King Of those don't say delicious dystopian cuisine I don't know what does!
7 Dec 2017 23:23 - +2
Lone Star Security Services
8 Dec 2017 00:57 - +2
Tfw the world will never be a large rainy neon-lit city at night all day, every day. Tfw you will not have a sentient robot gf Tfw you will never have cool looking clothes because if you try to wear that stuff in real life, you'd look like an idiot or school shooter.
7 Dec 2017 23:00 - +2
Google kind of works for me if i try to forget the marketing behind the name. Kind of cyberpunkish

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