Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs. [6/14/16]

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7 Dec 2017 23:24 - +2707
Yesterday, Sarah Sanders informed the press that the President [would have no problem with businesses hanging antigay signs that explicitly state they don't serve LGBT customers.]( She went on to say, "The president certainly supports religious liberty and that's something he talked about during the campaign and has upheld since taking office." Furthermore, When pressed on whether that included support for signs that deny service to gay people, Sanders responded: "I believe that would include that." e: formatting and additional context.
7 Dec 2017 23:26 - +2019
with a VP pick of Pence, who the hell believed that lie to begin with??
8 Dec 2017 00:57 - +403
Hah this is hilarious. A president that wants to ban transgender people from service and a VP that believes in electroshock therapy. They wouldn't hesitate to pray the gay away with their Good Christian Values™
7 Dec 2017 23:38 - +212
Has Trump followed through on any of his actual campaign promises? I feel like he's flipped his stance on crucial things that people voted him in there for.
8 Dec 2017 00:31 - +187
Trump is basically a self-contradicting prophecy. Whatever he said in his past tweets are the complete opposite of what he does/happens. I personally can’t wait when the economy starts tanking hard because there are more than enough hypocritical tweets of that.
8 Dec 2017 00:52 - +91
But but but he was the first president to hold up an LGBT flag!! He can't be prejudiced against gays! /s
7 Dec 2017 23:57 - +67
What a fucking scumbag.
8 Dec 2017 01:43 - +53
To be fair he did make a gay man his VP though. That's a big step to have the first gay Vice President.
8 Dec 2017 01:22 - +44
Good job Log Cabin Republicans! Good job Milo! /s
8 Dec 2017 02:40 - +38
AMA request. And actual gay person or Sanders supporter who voted for Trump.
8 Dec 2017 01:00 - +33
*Ron Howard Voice" He did threaten their freedoms and beliefs"
8 Dec 2017 01:12 - +33
Also Trump: Lets ban the LGBT community from enlisting into the military.
7 Dec 2017 23:44 - +19
fucking lol
8 Dec 2017 04:27 - +14
Obama should come out with a statement that says he hates gays, blacks, immigrants, and clean energy. Trump's presidency would immediately do a 180. If Obama became a neo-nazi republican Trump would march in a gay-pride parade.
8 Dec 2017 02:50 - +7
Looking out for the gay community! What's not to like?! Man, some people just don't get it.
8 Dec 2017 07:16 - +4
To my fellow queers who fell for this shit: How fucking stupid are you?
8 Dec 2017 07:23 - +3
Sarah Suckabee: Is like that super annoying feeling when you know - but can’t exactly see - that you have a single strand of someone else’s hair wrapped around your own finger and you try to brush it off, then pull it off, then scrape off your own fucking flesh down to the bone to get rid of the disgusting thing. That’s the feeling I get when I see this awful puke or her stupid fucking moron orange misogynist in chief.
8 Dec 2017 07:14 - +3
I really hope he pisses the right motivated person(s) to do what most of us want them to do. I would legit take a full week off work to process. I have never hated anyone more. I feel like we are in a video game being controlled by an asshole.

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