Tfw you’re a dick but get a really honest answer back.

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7 Dec 2017 21:26 - +10341
I appreciate the calm and professional response.
7 Dec 2017 21:22 - +3785
He gets in touch with voters like Roy Moore gets in touch with children.
7 Dec 2017 22:53 - +2111
Republicans want Al Franken out for sexual assault. Republicans want to let Roy Moore the child molester in. Guess they only believe women that report democrats.
7 Dec 2017 22:10 - +1945
Don't fuck this up Alabama. Wait you will.
7 Dec 2017 22:20 - +750
Why is the real world so depressing.
7 Dec 2017 21:31 - +650
Well he has my vote. Too bad I don't live in Alabama
7 Dec 2017 23:05 - +505
I feel bad for him. He's doing his best and **still** losing to a known kiddy diddler.
7 Dec 2017 22:33 - +340
NPR Ran a story just the other day about how candidates would start texting people directly. I didn't think they meant it. This seems like a genuinely effective step in the right direction to get young people to vote.
7 Dec 2017 23:49 - +205
The most polite "I don't fucking know what these assholes are doing - I'm just trying my best here, man" I've ever seen.
7 Dec 2017 22:38 - +205
I don't understand why Roy Moore isn't in handcuffs? Running for senate or not he's still been accused of a crime of which there's ample evidence.
7 Dec 2017 21:40 - +153
Special elections don't generally have low turnout among those on the right...
7 Dec 2017 23:01 - +139
Trump won Alabama by like 25 points. Moore is winning by like a point. That should tell you how many Alabaman's aren't voting for moore
7 Dec 2017 23:23 - +77
What a shitty way to respond to someone who was looking for actual questions as a response to maybe help give their candidate more to discuss for their platform. Doug Jones' and his staff are doing the best they can. It's not their fault they're running in a state where tribalism outweighs common sense. Just look at some of the hidden comments in this thread. It's impossible to use sanity against crazy people and there's very little Doug Jones can really do about it.
7 Dec 2017 23:27 - +64
Is there lead in the water in Alabama? I'm beginning to think the state has a crisis with mental retardation.
7 Dec 2017 22:34 - +58
Oh shit it really was him and not a bot lol
7 Dec 2017 23:36 - +56
We're all forgetting here that they don't believe the charges. ABC was down in AL the weekend that WashPo story broke and they found a total of ZERO people that believed the story. This is a serious problem when the news is no longer believed.
7 Dec 2017 23:20 - +42
I donated $10. I don't live in Alabama. Between 11/30 and 12/2 they sent me 24 emails and two text messages. It's really fucking annoying.
7 Dec 2017 23:13 - +36
Oh ho ho! This is surely political humor! Right? Right?
7 Dec 2017 23:24 - +29
"I'm not involved in any way, but why aren't you doing better??" --typical citizen
7 Dec 2017 23:36 - +24
Hey, hey, OP? You had better as hell fucking VOTE
8 Dec 2017 00:12 - +18
The 'why is a child molester leading the polls' question is really one you have to ask the people of Alabama.
7 Dec 2017 23:35 - +17
why would you blame him? blame roy moore and the pieces of shit who are going to vote for him. at least doug jones is trying
8 Dec 2017 00:35 - +13
You know what you can do to make up for being a dick? Go fucking vote. Convince 3 of your friends to vote.
8 Dec 2017 00:36 - +12
"Alabama voters would rather have a child molester than a Democrat."
8 Dec 2017 01:52 - +8
Not humor related, but I work in campaigns and have sent tens of thousands of these kinds of text messages. This volunteer (though it could have been a staffer) handled this super professionally, so kudos to the Organizer that trained them. also our favorite replies are Gifs, so please respond with more gifs
7 Dec 2017 23:41 - +7
honestly i dont think that was meant to be a dick, i think it was just surprise. i keep asking myself that question every day. "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE...AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS?"
7 Dec 2017 23:04 - +1
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